When we bought this house seven years ago, we discovered a wonderful rose plant on the side of the house. It hadn’t been cared for in years, and it was literally lying out across the path between our house and the neighbors’ house.

We painstakingly installed a trellis to the chimney (using chicken wire we’d found under the deck. Yes, there were rolls of chicken wire under our deck…don’t ask. We don’t know.) and were quite pleased with the result. The roses were up out of the way, and they were gorgeous.

Every year, I go out and tie up the new branches. I don’t trim them. I don’t water them. I don’t feed them. I tie them up, take pictures of them and smell them every day. (I’ve been told to take time to do that, and it works wonders on the psyche.) 😉 It never fails that I’m impaled by the thorns when I try to organize the new branches on the trellis…and they aren’t your typical rose thorns. They are nasty, brutal, hooked monsters. But the pain is worth the beauty.

Before we left for our trip, our roses hadn’t exploded yet. One solitary bloom had burst open, and I was so afraid that I’d miss them this year. So, I took a picture.

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Rose June 2008
One Beautiful Rose


And, when we got home a week later, I ran out with my camera to see what had happened while we were gone.

Roses a week later June 2008

They’re here!

Roses June 2006

To give you an idea as to how tall the roses are, here is a picture we took in June of 2006. My hubby is over 6ft tall. You may recognize the little person he’s holding. 😉

So, my roses are blooming, and I couldn’t be happier. And, like the iris, I honestly can’t take credit for their success, but at least I get to enjoy them. 🙂

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