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More Birthday Pictures!

Claire had so much fun opening her presents this evening!

Everyone went out of their way to make Claire’s Second Birthday a very special event. She was thrilled with all of her gifts, and we’ll be exploring them all in more detail over the next month…until the next round of gifts. 😉 Never fear; she has plenty to keep her occupied for a whole year.

Oh, and here is another picture of one of the butterfly cookies. Claire is holding it up so you can see how big it is:

Butterfly cookie!

Oops, this one has something wrong with her wing. I’d better eat the rest of her. 😉

Yes, Claire’s evening began with a butterfly cookie and ended with a piece of ice cream cake. It doesn’t get any better than that!! 😉

It looks like a castle full of kittens and princesses exploded in our living room. Needless to say, Claire is beside herself with joy.

Here are some pictures from tonight’s festivities:

Birthday Presents
Birthday presents – Which one should I open first?

Ride a Horsy
This is one of the gifts that Momma and Daddy gave Claire. You can’t tell by this picture, but she’s scared to death of it! (The faux whinnying and galloping sound effects were rather unexpected and disconcerting! …oh, and you can see in this picture that Claire has requested that I wear one of those postage sticker strips as a bracelet…)

Opening… Book Bag & Books
Claire had fun opening all the boxes. This one contained a wonderful handmade book-bag and a whole collection of different books!

Princess Crown
As a Princess, Claire takes this crowning moment very seriously.
Such a pretty crown…
Such a pretty crown! (One of Claire’s aunts crocheted this crown hat by hand!)

A Princess & all of her kittens
What could make a Princess even happier? Kittens!!

A Princess’ work is never done…
A Princess’ work is never done…

Make a wish!
Birthday candle glow…make a wish!

Ice cream cake!
Mmmmmmmm. Ice cream cake!

Random Birthday Stuff

Today, we went to get Claire’s 2-year pictures taken! They turned out really good, and of course, it was hard to choose the best pose.

The way it works at this particular studio is there is no sitting fee, and if you can decide (and stick to) one pose, you can purchase a huge package with an astronomical amount of prints for less than $10. If they can sucker you into buying more than one pose, the price jumps to just this side of $1-million. 😉

Two years ago, for my baby shower, I had received a gift certificate for a really nice package at another place. I decided to try it out for Claire’s 6-month pictures and it went fabulously! I didn’t use the gift certificate at that time (I’d wanted to use it for her 1-yr photos), and they suckered me into a larger package. (They didn’t even have the cheap-o package there…I refrained from spending $1-million, but it was close.)

So, her 1-yr birthday rolled around, and I took Claire to that place to use the gift certificate. (My hubby’s family was visiting for her birthday, so Granny went with me.) It was an absolute madhouse, and my experience was so bad there that I have trouble even considering going back. Yes, it was the holiday season. Yes, my daughter’s birthday will always be during the holiday season. Still…I just wasn’t impressed. Do you know how hard it is to keep a 1-yr old happy and her white tights clean for TWO HOURS? Even with two very capable adults focused on the task? Difficult. To say the least. And why doesn’t this place offer appointment times? Do angry people add to the charm? Ugh.

But, the photos were fabulous and I used my gift certificate, so I didn’t have to feel as though I’d actually paid to be tortured.

One of my friends told me about the other place (a place that actually allows you to set an appointment! Oh, the concept!) and she let me in on the secret $10 package, so we gave it a shot for Claire’s 18-month pictures. It went so well, that I knew we’d be back for her 2-yr pics. Knowing that the holiday season can put the best of places on their ear, I was prepared. Luckily, the appointment went smoothly!

Here is a sneak peek at our Wall of Claire:

Wall of Claire

Wall of Claire

Barely a day old!

She’s barely a day old in this one!

Claire’s 1-yr picture

Her 1-yr photo

Claire’s 2-yr picture

Her 2-yr photo

The pictures of her at 6-months and 18-months are super-cute too. The 6-month one got bumped for the 1-yr photo, and the 18-month got bumped out of the line-up for the new one. 🙂

And, here is the ice cream cake we’ll be enjoying later tonight…(from the Queen of all that is Dairy, if you must know…):

Birthday Cake!  (made of ice cream…)

Mmmm. Ice cream AND cake…all in one! How can you go wrong with that??

