The “Only When It Blows Up” List

As the owners of a 30-something year old house, we have a lot of To Do Lists.

The “We Must Do These Things” List is pretty small these days. (See the Home Improvement Category.)

The “Only if We Win the Lottery” List is not too long, but nice to dream about at times.

The “Only When It Blows Up” List actually got used this weekend.

You know that list.  It’s the list of things that you’d like to replace or re-do, but you really can’t justify the expense, pain-and-suffering, and/or time needed…until it blows up.

Apparently the garbage disposal was tired of waiting.  It promptly moved itself to the Number One spot on Saturday.

Now, in our defense, we’ve been really kind to the old garbage disposal.  We’re pretty sure it’s original with the house, and there are just some things it can’t handle…like anything tougher than oatmeal or wilted lettuce.  It’s never seen a celery stalk or pineapple core.  We know better.  But, even with its limitations, it’s been a pretty good garbage disposal.  It runs when it’s supposed to.  It’s loud, but that’s to be expected.

However, the new, added feature of blowing a hole in its side and spraying water across the entire kitchen from under the cabinet is not going to be tolerated.  So, “Replace the Garbage Disposal” got moved to the top of the “Only When it Blows Up” List, and its time with us has ended.

So far, the removal of the old unit and installation of the new unit appears to be going smoothly.  Of course, because he’s totally in his (de-)construction mode, my hubby has decided to work on the entire cabinet under the sink.

Nothing is ever simple.  “Replace the Garbage Disposal” has turned into “Replace all the wood on the floor of the cabinet; paint the inside of the cabinet white, and this and this and that and that.”  In the past, I’ve tried to stop such scope-creep and make him stick to the task at hand, but it’s futile.  I’ve learned just to step back and let him go.

In the end, it will work perfectly, look awesome, and he’ll blame me for making him work all weekend on a simple project.  If you ask me, dealing with a little misplaced blame is a small price to pay for checking off another item on the “Only When It Blows Up” List.

I just hope the furnace and kitchen stove don’t get any wild ideas…  😉

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