Today is the day

I would say, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life,” but that’s just a little too cliché, don’tcha think?  Plus, the Zen Master part of my brain would quietly ask, “That describes every day, yes?”  😉

That being said, today is a big day.  Today is my last day of work!  (You can read about that here.)  We all know that productive things rarely happen on the last day, so in reality, yesterday was my last day…and because I’m such a perfectionist, I had things wrapped up on Monday.  Yesterday felt like a day of freedom, and it was a nice taste of what’s to come.

Today is the day that I make sure the people I want to stay in contact with have my non-work numbers and information.  Today is the day I make sure everything looks in order before I pull the plug on my business line and shred all my documents.  Today is the day I make a run for the door and never look back.

Oh wait…I live here.

So, I won’t be driving away from an office with my cardboard box of office knick-knacks on my seat and glance one more time in my rearview mirror…but I will be making a clean break.

Claire won’t remember this day.  All she’ll remember is that Momma used to be really stressed and she used to type all the time, and then one day that changed.  Claire has even started saying, “I’m just so busy.  I have so many files to do!” when she’s playing.  Hopefully we can replace that dialogue with something that’s a little less stressful.  (How about, “I have to work on my book!  Can’t you be quiet in there!?”)  😉

Claire and I leisurely made dinner for Daddy last night, for the first time in I don’t know how long, and we actually had fun doing it.  Today, I woke up earlier than normal (oddly enough) and actually figured out a meal-plan in my head.  On purpose.  For fun.

Maybe this transition won’t be so hard after all…  😉

5 Responses to “Today is the day”

  • I’m so proud of you for quitting!!! Now you can be a full-time teacher!! Even more so than you were already….

  • Oh jealousy! Have you joined the pajama workforce? Are you going to be working/writing from home now? YAY to ditching stressful jobs. Life’s too short.

    LOST tomorrow night. Was last week a little weird or what? Some of that felt a little…random. Ben has a crush on Juliet? Funny…never noticed that before. And why was that Tempest station suddenly SO important. I didn’t understand the urgency. Was Ben threatening to release the gas and kill everyone? I do think Ben/Michael Emerson turned in one of the creepiest, most genius performances EVER last night. So many different shades of twisted in that guy.

  • oh wow! i’ve missed a lot! good for you – i’m glad you’ll have more YOU time now!

  • Thanks!! I’m lovin’ it so far. I’ve only felt a little antsy once, but that soon passed. 😉

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