In fact, when you ask Claire what today is, she screams, “It’s my birthday-cake!” Ha.

AND…one of Claire’s aunts had a special delivery arrive at our house this afternoon!

Butterfly cookies!

Such pretty butterflies, handmade by a local German Bakery!

The festivities are far from over, and actually, they’ve barely begun! I’ll post more pictures of the Unwrapping of the Presents Extravaganza later!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Claire!

Well, I have a lot to say about this, but I have to get some work done before we can get the day’s festivities started! We’re not having an official party for her Second Birthday (we had a big bash last year), but Daddy has taken the day off, and we have a lot of things planned with just the three of us.

I’ll have a lot of pictures to post later (either today or this weekend), but I wanted to get this one posted:

In Momma & Daddy’s Hands

Claire in Momma & Daddy’s hands…safe and sound.

1:49 PM on Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz.
Length: 20.75 in
Head circumference: 13.25 in

You can read about her birth story here, if you like.

Happy Birthday, Baby!
(Or should I say ‘little girl?’ NO! You’ll always be my Baby…) 😉

My Old Journal: The Wrap-Up




NaBloPoMo – Day Thirty

The Last Day!

Well, we made it to the last day of NaBloPoMo! For National Blog Posting Month, I dissected my old journal. This was a journal I started when I was in high school and kept all through high school and college. As a Wrap-Up, here are some questions I’d like to address:

What has been the most challenging part of NaBloPoMo?
The answer to this is twofold. Firstly, I’m glad I have GoogleReader, because it would be nearly impossible to stay on top of all my favorite blogs. I love reading everyone’s posts, and when I have some down-time, I like to go back and re-read things I may have missed. Secondly, deciding which entries in my old journal to showcase was a challenge. I wrote a LOT. Overall, I think I did a good job of getting a good cross-section of journal entries.

What has been my favorite part of NaBloPoMo?
The answer to this one is twofold as well. I must say, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all of my favorite bloggers! I love reading blogs on the weekends, and before NaBloPoMo, the pickin’s were slim. 😉 I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed reading my old journal and sharing parts of it on my blog. I love writing every day. And, this actually brings me to my next question…

Will I continue to post every day?
Since this is actually my 114th consecutive day of posting, the OCD-part of my psyche screams, “YES OF COURSE!! WHY WOULDN’T SHE!? MUST POST TOMORROW…” And, I am curious as to how far I can go. But, those voices are drowned out by the more rational, “Probably. Maybe not. It’s okay if I don’t. I’m not going to stress about it.” 😉 Blogging is supposed to be calming, cathartic, and fun. The last thing I need is another “have-to-do” on my plate, thankyouverymuch. 🙂

What I have I learned from this experience?
Wow…there’s a lot I’d forgotten about! It’s amazing to me how many things were so important at the time, and rightly so. I know that had I not written about them at the time, they would not even be on my radar now. I guess that’s a good thing. That’s how we grow up and move on, right? It was also very freeing to read through the angst from where I am now. I survived. I reached my goals. I still have things I want to accomplish, and it’s empowering to see how far I’ve come. That’s a very cool thing and not something I expected to gain from this experience.

How can I take what I’ve learned and apply it to my life now?
This is a huge incentive to keep writing! There are so many things that Claire does that I think, “Oh, that’s so cute! How could I ever forget that?” There are so many things that I feel as a new mother or as someone who is trying to work from home while wrangling a toddler, and I want to learn from all of this. Well, if NaBloPoMo has been any indication, I won’t remember any of it if I don’t write it down. In fact, I can’t wait to look back at this, years from now. Maybe I’ll do another NaBloPoMo at that time and showcase my early days as a newbie-blogger. 😉

So, there ya have it. To all of you who participated in NaBloPoMo, congrats! It’s been a fun ride. I wonder where we’re headed next? 😉

My Old Journal: Phases

NaBloPoMo – Day Twenty-nine

Well, the end is in sight! I’m going to do a wrap-up of my NaBloPoMo series tomorrow, plus, it’s CLAIRE’S TWO YEAR BIRTHDAY…so I knew writing on the last day of the month wouldn’t be a challenge. 😉

And, actually, I’ve found this whole process to be rather enjoyable. Like I said (here), I’d been writing every day since the middle of August anyway…so what’s another 30 days? I’m glad I found my old journal so that I would for sure have something to write about, but it’s not been too difficult. I keep a running list of “ideas” to expand and expound upon anyway…this was just an extension of that.

