My true identity revealed

I know I’ve said I’m going to remain relatively incognito on this site, but I just have to share what happened on Monday.  Claire had her Young Preschoolers Class, and she was SO excited to show me the picture she drew.  As soon as I walked in the door to sign her out, she screamed, “Momma!  I made a picture for you!  You have to see it!” and she ran to me, holding her piece of artwork proudly.

The teacher had written Claire’s name and the word “person” on the paper.  The task that day was to draw a person.  Claire was so proud when she told me that she’d drawn me.  She’d drawn a picture of Momma!

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Claire drew a picture of Momma!

Claire drew a picture of Momma!

So…here I am!  And, if you must know, it looks almost exactly like me.  It’s such a great rendition that I was afraid to post it in a public forum.  😉

It’s a full-body portrait, from the tippy top of my (apparently messy?) hair to the bottom of my shoes.

And, now that my true identity has been revealed, the odds of being recognized out in public are so much greater than they were before.  So, if you see me walking around the lake, be sure to stop and say ‘hi.’  🙂

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