Good answer

My hubby and I are bantering over the kind of music he wants to play during dinner. (Speaking of which, he showed me a really cool music site! It’s called slacker[.]com, and it’s really cool!!) He is making fun of my choice of music and I his. (We really do like the same type of music, for the most part…it’s when we both get in a mood that makes it interesting.)

We’re at the end of the meal, and I’m getting everyone some ice cream. All of a sudden, I realize that he’s tried to switch the station again. I make some snarky remark or obnoxious noise. Or both. 😉

He says, “Claire, your momma is…”

“Be careful!” I interrupt with a warning in my voice. “She’ll remember and repeat every word you say…”

“…funny,” he says. Good save, Mister. But, I’m not through with you yet. 😉

“Do you want your ice cream…” I say with an accusatory tone.

“Yes!” he says, laughing.

“…in a bowl or on your head?”

“In a bowl!” Claire shouts. “In a bowl!”

“Good answer, Claire. Good answer.”


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