Don’t cross the streams!*

*extra points to the person who understands this valuable advice! 😉

Back in June, I joined Facebook. I am just amazed at all the people who have found me and the ones I’ve been able to stalk find from my past: high school, college, past jobs, you-name-it.  (I mean, the list keeps growing!  I’m at 160+ and counting!) It’s amazing.

The more information you put in about yourself, the more efficient it is in finding people you might know.  The “friend suggestions” Facebook itself comes up with border on creepy.  Don’t get me wrong…they are REALLY cool, but creepy nonetheless.

So, as you know, I write under a pseudonym here at The Casual Perfectionist.  I’m Momma, and my husband is Daddy.  I use Claire’s real first name, but that’s it.  No surnames.  No specific locations.  No truly googleable identifying information.  (I talk more about all that in The About Tab at the top of the page.)

The veil of anonymity started to raise a little when I got more involved with Mile High Mamas…but not enough to be a concern.  We live in a big place.  It’s pretty easy to hide when we’re surrounded by millions of people.  Well, imagine my surprise and excitement when Mile High Mamas started a Facebook Page!  Yay!  That’s awesome!  Wait…how can I participate when I don’t want to rip that veil off entirely?

What to do…
What to do?

So, I became a tiny bit schizophrenic creative and crafted a Facebook Page for Momma, The Casual Perfectionist.  Even Daddy approved of all of this and has been having fun helping me take headshots that aren’t too revealing.  (This photo was taken when I got my hair cut at the end of October.  Click to enlarge.)

Claire & Momma

Claire & Momma

Most everyone who knows me in real life, knows I have a blog.  Most everyone I know in the blogging world knows I have a real life.  The part of me who wants a book deal and wants to write professionally knows that the veil of anonymity will come down eventually.  The streams will cross, and then who knows what will happen!  (And, if you’re fans of that movie*, you’ll remember that they needed to cross the streams eventually…)

But, in the meantime, not counting my little writing site here, I’m playing in two places as two people…or really in one place as two people.  Or…is it one place as one sometimes-confused person?  At any rate, I’m (we’re?) having a great time!  😉

So…if you’re a reader here and you have a Facebook Personality you’d like to share, add me as a friend.  Just search for me by my email address:

thecasualperfectionist @

That page is public (like the blog), and I’ll add anyone who asks nicely…or asks at all, because the Facebook System is nothing if not polite.  😉

And, if you’re a Facebooker who has a blog, be sure to check out The Casual Perfectionist in the Blog Networks and give me info on yours!

And, if I can figure out who I’m logged in as, I may visit your site and comment here and there. 🙂

Who knew stalking social networking sites could be so much fun!?  😉

But don’t get your hopes up too high…you’re still not gonna get me to join Twitter.  Yet.  🙂

Today is Day 7 of 30 in the NaBloPoMo Challenge!  Check it out and/or join in the fun!  A reference to an old favorite movie AND a post for Day 7?  Done!

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