As I mentioned yesterday, the last part of my old journal is full of angst and crushes and silly boys and all that nonsense. The cool part about it, though, is the fact that it really wasn’t nonsense at the time. I’m still going to spare you the overabundance of pages, but I’m going to give you some passages from the entries that I enjoy.

I’m sure I’m the only one that cares about this, but […] is where I’ve taken out text, and … were actual ellipses in my journal. Whew…now that we have that out of the way, here they are!

From page 258:

OOOPS! by me (4:51pm 08-02-94 Tues.)
*This is my 200th entry!*
Oops! That word can stand for so many things. The first thing it could stand for would be the fact that I missed writing in here in July…oops! I’ve been working a lot […] and we went to visit [one of my college friends] […] and I’ve been writing a lot in lots of letters. (You know…therapy…)

The second thing oops could stand for is this whole boy situation I have going on in my head right now. I think I’ve lost my mind. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. First of all, I have never hid this journal. Secrecy spawns curiosity. Anyone who has ever wanted to read this has never been chastised or driven from the room, but welcomed with open arms and an open journal. I have never really said anything in here that would hurt someone’s feelings or alter the reality of their consciousness in any way.

What I’m going to say now, if read by the people involved, may cause repulsion or reassurance – depending on the point of view.

This is where I go on to admit that I am in love with a guy, a close friend (no, not Uncle David…we’ll call him Jamison.) at my college. The problem? He was the best friend (and unrequited love interest) of one of my roommates (we’ll call her Haley)! Oops, is right! I go on to say:

You see, I get signals from people and my mind cannot distinguish between simple kindness and “opportunity.” Does that make sense? In a previous entry, I wrote that I was going into withdrawal because I haven’t seen Jamison. Well, I went from seeing him every day to not at all. [because we all left school for the summer] The perfect playground for obsessive thoughts, no?


The things my mind dwells on are caused by Jamison himself and the things he lets himself get caught doing! Such as: The last day of [college] before going to Spain…I was in our room and Haley and Jamison were taking a final. Jamison came to the door. “Where’s Haley? Is she here?” was his excuse to visit. He stood there chatting with me. I asked him how the test went. His answer was, “Oh! It was so hard! It was so hard that Haley is still in there taking it!” Oops, Jamison. Caughtcha.

Jamison and I had so much fun last year. I miss him terribly.

And then I go on and on and on, so I’ll skip ahead…It hadn’t even occurred to me that he would like me like that. Jamison is all jealous when I talk about other guys…he’s all jealous when I spend time with other guys…gee, reading that makes him sound like a weirdo control-freak that likes to wear wife-beater t-shirts, but he wasn’t! 😉

[One of my other guy friends] flat out asked me why I didn’t go out with Jamison. At the time, it seemed absurd, “What!? Risk the wrath of Haley!? Plus, I don’t even know if he likes me.” [My friend] was convinced that Jamison liked me. All this time, I thought that the fact that Jamison was always in my room for hours on end and always said goodbye (no matter who he came to see, he’d stop by going and the way back) was just a coincidence.


It’s just so unsettling to dream about him and think about him every day when I really have no idea “where” he is. Does that make any sense at all?

Okay, here is where I factor in the possibility that one of the guys I work with at my summer job likes me, and how I could see myself with him, too…thus adding to my confusion and more pages in my journal. Oh, the angst! Now, we’re getting to one of my favorite lines (paragraphs?) in the whole entry:

I know what I need. I need someone better than all of ‘em to waltz into my life and make these guys just wonderful memories. I mean, it’s not like I’ve declared my love to them or anything and if they would happen to read this, they would realize that I’m insane anyway, and that it is August 2, 1994. For those just tuning in, please check the date and see just how long ago I wrote this. 🙂 You know, I just love getting my feelings out in the open. They are so much easier to sort out that way. Oops! I’ve rambled enough. Maybe by the time I read this again, my mind will have a new obsession!

