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Not a tadpole anymore

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Not a Tadpole Anymore

Not a Tadpole Anymore

Yesterday, Claire turned 38-months old…so like any good perfectionist, I took a picture! 🙂 And, since I had the camera out, she wanted me to take a picture of what she’d gotten the day before.  She’s proudly holding her Swimming Lesson Certificate. She’s moving on to the next class!

Next week, she’ll jump right into her Minnow class, and if you can’t tell by the photo, she’s thrilled. We’re pretty excited about it, too…

Nope, she’s definitely not a tadpole anymore. 😉

My LOST Time-Travel Theory

Spoiler alert.  If you haven’t watched the latest Lost episode (Jughead), you may want to check back here after you do!

I loved Wednesday’s episode, Jughead.  There are so many things revealed in this episode:  Desmond and Penny have a baby boy and they named him Charlie!  (Awwwww!) Charles Widmore was on the island with Richard!  Back in the 50s!  (*gasp*!!) Is “Ellie” (the woman I totally thought was a young Danielle Rousseau at first.  Oops!) really Ms. Eloise Hawking?  Widmore is Daniel Faraday’s benefactor!  “Richard has always been here.”  Indeed.  And, time keeps jumpin’ all over the place.

All good stuff.

So, after the episode, my mind was racing…and then something clicked.  I totally caught a hold of a time-travel theory and it made sense.  I was hoping I wasn’t dreaming it, and sure enough, I woke up yesterday with a clear picture still in my head.

I’ve got a theory to the time-travel, and I’m so excited to feel this calm feeling of understanding.  How long will it last?  Only until the next flash?  😉

I’m going to try to share it with you, but without the help of a 3-D whiteboard, your eyes may glaze over and your nose may start to bleed.  Bear with me!

The Case of the Flaming Frogurt

How can Frogurt be shot and killed by a flaming arrow in 1954 and still get on the Oceanic 815 flight in 2004?  Doesn’t that create a paradox?

No, because he doesn’t get killed until after the plane crashes, and it just happens to be 1954 on the island when he gets shot by a flaming arrow.

Let’s say Frogurt was even unluckier than we thought and it was his 29th birthday on the day he was shot and killed by a flaming arrow.  The first time 1954 happened, Neil wasn’t on the island.  He wasn’t even born yet, and if he would have been, it would have probably been somewhere in the United States and not on some mystical island with magical properties.  The second time 1954 happened for Neil, he was on a wacky island; he’d already crashed in a plane.  The fact that he gets shot and killed by a flaming arrow in that version of 1954 doesn’t have any effect on the Frogurt who booked the flight on Flight 815, because it hadn’t happened yet.

He dies on his 29th birthday, regardless of when in time that is.

Confused yet?

Rules are rules.  Lost Rules are even more confusing.

Keep in mind we are playing by Lost Rules, which have been known to change slightly given their interpretation or knowledge-base of the viewer at the time.  Remember way back when we didn’t know flash-backs were possible?  Then, remember when we finally got a grasp of that and the writers threw flash-forwards at us?

Then Desmond’s consciousness got unstuck in time, and his brain nearly melted until he found his constant.

Your time-line marches forward, regardless of what the calendar says.

Well, here we are: another little piece to the puzzle.  On the island, people can get “un-stuck” in time.  Daniel reminds us that we can’t change the past, because it’s already happened.  It’s like our little ticker-tapes keep running, regardless of what the calendar says.  Luckily for us, the date on the calendar matches the time-stamp on our little ticker-tapes.  But, when you’re un-stuck in time, your ticker-tape keeps on a-tickin’, the roll of paper tumbling out of the machine into a nice little coil onto the floor, regardless of what the date is on the island.

For example…  And, for the record, I totally have this diagrammed on my desk, but showing you a photo of it would prove how crazy I’ve become.

On September 22, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 crashes onto an island.  Lots of confusing stuff happens.

On Day 108 (or thereabouts, right?), some people leave, and some people stay.  For this example, I’m going to talk about four people:  Sawyer and Locke stay on the island and become un-stuck in time, and Jack and Kate escape and become part of the Oceanic Six, but they remain stuck in time.

On Day 109, Jack and Kate are continuing on the calendar that you and I know, the one that is the same as the ticker-tape.

