Baby Piggy

I’ve been meaning to write about Baby Piggy for months now, but I just haven’t had the chance.  Well, now I do.  I will take this time to introduce you to Baby Piggy.

Here she is with Claire.

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Claire and Baby Piggy

Don’t you see her?  She’s in Claire’s hand.

Here’s a closer look:

Baby Piggy Closeup

My apologies for the blurry picture of her.  She’s so excited by the flashing of the camera that she’s wriggling all over the place.

Oh!  Now, she’s had enough of the photo shoot and she’s trying to escape onto the couch.

Baby Piggy Trying to Escape

You didn’t see her?  She’s so soft and pink.  Her little curly tail is just so adorable.  She makes a wonderful snorty sound when she’s excited.  Her little belly is so warm and round, and it jiggles when she’s happy.  She loves kisses, and she adores having that little spot behind her right ear rubbed.

Luckily for me, for all of us actually, she is small enough to fit in my purse or a pocket.  She also likes to ride around on people’s shoulders and hide in their hair.  Who knew a piggy could be so cute and ornery?

She goes everywhere Claire goes.  She does everything Claire does.  Sometimes she gets Claire in trouble.  Naughty, Baby Piggy.

Now, Claire also has a real stuffed animal that is a baby piggy.  They look very similar, yet nothing alike, and although they have exactly the same name, woe upon ye who misinterpret any requests for the *real* Baby Piggy.

And, as I can attest, you’ve never fully lived until you’ve played a game of Hide-n-Seek with Claire and Baby Piggy.  It’s especially challenging when they hide in separate locations.  😉

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