Happy Anniversary, Babe!

SEVEN Years!!

Today marks the seventh anniversary
of the day
we ran to the courthouse,
legally tied the knot and
hopped a plane to Vegas to celebrate.


November 15, 2000 – the day we went on record


It’s hard to believe we’ve been together almost ELEVEN years.


February 11, 1997 – the day I knew it was real


Through all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing,
because it all has made us who we are,
and I love who we are.
I love that you love who we are.


Even though things have changed over the years,
our lives are just as hectic now as they were seven years ago…
And almost eleven years ago…
But, our lives are different.
And, yet they are the same.


Almost two years ago
we added someone
to this bond
we created so many years ago.
Every day I look at her
and silently thank you for being who you are,
because without you, she wouldn’t be here.
Without you, I wouldn’t be here.


I love you.

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