On Day 109 for Sawyer and Locke, however, their ticker-tape clicks forward, but the calendar turns to the date that the Beechcraft crashed onto the island.  (Let’s just say it’s 2000, but I haven’t checked out any sources…I’m sure they have the exact date mapped out somewhere.)  Locke sees the plane crash and gets shot by Ethan.  He almost gets killed by Ethan, but time jumps just in time (ha! punny!).

Here’s where I hazard a guess…I totally think Ethan could have killed Locke and the only thing that would have been disrupted was The Grand Scheme Jacob and/or The Island has in place for John Locke.  Like Frogurt, Locke could have died in this version of 2000 and still gotten on the plane in 2004, because his death really hadn’t happened yet.

I don’t know what’s up with The Island or Jacob, I just claim to have a handle on the time-travel stuff. 🙂

You only have one body, and being on the island is the key. [Edited to add:  Okay, this one has been disproved with Some Like it Hoth.  Check out the update here!]

Also, it doesn’t matter where Sawyer and Locke were in the original version of 2000, because they weren’t on the island in 2000.  There aren’t two Sawyers or two Lockes running around.  There was one Sawyer in 2000, back when 2000 happened for him the first time, and one Sawyer in 2000 on Day 109.  (And the same goes for Locke.)  It’s only the island’s time-line that is being tapped into.

Anyway, without recapping the whole past episode, the island eventually flips to 1954.  Locke meets Richard Alpert and tells him to go visit him on the day of his birth, which won’t be for another 2 years in Real Island Time.  John’s ticker-tape is still ticking forward, even though the island is in 1954.

How Richard fits into all of this is still a mystery.  At first, in previous seasons, I thought he was traveling through time, but I am not so sure anymore.  This latest episode “Jughead” leads me to believe that Richard is tied to the island and tied to its time-line.  It was as though he looked up and the Island Calendar read 1956, so he traveled to the outside world and saw that John Locke was indeed born on that day in that hospital.  (This was before Desmond turned the fail-safe switch and before Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel and everything got all wonky, so I’m assuming that Island Time and Real World Time were the same back in 1956.  And, we know that Richard can travel to and from the island, as we’ve seen him do that before.)

Also, is Richard different from Ethan?  My guess is, yes.  I don’t know if Ethan “remembers” shooting John Locke in 2000, but Richard remembers talking to John Locke in 1954.  I have a feeling Richard is tied to the island in ways that will shock and amaze us.

So, back to my theory that you only have one body…(Who knew you’d need a theory like that!?  It just sounds so funny!)  I think the people unstuck in time (for example, Sawyer & Locke) cannot run into themselves on the island.  Personally, I think there is only one physical Sawyer & Locke, and they just happen to be in another version of the present.  [Edited to add:  Again, you win some; ya lose some.  Oh well!]

Those pesky writers.
But, I do think Sawyer & Locke can run into people who happen to be in that same time-frame but aren’t unstuck at the time.  (i.e. Kate & Jack respectively)  That’s why, in past episodes, Sawyer says funny things to Kate about waiting so long to see her, and why John tells Jack he’s “not supposed to do this.”  (Just because they can’t change what happens at that point in “time” doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try, or slip-up.  Sawyer would be relieved to see Kate, and Locke would try to warn Jack…)  All along, the writers could have been throwing in bits and pieces of the Unstuck-Sawyer and Unstuck-Locke!  And, we would have never guessed!

Those pesky writers!  I really wouldn’t put it past them!

But, keep in mind, we haven’t seen any of this really happen yet.  It’s just a theory of mine.  I just have always been bothered by that exchange by Kate and Sawyer, and what Locke says to Jack, and to me, this theory makes sense.

So, what happens now?

So, what happens when those who are un-stuck actually flip into a time when they were already on the island?  I’m assuming they flip into where their physical bodies were at the time.  Maybe?  And, if their subconsciousnesses (is that even a word?) are being addled like this, will it cause nosebleeds?  Do they need a constant like Desmond and Daniel Faraday?  Speaking of nosebleeds, Charlotte is in bad shape, and I think she’s either been to the island before, or someone directly related to her is there.

Time will tell, I guess.  (In more ways than one, eh?)

