My Waterfall Spotter

The mountains are gorgeous this time of year. Granted, I could actually, in all honesty, say that at any time of year and be correct. 🙂 Whether it be the crisp white snow against the deep green of the trees, the extravagant colors of the spring flowers or the Aspens that seem to glow from within, all against a blue sky that puts Caribbean waters to shame, the mountains are so beautiful all year ‘round.

But, during this time of year, if you look closely, you can see the different waterfalls peeking through the pines, cascading down in white, feathery streams. And, there is something so magical about catching a glimpse of them.

While on the road for our mini-vacation to the mountains for the 4th of July, I showed Claire what the waterfalls looked like, and from that point on, she was my little waterfall spotter.

“Look, Momma!” she’d scream, pointing out the window. “Another waterfall! You love waterfalls!”

And, sure enough, I’d see a waterfall way up on the side of the mountain, nearly hidden from view. “Ohhh, that one is beautiful!” I’d gasp. “Thank you so much for finding that one!”

And the game would continue. She found more waterfalls than I even imagined was possible, many of which I’d never seen before.

Even though she’s little and has a very limited view from her car seat, you’d be amazed at what she can see when she puts her mind to it. She didn’t need to focus on the winding road or the traffic, or all of the things the adults in the car were preoccupied with. She could focus on the important things: finding waterfalls for Momma.


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