Another Mommy Badge

Prior to our trip to Santa Fe, Claire had never really thrown a true, really loud, knock-down drag-out fit, in public.  She’s 20-months old.  That’s a long time to go without that happening.  I knew we were due…I just didn’t know when, where, or how spectacular it would be.

My child certainly does not disappoint.  If you’re gonna go, go all out.  😉

One of the first really good fits was in the car on the way to Santa Fe.  All seven of us rode in the same vehicle, and we had plenty of space.  Claire is not used to riding with so many people, let alone having me sitting right next to her.  Thankfully, I was able to get her calmed down, and it didn’t happen too many times.  Still, it was shocking!  Who is this child?  Where did mine go??

I think the best, most colorful fit was at the Cowgirl Bar and Grill our second night in Santa Fe.  This is a really cool restaurant that has an outdoor play area for kids.  Linda and I had decided to take the kids to the play area and the guys would wait for the food.  Cameron and Mallory were having a ball playing on the slide.  Claire tried the slide a couple of times and loved it, but then threw a fit when she realized that the slide ended at the bottom and not back at the top.  She wanted to keep going down the slide, without taking time to go back up to the top.  Ya gotta love broken toddler logic. 

Of course, I’m only guessing as to what the real problem was, because the tantrum that ensued was amazing.  Thankfully, we were outside at the play area.  Thankfully, we were surrounded by parents who had children.  Odds are, this wasn’t the first full-blown tantrum they’d experienced.

I felt so inept.  I felt so inadequate.  I’ve never had to deal with this.  Those with kids would be chuckling right now…but I’m new at this game!  Linda, wise woman that she is, tried a couple of tactics with Claire, but it was too late.  This had to work itself out.

I could not reason with her, and she would not calm down, so I just let her flail about on the ground.  It was Astroturf, and I was tired of being pummeled by tiny fists and kicked by strong little feet.  I’ve always heard that when someone is having a seizure, you place them on the floor and make sure their head is turned to the side so they don’t swallow their tongue or choke on their own vomit.  That, seriously, is my only frame of reference, and this was as close to a seizure as I’ve ever been.  Not to belittle seizures, but you get the idea… 

My hubby came to tell us the food was ready, and I scooped up my screaming child from the ground.  When I started walking toward the seating area, she stopped screaming, but I was totally expecting another eruption of huge proportions, and I was prepared to go wait outside while they boxed up my food.  Instead, Claire took one look at the table and said, “Oh, Monkey Cheese!!  Oh, hi, Daddy!” and it was though the tantrum hadn’t even happened.

Linda says I’ve earned another Mommy Badge for my sash.  I put this one next to the Breastfeeding In Public badge and right under the Trip To The ER one.  I already have quite a few badges, but not as many as Linda.  I can only hope to have a sash as pretty as hers, one day.  Some of her badges look really cool.  😉

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