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…I’m just glad to know who is in the coffin.  😉

So, what do you think?  Do you have any theories?  How does this one sound?  I can’t wait until next week for more pieces of the puzzle!

Cooking by the seat of our pants

Last night, I was boiling noodles for dinner when I realized I hadn’t set the timer.  I *need* to set the timer when I boil noodles.  My husband can throw noodles in a pot of boiling water and check on them after a bit, but I have an overwhelming need to set the timer.

I can’t not set the timer.
It’s just the way I am.

When I realized that I’d forgotten to set the timer, I let out a purposely dramatic yell.  “Oh no, Claire!  We’re cookin’ by the seat of our pants tonight!” I said with a laugh.

“Oh no!” she said.  “That’s a bad idea!  It could start a fire!” she exclaimed with a tone matching my own. “And, we could burn our buns!”

Had I been baking buns, rather than boiling noodles, her statement would have been even funnier.


Snow Boots and Swimsuits

I love taking Claire to swimming lessons in the winter.  I’m not being facetious.  I really love it.  The weather is so mild and varied here that it could be in the 60s one day and negative 2 the next.  All I can do is hope for clear roads, and usually it’s not an issue.

I’m not required to be in the water with her during the class, but I put my swimsuit on and when she’s done with her lesson, we play in the pool.  Yesterday, it was barely above freezing outside, which was a stark reminder that it’s January, but inside it was June.  It’s always balmy and awesome.

In my head, swimming lessons and summer go hand in hand.  The swimming lessons of my childhood were held in an outside pool.  I can smell the sunscreen and chlorine.  I can feel the summer breeze.  I can hear the splashing and laughter.  It makes me smile.

Yesterday, as we were putting on our swimsuits and then jeans and then thick socks and snow boots, I thought about how funny it all seems.

It was like we have a secret.  Under these layers of coats, scarves, hats and mittens a little piece of summer has been hidden away.  We’ll keep it safe, secure and warm until we get to the pool.  Then, we’ll release it and frolic in it for an hour or two before wringing it out, carefully placing it the waterproof bag, bundling up and trudging out to the car through the snow.

Winter will be here for a couple more months, but it’s okay.  It will be summer again on Thursday, if only for a couple hours.

Lost Observations: “Because You Left” and “The Lie”

Last year, the TiVO was barely cold before I started typing up my observations of the show.  I don’t do a true recap.  Therese at Tubular does an excellent recap.  You can check out her blog and other cool Lost links on the Links Tab above or by clicking on this link.

This year, I will still take notes (What!  Don’t laugh.), and I watch each one more than once (again, all that laughing is distracting…), but I may or may not get them posted right away.  I’m going to try to be calm about my obsession this year.  (Okay, even I’m laughing now…)

So, tonight the next installment of Lost is on, and I can’t wait!

Here are some of my notes from the last week.  If you haven’t seen the show yet, I would warn you about reading this…but you’ve probably already been spoiled somewhere else.

I mean, it’s been a week!  🙂

My Questions, Comments and General Ramblings:

  • Daniel is at the very beginning!  He’s in a Dharma workers’ suit!
  • As I was watching, I was wondering if Jacob’s List (and/or Ben’s List) has anything to do with the Losties they’ve “seen” somewhere in time?  I mean, does Ethan remember seeing Locke in the jungle?  Time-traveling paradoxes always make my head hurt.
  • So, Widmore has been looking for the island for 20 years?  Interesting…how important is that?
  • I figured out that they were flipping through time before Daniel Faraday tried to explain it.  But, every time it flashed, I was curious to see “when” they’d be that time.  In a way, I felt like I was watching Quantum Leap!
  • Believe it or not, I shouted, “Desmond met Faraday!  Do the rules apply to him!?” at the screen, just before Daniel starts pounding on the hatch door.
  • Sayid isn’t working for Ben anymore?  What happened there?
  • Is John really dead?  Ben sidesteps the answer, and we need a true definition of “dead” before I’m willing to cast my vote.  😉  And, I wonder if by the Losties going back, that can change?  Daniel said they couldn’t change the past, but what it John dies in an alternate future?  Maybe?  Who knows…
  • Richard Alpert gives Locke the compass and says, “I won’t know you when I see you again.”  At first, I wondered if he was referring to the objects he puts on the table in front of the young John Locke in “Cabin Fever” (a compass is one of them), but if I’m not mistaken, Richard knows John.  John doesn’t know Richard.  Thoughts?
  • Ben tells Jack that “John left” when in reality (what is reality anymore?) Ben is the one who left by turning the frozen donkey wheel.  Is Ben’s version significant?
  • Ana Lucia pulls Hurley over!  She mentions Libby!  Awwww.  🙁
  • Why do they have 70-hours to do whatever they need to do, and where is Ms. Hawking?  Is she Daniel Faraday’s mother?  If not, who is she?
  • Poor Frogurt.  I mean, Neil.  😉
  • I think my favorite part of the whole episode was when Hurley was describing what happened to his mother.  Hurley has always been seen as “the voice of the audience” and I’ve been in Hurley’s position…trying to explain to someone who has never watched Lost, just what the fuss is all about.
  • There were so many good lines in this episode!   I loved when Hurley’s mom said, “I believe you.  I don’t understand you, but I believe you.”  That pretty much sums up my feelings exactly.

