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One Day Left

Well, if it was going to happen in 2007, it only has less than 24-hours to materialize. 🙂 Yes, we made it to the end of 2007!

Looking back, 2007 was a very exciting year. Claire turned one at the end of 2006, so 2007 was full of new experiences. This year also marked the year I started a blog. I became one of those people, and I’m so glad I have an easy way to chronicle Claire’s childhood! (Feel free to poke around in the Archives or check out the different Categories on the sidebar.)

I continued working from home and tried to get back into my groove of working the equivalent of a full-time job from home while chasing a toddler. Just like the changes I made when doing my job with a newborn, I adapted. I tweaked my processes. Progress was made. I’m counting the year as a success. 🙂

My hubby not only worked his full-time job outside the home, he still had enough energy left over to do most of the cooking, cleaning and shopping. What would we do without him? By the time 2007 rolled around, it’s like he was already a pro at being a Daddy. Surviving another year in that role is quite an accomplishment for him, and one he made look easy.

We also tackled some major home improvement projects! Completing those was a huge relief. Maybe 2008 will be the year we take a break from those? A girl can dream, can’t she? (I say that, but it never fails that once the dust settles, we forget the pain and suffering and jump into another project.) Time will tell, I guess. 🙂

Amidst all the fun and chaos, we found time to travel to see friends and family. I’m sure 2008 will prove to be just as exciting!

Overall, we spent time doing the things we love with the people we care about, and 2007 was a good year.

Who knows what 2008 has in store for us? I can’t wait to see what adventures await!

So, enjoy the last day of 2007, and I’ll see you next year! 😉

Claire’s First Haircut

Claire is 25-months old today! This means we’ve successfully completed one month with an Official Two Year Old. This is quite an accomplishment! 🙂 She’s been really good, though, for the most part…so I really have no complaints.

Yesterday was a first for both Claire and Momma. Claire’s never had her hair cut, and I’ve never really cut anyone’s hair before. (Well, that’s not entirely true. I used to cut one of our friend’s hair, but it involved an electric razor set on a single number, and it was pretty simple. Let’s say I’ve never cut a girl’s hair with scissors before.) Until yesterday.

Daddy and I decided that it was time to cut off the mullet. In the right situation and with the right prepping, her hair looks pretty cascading down her shoulders, but at other times, the two uneven layers were starting to look funny. We both want to grow her bangs out, and eventually have her hair all one length, so the best place to start was by cutting off the back layer.

Originally, I was too chicken to even consider doing this myself. Trained professionals are, well, trained to do this kind of thing. But, after our lazy day, we were playing downstairs, and I realized how fun it might be to try to do this ourselves. Daddy agreed to play the part of the paparazzi while Momma tried her hand at cutting a toddler’s hair.

This was easier said than done, but we are happy with the results!

Here are some pictures of the big event. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Clicking on the pictures a second time will make them even bigger.)

Claire’s hair before
Claire’s hair before

Getting it all combed and ready
Getting it all combed and ready

No going back now!
Eeeeeeeeeeeks! The first cut! No going back now!

Will it hurt my hairs, Daddy?
Claire is asking, “Will it hurt my hairs, Daddy?”

Just a little concerned
Claire is a tad concerned.

Getting Calmer
But, she’s starting to calm down.

Almost done
We’re almost done!

Trimming it up
Just doing some final trimming

She likes it!
She likes it! (Momma is fluffing it in this picture.)

Daddy, is it even?
Daddy, is it even?

Claire’s hair after
Claire’s hair after

A lot of hair!
This is a lot of hair! And, yes, it’s going in the Baby Book. Yes, I’m a dork.

After a bath
And, here is her hair after a nice bath.


I think I did a pretty good job with no training and a dull pair of scissors. 🙂

Toddlers are a moving target. This is challenging when you’re trying to cut hair, but this is a good thing in that she moves too fast for most people to notice if any of it is uneven. 😉

Lazy Saturday

For once, we don’t have anywhere to be but here, no one to see but ourselves, nothing to do but hang around being lazy…and it’s GREAT.

My hubby is in the midst of a mini-vacation and doesn’t go back to work until January 7th. He’s been off since December 22nd, so the fact that today is Saturday is lost on him. And, that’s okay. I’m so glad he can spend time with us. He works so hard that he deserves a break.

The three of us have been invited to a New Year’s Eve Party on Monday, so I’ve taken that day off as well. This is a long weekend for me, and will provide a much needed break to my routine.

