Because this wasn’t really a kitchen project

Over the years, we’ve done a lot of Home Improvement Projects. And, there are a lot of things we want to do to the kitchen, specifically: tile the floors, replace the countertops, figure out the best way to either refinish or replace the cabinets, etc. Although our latest major projects have been bathroom-centric, it’s not like the kitchen has been completely ignored: we’ve already removed the wallpaper, textured the wall, painted, replaced the garbage disposal, replaced the ceiling fan, and installed recessed lighting.

After seven years of projects, we want to take a little break. No kitchen projects allowed! (At least for right now!) 😉

Well, back in June, my hubby submitted a “replace the stove” project proposal through The Management, and approval was granted (i.e. I agreed).  😉 He’d found a killer deal for a really nice, new(er) flat-top stove on Craig’s List, so I told him to go for it. Arrangements were made, and we replaced our vintage 1970s double oven with a 3 or 4 year old flat-top stove. After some elbow-grease to spiff it up a bit, it was ready to install.

Because this wasn’t really a kitchen project, I forgot to take “before” pictures. Luckily, I found some random photos of the kitchen that were taken on Christmas 2007. Please ignore the giant ham on the cutting board and all of the things cluttering the counters.

 Click photos to enlarge.


Old Stove

Yes, that upper monstrosity is a full-on oven. It was actually my favorite feature. You didn’t have to bend over to check on anything, and hot food was kept up and out of the way of those pesky toddlers.

Because this wasn’t really a kitchen project, I didn’t post a recap in a timely fashion. We traveled to the Midwest (twice) and have been enjoying a fun and guest-filled summer, and posting pictures of our new stove just kept getting pushed farther and father down on my To Do List.

So, without further ado, here is our new stove! Eventually, we’ll replace the microwave (on the counter) with a hood/microwave combo that goes above the stove.


New Stove

And, here is our new dishwasher!


Dishwasher - new paint job

Kidding! It’s not new; it’s the same old one! It’s amazing how a coat or two of new appliance paint can totally change the look of a dishwasher, huh??

I am amazed at our new stove. Correction: I’m amazed at how horrible our old stove really was. When you turn this stove on, it fires up instantaneously. Stoves are supposed to do that? All of these burners cook evenly. Where’s the fun in that?

It’s all fancy with its working properly and keeping the correct temperature. Gone are the days of realizing that a burner isn’t really on, or the temperature in one of the ovens has varied so wildly that you have no idea how much longer something needs to bake. In fact, we don’t even need our little separate temperature gauge. I think we’ll keep it in there, just for old time’s sake.

In fact, cooking around here has become rather mundane. 😉 We’re so spoiled now!

And, my hubby was right…we should have done this non-kitchen project much sooner. Now, if I can just keep him from eyeing all of the floor-tile options… 😉

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