Always thinking ahead…

“I can’t believe I cut my toe on the oven door,” I said, wincing as I looked at my pinky toe.

“I know.  That sucks!” he said.  “I’m still not sure how you did that.”

“It doesn’t matter.  I mean, over all, I can’t believe how smoothly it went getting that monster to the curb!” I said, the double oven safely lying on its back, waiting for the trash company to get it tomorrow.

“That dolly really helped…I don’t know how we would have done it without that,” he said.

“No kidding!  And, I’m surprised you didn’t crush me with the stove.  That would have been your perfect out.  It could have *fallen* on me.  It would have totally looked like an accident,” I said, joking.

“Eh…it wouldn’t have worked.  It probably wouldn’t have killed you…just would have messed you up, and then I’d have to take care of you,” he said, with a laugh.

“True,” I said.  “Plus, then you’d have to build a ramp, and the last thing you need is another project.”

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