We all got a late start this morning, and I’m so glad Claire sleeps in on mornings like these. Daddy is feeding her breakfast right now, and I love hearing the conversation they’re having.

I should go out there and have breakfast, too…but there’s no rush. There are no deadlines today. All of the Have-To’s for today were crossed off the To Do list yesterday.

What an awesome feeling.

This coming year will prove to be another busy one, so we need to take advantage of a Lazy Saturday like this one while we still can.

Not taking a nap

Here is a picture we took of Claire yesterday.

Not taking a nap

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Clicking on it a second time will show even more detail.


She’s not taking a nap…
because she isn’t tired…
and she doesn’t need to take a nap.



Toy Store Explosion

Toy Store Explosion

Momma is trying to get the Kitchen assembled as the Ballerina wastes no time starting to cook (both gifts listed below).

Hand-knitted rabbit hat

Here is a close-up of the Rabbit Hat (as listed below). What you can’t really see is that the ties have carrots (like the ones on the top of the hat) knitted onto the ends of them.

Click on each photo to enlarge it. Clicking again on each photo will show you even more details.

Everyone was so generous to us this year, and from the sounds of it, everyone enjoyed the gifts that we gave to them as well. It was another successful gift-giving exchange!

In no particular order, here is a list of Claire’s loot:

Claire’s Gift Card, Target Gift Card, money, Wild Animal Baby Magazine Subscription, a Grinch Christmas Tree Ornament, four books, a coloring book with crayons, box of fruit bars, bag of dried fruit, numbers/letters/shapes that stick to the bathtub walls when wet, a mesh bag (in the shape of a turtle) for all her bathtub toys, play-doh set (complete with tools), a kitchen ensemble (complete with sink, fridge, microwave, stove top, blender, and a double oven) and many play food sets (some that you can pretend to cut with faux knives and then put back together with Velcro), dollhouse and two room set-ups, a princess tea set, a dress/turtleneck outfit w/matching purse, hand-knitted hat (complete with rabbits and carrots – see above), and a ballerina outfit.

Whew. I think that’s it…but with a toy store explosion like that, it’s quite possible I missed an item here or there. If I did, I’m sure we will find it over the next few days as she re-discovers all these cool toys. (Some of the food sets haven’t even been opened yet! We’re trying to make this experience last as long as it can!)

I’m hoping to get official Thank Yous out in the mail soon. They’ve been ordered and should be here shortly. (I’m doing something similar to what I’ve done in years past, and it’s a surprise.) 😉

In the meantime…Thanks to all!! Now, I’d better get back to work. Because of an impending storm (which actually seems to have arrived today!), our guests have left us.  Luckily, Daddy will be here to keep the Ballerina Chef entertained while I at least pretend to work today. 😉

Back to work

Well, technically, I’m working today. Realistically, I’m rather unmotivated. I worked really hard last week before the holiday to set things up so that today could be a lazy day. So, I think I’ll be taking advantage of that. Tomorrow, I’ll pay for it, but I’m having too much fun today to really care. 🙂

Claire, on the other hand, is working hard. She’s currently serving my brother-in-law meals that she’s made by hand in her new kitchen. It’s really comical watching a big, burly welder-dude drinking pretend tea out of a faux-delicate princess cup. 😉

Next, he’ll be helping her move furniture around in her brand-new dollhouse. Moving furniture is definitely more his style. 🙂

A New Camera!

Well, I got to open my super-secret surprise present today, and it is a new camera!! This makes me extremely happy. The old digital camera we have (that has taken most of the pics on my websites) was a really good camera years ago. And, it still works for its intended purposes, but it’s slow. Life with a toddler is fast. Things would be easier if the two were more the same speed. 😉

This camera rocks! My hubby has done a great job finding a fabulous gift. A while ago, we actually looked at one like this at the store, and I was impressed. I’m not a professional photographer, so I like cameras that do pretty much everything for me. Oh, look at that! Click. Ooooh, pretty. 😉

I didn’t think anything of it, because we have a digital camera that works, and the budget didn’t allow much room for an extravagant purchase at the time. It was on my wish list, but I didn’t really think it would become a reality anytime soon.

Well, he really surprised me!

Needless to say, I’m thrilled. I haven’t had much time to play around with it, but I’m amazed that when you push the button, it takes a picture. I know, I know…that’s what cameras are supposed to do, but our old camera would take its sweet old time really understanding that what you wanted to do was take a picture after you’d pressed the button, and then usually what you were taking a picture of was just a fleeting memory.