So, are you watching tonight?

I hate paying ransom

If you pop over to The Denver Post’s parenting blog, Mile High Mamas, you’ll notice that my little situation with our doctor has been highlighted as a Hot Topic!

I’m not sure how long it will be featured on the main page, so click on this photo to go directly to the link:

You don’t have to be from Colorado to give your two-cents, so go check it out!

In the meantime, I have an update to the saga!

I was able to find a doctor that is taking new customers patients!  Yay!
But, now my medical records are being held for ransom!  Boo!

Imagine how happy I was to hear that in order for the entire record to be transferred, there will be an “administrative fee” of $15 per file (so, that’s $30 for my husband’s file and mine), and that’s if I’m willing to come pick them up.  To have them mailed (the new office is literally in the same building), it will be an extra $3.50 per file.

AND, it will take THREE WEEKS!  Wow, that’s such speedy service!

Well, for $7, I can pick them up and hand deliver them to the new office and maybe even fill out paperwork at the new office while I’m there.  But, $30 for copies!?  They just got done putting all of their records into an electronic format, and you can’t tell me that it takes 3-weeks and $15 a file to click on “print” on a computer screen.

I hate paying the ransom, but what else can I do?

I want to turn them in for fraud, but technically, they’re within their legal rights to charge a “reasonable” fee and they have 30-days to turn over my records.  They could file for an additional 30-day extension for “special circumstances.”  It would be my luck that “complaining on your blog about us” would qualify as a “special circumstance” so I should just be glad to get this over as quickly as possible.

Granted, their definition of “reasonable” is a bit different than mine, but I guess $30 is a small price to pay for what’s left of my sanity…

And, just to add to the pleasantness of the entire situation, guess whose office number was busy for a majority of the morning?

Gee, maybe he’s trying to justify charging us $2,600 a year for his personal cell phone number.


Edited to add:  Click here to read the next installment of this saga! 🙂

Are you a patient or a customer?

At the first part of January, my husband and I received separate envelopes from our doctor, one addressed to each of us.  Inside was a fancy-shmancy brochure about the new practice he was going to be starting.  He was “announcing exciting changes” and told us that his practice would be “personalized.”  It would also have “limited enrollment.”  He said these changes would be taking place in March and we could call him right now to find out more or we could stay tuned for further details.

We didn’t think much of it.  Is he moving?  If so, we’ll find a new doctor.  It’s inconvenient and annoying to look for a new doctor, but not as annoying and inconvenient as it would be to change locations.

Just this last Saturday, we each got another envelope from our doctor.  This one was thicker, containing several pieces of paper.  This must be the explanation about the new exciting changes!

The letter was lengthy and started out by saying that he’s establishing a “concierge medical practice.”  He will be offering “highly personalized medical care, exceptional service, and a strong focus on prevention and wellness.”

Okay, great!  But, don’t we already get personalize care?  The service is what it is, and I’ve never had any complaints.  Prevention and wellness have always been a priority.

I’m confused.  What’s changing?

He goes on to say something about how he’s been practicing internal medicine for over 10 years, and something about current time constraints and how he will now be unhurried and we won’t have to wait to see him.