Truer words have never been written. How ironic. When I read this paragraph, I actually laughed out loud. Yes, I did have many other obsessions (and still do?)…two or three more years of them, to be exact. Speaking of which, let’s get to some more juicy quotes. 🙂

The following comes from:

PHASES by me (11:19 AM 08-23-94 Tuesday)
[One of my best friends from high school] told me something that I think is true about myself. It’s called “phases.” I was in a Jamison phase…and now I’m in a Max [pseudonyms galore!] phase.

And then I write three pages about this guy. The confusion about what he means to me and I to him is palpable…painful, really. Especially since I know how the story ends. The funny thing? We never truly dated. Oh, the mind is a powerful thing. The next I-don’t-know-how-many pages go on and on about him. It’s too bad I couldn’t have been a third party at the time reading it and then realized that the girl writing in my old journal was wasting her energy, and told her so. To her face. She wouldn’t have listened. She was stubborn. Plus, some lessons are best learned the hard way, unfortunately.

Then, on page 272, I write:

A NEW PHASE… by me (2:04am Mon. Feb. 13, 1995)
One of the dangers of writing in a book like this is what will come out and what we will look back upon and sigh, roll our eyes, and say, “Wow, what a silly girl.” I didn’t think it would be possible to get over Max, but I have and I’m not even bitter about it.

I then go on to talk about how one of my good friends from high school had been killed in a car accident on Wednesday, December 7, 1994. I still remember standing in my dorm room listening to my mom’s voice on my answering machine telling me that he was gone. (And, just now, as I’m typing this draft, Claire just said, “Don’t cry, Momma…” It’s okay, Claire. Momma will be okay. Momma will be okay.) 🙁

And, I then go on to talk about how I went to talk to one of my best guy friends (no, not Uncle David, but another guy in my very close circle of friends.) We were listening to Backwater by The Meat Puppets, and he gave me the longest, most heart-felt and sincere hug I’d ever experienced, and I sobbed on his shoulder…over the loss of my friend, and my confusion, and all the feelings that had been pent up inside.

That moment put a lot of things into perspective…and I still get a very calming and empowering feeling in my heart when I listen to that song.

I then go on to ramble about how one phase is over and another has begun. Of course, that won’t be where the story ends. The rest of my journal is full of more entries from my senior year of college. There are more phases, but the entries aren’t as prolific as before. I was so focused on maintaining the best grades possible and getting a real job and moving out into the real world, that I didn’t have as much time for my journal as I’d had in the past.

The last entries in my old journal involve my relationship with Mr. Wrong. They take me back to a time when I was so naive, but I really have no regrets. I wouldn’t be where I am now without having experienced what I did back then. Part of me is glad that my journal ends where it does. It ends on a happy note. (Like I mentioned when I started this NaBloPoMo series, I have since written a new entry bridging the gap between the ending there and where I am now — two happy times tied together by a few sentences.) It was safely tucked away by the time I lived through the biggest breakup I’d ever had, me trying to figure out who I was and what I was doing and the meeting of Mr. Right (who, by the way, is the longest phase I’ve ever had…almost 11 years together, 7 years married. Something tells me he may be Mr. Right, after all). 😉

Looking back at all this, I can’t help but realize that what the girl who wrote in my old journal said is true. It’s fun to look back, sigh, roll my eyes and say, “Wow, what a silly girl.” 🙂

LOST: MISSING PIECES – The King of the Castle

The next installment of Lost: Missing Pieces is ready! I’ve been waiting since MONDAY to post this, but it just showed up on the website today. Check it out here.

I love Lost, and I’m going to try to post an update on these little snippets every week. (I thought they came out on Mondays, but the website lags behind the release to a certain cell phone service…so I’ll post them as soon as they come up on the website).

This week’s webisode deals with Jack and Benry (Ben/Henry) and a game of chess. In pure Lost-style, it’s really about much more than that.

So far, each of these little snippets: The Watch, Hurley and Frogurt, and now The King of the Castle has led up to major life changes in the lives of the characters. Jack’s marriage (and relationship with his father), which both deteriorate; Hurley’s date with Libby that never takes place, because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time (getting the blankets), and now we see Jack and Benry right before another major twist. (I’ll stop there and let you figure it out for yourself.)

