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Welcome to The Casual Perfectionist!

I’ve created a new Welcome Page here, and this is where you’ll land when you visit. (There is no need to put your tray tables and seat-backs in their upright position.) ;)

Click here for our latest adventures!

On the “Our Most Recent Adventures” Tab, things run along in chronological order, just like before: newest to oldest and beyond.

This website has been around since 2007, and there are a myriad of categories on the sidebar. In an effort to highlight some fun topics, we’ve put them on display right here!

Click on the photos to explore. In true blog-style, the newest posts will be first to pop up, and you can scroll back through the pages.

So, whether you decide to read along in real time, or explore the tabs at the top or categories on the side, or click on the pretty pictures, we hope you have fun poking around!

Because we’ve been around for over 7 years now, we’re going through a bit of a revamp, overhaul, or remodel, if you will. Be patient, though, as it may take a while. Unlike what happens during one of our “typical” construction sessions, there won’t be as much dust, and you can walk through the room in the dark without impaling yourself on a random tool.

Check back for our latest adventures!