The letter is 7 paragraphs long and goes on and on.  It mentions that he has included a detailed description of his new practice along with a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.  I skim the rest of the letter, still somewhat confused as to how this is all going to affect me, and then I turn to the accompanying material.

Maybe he’s moving offices?  Well, if he is, we’re finding another doctor.  I love having all our doctors at the same medical park, the same location as our hospital.

Nope, his address is the same.  It’s one of the questions on the FAQ.

Again, I’m confused.  So, what’s changing?

Then, I get to the Patient Agreement Form.

Let me summarize this lengthy and very-legal-looking paper.  Seriously!  It’s longer than a standard 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper:

In order to remain with our doctor, we need to pay a Patient Membership Fee.  Wanna know what kind of money we’re talking about?  Check this out:

  • Individuals 45-yrs and older**  = $1,850/year
  • Adult Couple 45-yrs and older**  = $3,400/year
  • Individuals 44-years and younger **  = $1,450/year
  • Adult Couple 44-years and younger**  = $2,600/year
  • Unmarried dependent child of member 16 to 25-yrs**  = $300/year

**(age as of March 1, 2009)




So, let me get this straight.  My husband and I will need to fork over $2,600 a year in order to be seen by our doctor.  Oh, if that amount is inconvenient in one large chunk, you can pay half of that now and another half in September.

This cost is in addition to what we pay for our insurance.  Now, for the record, we have excellent insurance.  My husband’s employer pays oodles-of-thousands of dollars to insure us.  We pay a fraction of that cost, but our portion still equals thousands of dollars a year.  It all comes out of the paycheck, so we don’t have to come up with that money on the fly, but it’s not free healthcare.

And, I dare argue, that there is no such thing as free healthcare.  It costs someone somewhere something…but I digress.

That being said, we get what we pay for; we would be in a precarious position without our coverage.  We have excellent insurance, and I’m so thankful for it.

So, what is our doctor going to be giving us for our $2,600 a year?

Let’s take a look at his handy-dandy little list:

  • Comprehensive annual medical exam
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Little or no office waiting times
  • Longer appointments when needed
  • Preventative Care
  • Direct phone access to me or my nurse during office hours
  • His personal cell phone number
  • House calls and selected nursing visits (may be offered)
  • Home Rx delivery (TBD on a case-by-case basis)
  • Coverage for when he isn’t available
  • Hospital care (he’ll work closely with the physician on call at the hospital)
  • Your annual exam results will be made accessible to you
  • Convenient email access for non-urgent health issues or questions
  • Focus Group Meetings about health issues.
  • Counseling with patients and families about living wills and powers of attorney

Wow.  That list looks rather extensive!  But, let’s break it down:

  • Our insurance already covers the cost of an annual exam, and it had better be comprehensive.
  • We have no problem getting in to see a doctor if we have an emergency.
  • We haven’t had to wait incredibly long in the doctor’s office, but guess what?  We expect to!  It’s a doctor’s office!
  • I’ve never been rushed out the door because my 15 minutes to talk to the doctor was up.  (In fact, if we’ve had to wait in the waiting room, it’s because appointments ahead of us are taking longer than scheduled.  What goes around, comes around.)
  • I’ve always been able to leave a message for him and his nurse during office hours…IT’S DURING OFFICE HOURS.
  • If he’s been out of the office, it’s never been an issue to see another doctor or a nurse practitioner in the office.
  • In the event that we’d need hospitalization, he would be kept in the loop.  They just put all their medical records into an electronic format to help facilitate that!
  • I’ve always gotten the results to my annual exams.
  • Both our insurance company and the hospital we use provide email and phone support for non-urgent health issues or questions.
  • The part about focus groups was extremely vague, but it looks nice on his little list, and the last time I checked, it was best to get legal advice from a lawyer, not a doctor.  (Plus, we already have our living wills and powers of attorney all set.)

So, by my calculations, we’d be spending $2,600 a year to have his personal cell phone number, have the possibility of a house-call and maybe someone would bring us our prescriptions.

I’m appalled.
I’m flabbergasted.
I’m done with this doctor.