As a side-note, I love chess! I haven’t played in a long time, because, like Benry, I don’t have many formidable opponents with which to play. Every time I play with my hubby, I kill him off in about three minutes (and that’s if I choose not to use my secret moves until later in the game). 😉 It’s not that he’s a bad player…it’s just that chess was an addiction of mine at one time, and although I never played competitively, it’s hard to turn off that competitive edge. Oh, in case you’re wondering, the move Benry does at the end is called “Castling“…interesting meaning, especially in the Lost context!

So, get going! Go check out Lost: Missing Pieces – The King of the Castle!

My Old Journal: Romance Novels

NaBloPoMo – Day Twenty-eight

Well, today is Day 28 of NaBloPoMo, and we only have three days left of the National Blog Posting Month challenge! (Well, it’s easy from here on out! We only have two days after today…and I’ve reserved the last day as a Wrap-Up, so really, we only have one day left! That’s easy!)

For my NaBloPoMo series, I’ve been reviewing my old journal. I stumbled upon this journal when looking for photos to the car accident I had in 1996. I didn’t find the photos until a few weeks later, but I’m so glad I found this journal when I did.

As I mentioned before, there are 206 entries in my old journal, and it spans 277 pages. That’s a lot to break-down into 30 day’s worth of discussions. So, I set out on my task. I devised a “schedule,” working in chronological order from when I was a junior in High School on up through college, and so far, I’ve stuck to it.

Now that I’m on the last three days of NaBloPoMo, I realize that the entries I have left all deal with one thing: Sorting through my feelings of angst. About boys. Silly boys. Of course, it gets somewhat exciting when I accidentally fall in love with someone that one of my roommates has a deep and unrequited love for, so I won’t let NaBloPoMo escape without at least touching on them…

As interesting as it would be for me to go on and on and on about every crush (and who knew there were so many!?), I’ve decided to revise my schedule a little bit and spare you the tedious details.

I’ll touch on those last pages of angst tomorrow, if only because I actually have some really good quotes…priceless quotes…but I won’t bore you with the pages and pages and pages (you get the idea)… In the meantime, I’m going to revisit an on-going theme throughout my journal that I haven’t touched on yet: Book reviews and my love of reading.

I used my old journal not only as a catch-all for my thoughts, but also as a way to keep track of the movies I’d seen and the books I’d been reading. Before I went to college, I read a lot of books – murder/mysteries, crime dramas, romance novels…a variety. In college, I was already reading 150+ pages a night for schoolwork (no lie!), so I didn’t have much time to read for purely entertainment purposes, but I always tried to work a good book into the mix. Romance novels were the easiest, because they didn’t require much of a thought-process, which is exactly what my weary brain needed in the midst of all the studying.

I stumbled upon romance novels when I started babysitting for one of my cousins and his wife in high school. She had a TON of them, and she let me borrow them. I think Jude Deveraux was my first taste of historic romance novels, and I was hooked. I also read Janet Dailey and Jane Peart, to name a few.

Here is an entry about those books and some neat family trees that I created from them, as found on pages 138 to 142. Every novelist had a “formula” that she used in her books, and I wish I would have written that down as well. Each “formula” was unique, yet very similar. Once I’d read a couple of her books, I knew how each of her other books would go. For instance, a typical formula was: Boy meets girl. Girl hates boy (because he’s not right for her in some way). Girl is forced to spend time with boy. Girl and boy fall madly in love. There is a horrible misunderstanding, and one of them storms out. Something dreadful happens to girl (she’s kidnapped by his evil nemesis, etc.). A third party spills the beans that what the boy had thought had happened, really was just a misunderstanding. Boy realizes that not only did girl storm out, but she’s been kidnapped! (In the meantime, girl doesn’t know boy knows about the misunderstanding and is just sure that no one is coming to rescue her.) Boy goes to all lengths to find girl. Boy defeats evil nemesis and saves girl. They realize all has been forgiven and live happily ever after. Some of the books I read weren’t really happy ever after books, but you didn’t know that until you started the next one. 🙂

Here is one of the entries to the book lists, and you’ll see in the pictures that I even “tabbed” the tops of these pages with green so that I could quickly locate the family lines and add to them as I read more, later:

THE JUDE DEVERAUX BOOK LIST by me (June 12, 1991)
I am a big fan of Jude Deveraux books ever since [my cousin’s wife] got me started on them. They are romances set in historical time periods, including very colorful characters that leap from the pages and reenact the scene before my very eyes.

