Vote Early!

Claire and I voted early…today!

Click to enlarge: We voted!  Check out our stickers!

Click to enlarge: We voted! Check out our stickers!

Does your state offer Early Voting?  Click on this link to find out.

All this time, I thought “Early Voting” meant “Absentee” or “Mail-in” voting…but it doesn’t!  There are polls open at various places around the city where you can vote early!

(Don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against mail-in voting…I used to “Absentee Vote,” but since I only have one child, I wanted to show her what the voting process was like in person…)

Claire and I got right in and right out, and there were no lines.  But, it still had the “going to the polls” voting experience feel to it.

There was a reporter for Reuters there, and he took our pictures!  It will be interesting to see if they turn up anywhere.  [Edited to add:  They did!  Two photos of us are circulating.  How cool!] Claire was SO excited and SO good at the polling place, and she even helped me push the final “button” to cast the vote.

May this be the start of a lifelong habit for my little girl.  May she never take for granted this right…a right that has been so hard-fought by those who’ve gone before us.  I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

So…GO VOTE!  NOW!  IF YOU CAN!  Because if you can…you should.  (I would say, “Because I said so,” but that would be a little too cliché…especially coming from someone who calls herself Momma.)  😉

5 Responses to “Vote Early!”

  • I’m actually at the edge of my seat to see how this election’s going to turn out. It keeps swinging first one way, then another, then back again. Right now it looks like Rs have well and truly blown it, but they’ve got so many high and powerful people on their side… Good for you for getting Claire into it good and early!

  • I took my little girl with me yesterday too! I hope it’s the start of a long tradition with us.

  • Melizzard,

    It was your post that prompted me to look further into this whole “voting early” thing! But, I wanted to get the post up and written, and I couldn’t remember exactly which post it was that had prompted me…and by the time I looked again today, a lot of people were mentioning it. So…thank you for posting that!

  • I voted today too via absentee ballot! I am so glad to have finally done it and it feels great to actually participate in one of the most electrifying events in recent history.

  • I wish I had gone early now. How cool that you got hooked up on Reuters!?

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