Claire loves the pool

When Claire turned six months old, I decided to introduce her to the pool. I was very afraid of water when I was younger, and I didn’t want Claire to suffer the same nerve-wracking experiences. Luckily, she was just the right age to take to the pool when the weather was great. The pool we go to is indoors, but I still didn’t want to go when the weather was gross.

At first, we would try to go at least once a month, and she loved it! She’d cling to me like a little monkey at first, but after a while, she’d get used to it.

Winter settled into the area, and we took a break from the pool. Because the winters are usually pretty mild here, we went right up until the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, we experienced an unseasonably gross winter, and the weather just got to be too weird to think about swimming.

Now that the weather has started to resemble milder climes, we’ve returned to the pool. Almost a year has gone by since I first took Claire swimming, and she still loves it. Now, she pulls me around to each station of the zero-depth pool, and she will play without holding onto my hand. She’ll tug me to the edge of the “big pool” and beg for us to go in. Once in there, she clings for about 30 seconds, but then she relaxes. This time, she was even able to float on her back (with me holding her, of course) and kick her feet!

She has even started asking to go to the pool! I didn’t think this stage of development happened until much later. In her primitive sentences, she’ll ask, “Pool? Bye Bye Pool? WATER! WATER! POOL! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Pool? Pool? Please Momma!?”

It could be worse. She could be asking to borrow the car so she could go meet her friends at the Mall.

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