I was at a great advantage by being introduced to these books by someone who had already read the majority (at the time it was the majority, but Jude has written more), because she could tell me in what order to read them.

For convenience, I have made a “Family Line” for each family saga (Jude has different sets of books that go through an entire family). So here they are:

[see diagram]

These were set back in the [time of] castles and feudalism, when love and honor for the family name was very strong.

my old journal page 138 my old journal page 139
Click on the above pictures to see the Jude Deveraux Family Lines

And, here are some diagrams from the other authors:
my old journal page 141
Click on the above picture to see the family line from THE JANET DAILEY BOOK LIST by me (June 12, 1991)

my old journal page 142
Click on the above picture to see the family line from THE JANE PEART – “BRIDES” BOOK LIST by me (June 16, 1991)

So, how does this tie into where I was chronologically in my journal-discussion? Well, I can’t tell this story without talking about Uncle David. (This isn’t actually his real name, because he actually has a rather important high-profile job in the public eye…and well, we all know the power of Google…and because I don’t want to leave him nameless, I’ll call him David.)

David is my best guy friend from college. I would say boy friend, but many would read that as boyfriend, and we never were a romantic item. Of course, in true college-girl style, I tried that idea on in my head and decided that if we were ever together, we’d kill each other. In fact, we even talked openly about that and how it just wouldn’t work. We were too different and too much alike. We could debate for hours about hot topics and agree to disagree after hours of battle. We were completely comfortable being just friends. We grew really close the four years we spent together in college. After college, we went our separate ways, but the new families we have since created are still rather close.

One of my best girl friends (the poetess) and I started calling him Uncle David our freshman year in college, and I can’t exactly remember why. I’m sure it will come to me if I think really hard about it. Anyway, it stuck. In fact, years after we’d graduated from college, when I found out I was pregnant with Claire, I called him and asked him if he was ready to be a Great-Uncle. Needless to say, he was thrilled. I’m not sure how we’ll explain to Claire that Uncle David isn’t really an Uncle… 😉

So, anyway, I can’t talk about Romance Novels without talking about Uncle David. Why? Well, I had purchased some of my favorite romance novels and took them with me to college. One afternoon, he found them.

That’s when it all started: Uncle David’s Story Hour. My friend and I would gather in our room, and Uncle David would read chapters out of my romance novels, making so much fun of the characters. At first, I would gasp out loud and say wistfully, “How can you make fun of that!? The love they have is so beeeeeeeeeeautiful!” 😉

He would do voices. Sometimes he would make gestures (and gagging noises). On really good days he would prance about my room acting out the scenes. He would add parts that weren’t there! He would rip them to shreds with his rapier wit, and we loved every minute of it.

To this day, I can’t see a romance novel and not think of Uncle David’s Story Hour. Oh the memories! Oh the windswept, breathless, glorious, tousled-hair’d and scantily-clothed memories! 😉

My Old Journal: Paper Lilies

NaBloPoMo – Day Twenty-seven

As found on page 251 of my old journal:

PAPER LILLIES by me (10:51 pm 03-31-94 Thurs.)
Here is a neat idea to make for/with little kids.

You need:
White paper
Green pipecleaners
Yellow pipecleaners
Scotch tape

1. Draw around your hands on the white paper.
2. Cut out your hand drawings.
3. Cut a yellow pipecleaner in ½.
4. Kink them together at their middles and fold upward.
5. Attach the tip of a green pipecleaner at the middle and twist them together.
6. Curl the fingers of the hand drawing.
7. Curl the yellow “stamens.”
8. “Fold” the hand until the outside edges of the hand touch (create a cone-like shape) and tape it.
9. Put the “stem/stamen combo” through the hand.

[see picture below]


my old journal page 251

Click on the above image to make it larger. Click again to make it even bigger.

And, voilà! You have a really cool-looking paper lily! (Speaking of the word ‘lily’ I’ve been spelling it wrong for over 25-years now. I could have sworn there were 3-l’s in lilly…but spell check keeps having a fit. So, ‘lily’ it is…even though my brain pronounces that ‘lie-lee’ in my head.) 😉 Anyway, these are especially fun to make in the spring. I’ll have to remember to do this with Claire.