I’m extremely bothered by this, and I can only imagine how I’d feel if I really had a great personal relationship with this doctor.  I mean, we have been seeing him for over five years, but we’re healthy.  We haven’t been in to see him a lot, but he was someone we trusted when we did need to use his expertise.  We ended up with him because he was in the same practice as a doctor that came highly recommended to us.  That doctor wasn’t taking new patients, and this guy was.

I’d never heard of “concierge medicine” or “boutique medicine” or “retainer-based medicine” or “premier medicine.”  A search on Google has shown me that this type of thing is either coming to a large city near you, or is already there.

In my opinion, if my doctor doesn’t want to work with the people who can’t afford his “exceptional” services, I don’t want him as my doctor.  Since when is it okay to check my wallet before you check my blood pressure, especially after you’ve already seen my insurance card?

The ethics on this seem fuzzy at best.  I imagine that he has consulted a team of lawyers and experts on this, so I wouldn’t be surprised if all the necessary ethical and legal matters have been checked off on a list somewhere, but this is ridiculous.

We already pay an exorbitant amount for health insurance, and some doctor wants us to cough up an additional $2,600 a year?  For doing most of the things he should be required to do anyway?  During an economy that is shaky at best?

No way.

So, my task for today is to find a new doctor, one who doesn’t view us as dollar-signs.  (Luckily, we have choices!  Imagine how disconcerting this would be if we didn’t!) My insurance company provided a nice online list of doctors that meet our geographical requirements, and now I get to call them to find out if they have room for new patients or if they’re only accepting new customers.

Because in our current situation, we’re no longer patients…we’re customers.  And, that’s unacceptable.

So, what do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  Am I totally off-base here?  How much would you pay out of your own pocket to continue to be seen by your doctor?  When is enough, enough?  Please, leave me a comment!  I’m curious to hear your thoughts!


Weekend Time-Traveling: No, they run on magic

We’re traveling back in time on the weekends, and you can read all about that here.

This is one of my favorite posts. Enjoy!

No, they run on magic
Originally posted Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday night at about 9:30pm, I heard a loud POP! and then Bizzewwwwwwwww…beep beep…beep beep…as everything around us shut down, and we were left in darkness.

My hubby had been talking to his brother on the phone, and he had just wandered upstairs to the main level. Claire and I were downstairs. She was playing quietly with her blocks on one end of the couch and I was on the other, playing Bejeweled.

“The power went out!” I yelled to my hubby.

“I think the transformer on the street blew!” he yelled back. This is a lot of excitement for a Sunday night…

“Momma. Don’t be scared…” Claire said. “But, I need my puppy.”

I laughed in the dark. “I’m not scared. Where is Puppy?” I asked, patting my hand around on the couch.

“He’s on the tray,” she said calmly. “Wow. It’s really dark.”

I found Puppy and scooped up Claire. I made my way in the dark toward the opening that leads to Daddy’s office and the stairs. I was careful not to trip over the babydoll stroller or the leather ottoman, and hoping I didn’t step on any of the blocks she’d been playing with.

Yes, we used to have an automatic light that would come on in the event of a power failure, but sadly, it stopped working months ago. We haven’t had a chance to replace it. “Yesterday would have been a great time to look into that,” I thought to myself. Our basement is dark. Very dark. There are underground caves with more light than our basement. Luckily, some moonlight was streaming in the window wells in my hubby’s office, below the deck, and my eyes adjusted quickly.

“It’s okay,” I said, holding Claire close. “The power just went out. It’s no big deal.”

I called the power company from my cell phone to report the outage, and my hubby called his brother back with the remaining juice left on our back-up battery on the computer (we don’t have a land-line), to tell him that he’d have to cut the chatting session short.

We then took the opportunity to go out on the deck and enjoy the nice, cool evening.

“The street lights on that side must be on a different grid,” I said, looking past our fence in the back. But, even without the street lights, the moon was so full that our backyard glowed with an eerie brightness.

As we were standing there, watching the night, I realized it was time to put Claire to bed. Normally, her bedtime is 9pm, but on the weekends, we sometimes let her stay up a bit later.

“It’s time for nighty night, Claire. But, I want to tell you something. Something is going to be a little different this time. Because we don’t have electricity, we’re not going to be able to turn on your light tonight,” I said, remembering that the little touch-lamp we usually turn on the lowest setting, wouldn’t be working tonight.

