Many Missions Accomplished

A pool and to be within walking distance to The Plaza, those were our two criteria for lodging in Santa Fe. Also, we didn’t want to spend a million dollars a night for a hotel room, which can happen if you stay right on The Plaza. Luckily, we found Garrett’s Desert Inn, a hotel that was two blocks south of The Plaza, and it had a pool. We were able to get a good deal on the room-rate, so our pocketbooks were happy. The hotel was perfect for travelers like us, and it fit the criteria nicely. First Mission accomplished.

We all loved the pool. It was an outdoor pool, the perfect size and not crowded at all. It was also heated, which you would think wouldn’t be a big deal in Santa Fe, but that was a very nice feature. Some evenings, the breeze was just cool enough to give you a chill if the pool wouldn’t have been heated. I had a personal agenda to take Claire swimming as much as possible, and we did just that. The only day that Claire and I didn’t swim was the morning we left, but we’d swam the night before and had all slept in rather than go to the pool, so I was satisfied. Second Mission accomplished.

Having fun in the pool in Santa Fe

Claire loves swimming, and after she got used to the pool floaty toys that Linda brought with us, she had a great time. In fact, she relaxed so much one day that she took a nap! In the floaty toy! In the pool! I was right by her the whole time, and kept her gently rocking so that she could nap un-interrupted. Her toes were little prunes when we were done, but she’d had a 45-minute nap. That’s short by nap standards, but any nap while on vacation is a good nap. 🙂 Third Mission accomplished.

Speaking of things sleep-related, luckily, she slept every night at the hotel! Just like on our trip to the Midwestern Trifecta, once she snuggled with us for a few minutes, she fell fast asleep and I transferred her to the pack-n-play, where she slept all night long. Fourth Mission accomplished.

And also like the trip to the Midwest, I’d consciously decided to have a good time. I knew that wouldn’t be difficult task in Santa Fe, and with such good friends, but any trip can be stressful if you let it. Other than a few bumps of turbulence, it was a smooth sailing trip. I’m really glad those unexpected things didn’t ruin the trip, and I think with a different attitude they may have. All the kids really were very well-behaved and played well together. It’s like they became built-in pseudo-siblings, but without all the fighting. 😉 All the adults had a great time, as well. We can look back at this trip to Santa Fe with fond memories and a longing to go back. Fifth Mission accomplished.

I had also promised myself to relax on this trip, and leave reality behind us for a few days. As we were walking through the lobby of the hotel, I spotted a computer, complete with an internet connection. “Look!” I said to my hubby. “I could check my email!”

“Resist,” he said calmly. And, I did. Another mission accomplished.

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