I’ve always been a sucker for cool-looking crafty projects, but I haven’t had the time, energy or good excuse to focus on any lately. Seeing how easy this one is, and now that Claire is a bit older, this will be a good reason to get back in that mode and use all my crafty skills!

Of course, if you ask my hubby, he says I am crafty, and I do use my crafty skills every day, but I just don’t think he’s referring to paper lilies. 😉

Rock Band Momma

We were able to play a lot of Rock Band this weekend! Our friends Dick and Grace came over and joined our band. For the most part, they played bass guitar and lead guitar while my hubby played drums and I sang.

The game was so much fun that we accidentally played for FIVE HOURS straight! We went downstairs to our entertainment room to play around 3pm (after we’d all stuffed ourselves with wonderful food), and at around 8pm we realized it may be time to eat again. We’d been playing that whole time! Needless to say, we ROCKED.

After another round at the dinner table, we played for another THREE HOURS. Yes, we spent the equivalent of a typical work day in a band, and it was awesome. 😉

Claire and I were able to do some more singing in the game throughout the weekend.

Here are some pictures of the character I “created” in the rock band. (The pictures may not be very crisp, because my character keeps moving around and I can’t use the flash to take the picture…) She is aptly named, ‘momma,’ since that’s what is screamed at me all day anyway. 😉 Plus, that makes Claire’s little pleas of “Sing it again, Momma! Sing again!” so cute…and appropriate. 🙂

I’m not sure what the score means, but it sure looks impressive.

Here is another picture, because you can’t see my rockin’ boots in the first one. 😉

We named our band Nebulon 6, which is an inside joke. In fact, before Claire was born, our name for her was “Nebulona Roku,” (Neb-you-lawn-uh Roh-koo) which is a female version of Nebulon and the number 6 in Japanese.

But, after playing for a total of EIGHT HOURS on Thursday, we were in pain the next day! We realized that maybe we should rename our band The Oldtimers. 😉

My Old Journal: Dance Moves

NaBloPoMo – Day Twenty-six

As found on page 250 of my old journal:

THE “SLAP LEATHER” by me (11:27pm 02-20-94 Sun.)
This weekend I was able to go home and spend time with the gang! I was so happy. [My next sister in line to me] has just completed a PE [Physical Education] segment on line dancing and was showing me how to do some of them. (You don’t have to do them to country music…)

So, here is one of the funnest ones I learned:

The Slap Leather
Note: After #8 you will be facing the direction of the #2 arrow. REPEAT in all directions.

[see diagram below]

my old journal page 250

Click to enlarge…

The above moves look pretty complicated, but if you follow the steps, they are pretty simple. And, if you’ve ever done the dance before, once you start, it all comes back to you, even without the diagram.

Learning this dance was something I’d totally forgotten about until I read it in my journal. I’ve committed a bunch of other dances of my day to memory, but this is the only one that I wrote down.

Do you remember when the real Michael Jackson could really dance? (Not this fake, pale, make-up’d eccentric…the real Michael Jackson of 1984?) I was in fourth grade, and I could do the Moonwalk like you wouldn’t believe. Granted, I could do it best in my socks on the wood-floor, but I’d mastered it with my shoes on any surface, too! I can still do it. Behold my mad skillz, yo. (Okay, I totally said that in a deadpan voice in my head, and it was pretty funny.)

Around that same time, we had a friend who could do the “worm.” I just wasn’t as good at that, but in all honesty, I never tried very hard. It looked painful, and break-dancing just wasn’t my thing. I just wasn’t into having that much of my body touch the floor. 🙂

I wanted to be a Fly Girl. I loved watching the Pacesetters (a dance team) at our High School. In reality, my skillz were not as powerful as my enthusiasm, and I never even considered trying out for something like that. I was happy to watch from afar and try my own dance moves without the pressure of the spotlight.

When I was in college, we used to dance to the music videos on MTV, and we learned some pretty killer moves. Gee, that was back when they actually played music videos on MTV.

Wow. I feel so old.

And, before anyone asks…yes, I can still do the Macarena, perfectly, thankyouverymuch. 😉

Even after I graduated from college, I used to spend hours on the weekends dancing at clubs with my friends. It was so much fun! I haven’t done that in a while. But, I will say, I still spend hours on the weekends dancing…only it’s in my living room and my partner isn’t even 3-feet tall yet. My, how times have changed… 😉