“Oh, okay…” she said.

“It doesn’t have batteries, and our power went out, but you’ll be okay…” I said, hoping this wouldn’t be an issue.

“What about my dreams?” she asked. “Do my dreams need batteries?” She was very concerned that she’d have to sleep without her nightlight and her dreams.

“Your dreams?” I said, amazed that she, a two-year old, would even ask this question. “No! Nope, your dreams don’t need batteries or electricity. You’ll still be able to have them tonight,” I said as she hugged me and I snuggled into her neck.

And with that, we went back into the house. Daddy used his powerful mag-light (seriously, that thing is brighter than the sun) to energize the glow-in-the-dark stars and moons we’d painted on her walls before she was even born, and that coupled with the moonlight peeking through her curtains was enough to convince her that she didn’t need the nightlight.

Well, that, and the promise that her dreams don’t need batteries.

Weekend Time-Traveling: Baby Piggy

We’re traveling back in time on the weekends, and you can read all about that here.

I mentioned Baby Piggy in yesterday’s post…and in case you didn’t get a chance to click over, you can read all about her here!

Baby Piggy
Originally posted Friday, September 5, 2008

I’ve been meaning to write about Baby Piggy for months now, but I just haven’t had the chance. Well, now I do. I will take this time to introduce you to Baby Piggy.

Here she is with Claire.

Click on photos to enlarge.
Clicking a second time will show more detail.

Claire and Baby Piggy

Don’t you see her? She’s in Claire’s hand.

Here’s a closer look:

Baby Piggy Closeup

My apologies for the blurry picture of her. She’s so excited by the flashing of the camera that she’s wriggling all over the place.

Oh! Now, she’s had enough of the photo shoot and she’s trying to escape onto the couch.

Baby Piggy Trying to Escape

You didn’t see her? She’s so soft and pink. Her little curly tail is just so adorable. She makes a wonderful snorty sound when she’s excited. Her little belly is so warm and round, and it jiggles when she’s happy. She loves kisses, and she adores having that little spot behind her right ear rubbed.

Luckily for me, for all of us actually, she is small enough to fit in my purse or a pocket. She also likes to ride around on people’s shoulders and hide in their hair. Who knew a piggy could be so cute and ornery?

She goes everywhere Claire goes. She does everything Claire does. Sometimes she gets Claire in trouble. Naughty, Baby Piggy.

Now, Claire also has a real stuffed animal that is a baby piggy. They look very similar, yet nothing alike, and although they have exactly the same name, woe upon ye who misinterpret any requests for the *real* Baby Piggy.

And, as I can attest, you’ve never fully lived until you’ve played a game of Hide-n-Seek with Claire and Baby Piggy. It’s especially challenging when they hide in separate locations. 😉

Not the flavor he had in mind

One night, Claire was pretending to give the kitties treats.  She was handing them invisible morsels.  They were a bit confused but didn’t seem to mind playing along with the charade.  Claire informed us that she’d created her very own concoctions:  Merlin was being treated to mashed potato treats, and Jasper got to have pepperoni ones.

Daddy was focused on the laptop on the kitchen table, not really giving his full attention to what was unfolding in the kitchen.

“Here, Daddy!” she says, as she hands him what he thinks is an invisible treat.  He pops it into his mouth.

“Mmmmm,” he says.  “Is this one mashed potatoes or pepperoni?” proving he had been paying attention to some of the details, but what he’d failed to realize was that we’d switched gears, and she’d handed him Baby Piggy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!  Daddy!  That’s Baby Piggy!” Claire screamed, obviously distraught.  “We don’t eat Baby Piggy!”

Without missing a beat, Daddy opened his mouth and Baby Piggy plopped out onto the palm of his hand.

“It’s okay, Claire,” he said, pretending to wipe the slobbers off of the poor unsuspecting imaginary little creature.  “Baby Piggy is fine.  She just went for a ride in my mouth!”

“That’s not a good idea, Daddy!  That’s not a good idea!” she screams, grabbing Baby Piggy and holding her close to her chest.

“Claire,” I said, trying not to lose my composure.  “It’s probably best if you don’t hand Daddy anything around dinner-time…especially if he’s hungry and not really paying attention.”