My in-laws have a nice digital camera, but there is literally a five-second delay between when you press the button and when the picture is actually taken. Like I said, a lot happens in a span of five-seconds when there’s a toddler involved.

This new camera is practically instantaneous. I nearly dropped it; it was so fast. Luckily, my hubby got a cool strap that comes with it. I’ve always had a wrist strap, and this is a neck-strap. We’ll see which one I prefer.

And, the screen on the back is HUGE. It takes up practically the whole back of the camera! I feel like I’m taking pictures with a big-screen TV.

It’s awesome.

So, that’s what was in my super-secret surprise package…and I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s a picture of my new little Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Elph:

My new camera

Even taken without the flash, this picture turned out pretty good. You can see the back of the camera in the mirror. (Click on the photo to enlarge it. Clicking on it a second time will make it even bigger.)

Note: I’ll post an update on Claire’s gifts tomorrow, or whenever I have a chance to sort through the toy-store that exploded in our living room. 😉 Needless to say, she is thrilled (and rather overwhelmed) with all the wonderful gifts she received…and I think we all share that sentiment.

A Christmas Day Haiku

From our hearts to yours,
Face to face or in spirit:
Happiness, Peace, Love


Just a reminder! The newest installment of the Lost: Missing Pieces is up at the website!

This one deals with Dr. Arzt, the science teacher, who, sadly, had a rather short role on the island. He has since shown up in some back-story clips, and he cracks me up! It’s too bad we didn’t get to know him better before his untimely demise. 😉

Here is the direct link.

My other reminders are posted in the Lost: Missing Pieces category.

Check ‘em out!

The Night Before Christmas

Well, there’s no better day to post what I found in my box of treasures!

The Night Before Christmas from Christmas 1976
You can click on the images to make them larger. Clicking on them a second time will show even more detail.

If you look closely, you will see that the inscription on the inside of the book was written in 1976. I was two years old that year, the same age as Claire. Granted, I was nearing my third birthday, but a two-yr old is a two-yr old. 🙂

This book has been safely stored in my box of treasures, and this is the first year I’ve gotten it out for the holidays. This isn’t technically a “Book Bag Favorite” because Momma guards it with her life, but it is a favorite nonetheless. Claire loves the story, and she loves Santa (at least in the book…not necessarily in real life.)

Every time she sees a Santa Hat on someone or something she tells us whether she thinks it’s Santa or not. One of the Christmas Cards she got this year had little creatures drawn on a globe for the “Joy to the World” theme, and a lot of them are wearing Santa Hats. She went through each one saying, “That kitty’s prolly not Santa…That cow’s prolly not Santa…That pola’bear’s prolly not Santa…” Boy, nothing gets by Claire! 😉

This year, we’re hosting the Holiday Festivities at our house…a first! I’m really excited to start these traditions, and selfishly, it’s really nice to not have to worry about packing the sleigh and traveling with a toddler across the frozen tundra. I’ll miss seeing my parents, siblings and nephews on the big day, but it feels good to stay home for Christmas. I can’t wait for Claire to experience the hanging of the stockings tonight and see what Santa brings for her tomorrow.

Because we opted to stay home for the holidays, my hubby’s family has joined us. His parents arrived on Wednesday, and his brother got into town Saturday. Luckily, the storms spared their paths, and it was smooth sailing for the arrival of our guests.

And, for the first time in the history of the company, the office where I’m based as an independent contractor is closed on Christmas Eve, so I’m actually able to take a break from my job! Wow! Not traveling AND having time off from work!? I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself. 😉

With all these extra hands and free time, I’m able to focus on some very important things: being able to relax and have fun! Granny brought some of our favorite recipes, so there has been a lot of cooking and baking, and we’ll finally be able to use the delicate Danish dishes (passed down from Great-Grandma) we’ve had on display in our china cabinet.

Needless to say, Claire loves all the company and excitement, and it’s going to be a sad state of affairs around here when everyone leaves. Thankfully, Daddy has two weeks off from work, so hopefully the blow will be lessened a tiny bit. January 7th is when things will get really interesting when Claire is forced to spend the whole day with boring ol’ Momma. Maybe whatever is currently wrapped in a billion packages under the tree will help ease the transition. 🙂

But, there’s no need to worry about that now; we’ll cross that snow-and-ice-covered bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, Santa will be on his way soon, and I can’t wait! 😉