February doesn’t have a 30

And, this year, it actually has a 29, which is pretty cool. Happy Leap Day!

I’ve been taking pictures of Claire on the 30th of every month since the day she was born (well, except for those pesky Februarys of years past). Today, she’s not 27-months old yet, but tomorrow, she already will be.

There is no 30 in February.
So, we’re taking her 27-month picture today! 🙂

Here are some pictures I took of Claire today, before she got up for the day. Daddy took the new camera to London to capture his adventure on film, so I’m using the ol’ reliable (read: slow) camera. 🙂

A note about the pics:
You can click on each one to enlarge it.
Clicking a second time will show even more detail.

27-months old! 27-months old! 27-months old! 27-months old!

As you can see, we’ve reached a new level in picture taking. Now, not only is the subject overly aware of her picture being taken, but she is requesting to take the pictures. She not only tells me she wants the camera, but she has elaborate reasons for why she wants to take the pictures. You can see the on-going dialogue in today’s photo session.

At least the “Momma, I want the camera, please!” rhymes with “cheese!”…so the smiling face at the end is almost the same result.


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