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Well, if February had a 30th, it would be time for Claire’s 39th month photo…but it doesn’t!  So, this will have to do.



She’s been winking for months, and I finally captured it on film!

I could see this happening at my house.

I’ve mentioned these comics before.  This one makes me laugh…and not necessarily because it’s so funny, but because it’s so true!  🙂

Strangled by the Tangled Web

I’m stuck in a Social Networking Catch-22 of sorts…

…with Facebook to be exact.

I love Facebook because it’s allowed me to keep in touch with everyone, but finding so many people on Facebook makes it hard to keep in touch with everyone.

When I had 20 friends, it took me hardly any time at all to peruse what they were doing and then comment.  I could stay on top of that with no problems.  When I started to reach 50, I got excited!  I’m touching base with so many people! Then, 100 rolled around.  It wasn’t long before I hit 200.  I was amazed at the power of Facebook and how many people could stay connected.

Currently, I have over 330 Facebook Friends…in just one of my accounts.

Yay!  Isn’t being connected the point?

But, how connected am I?

Actually, the more connected I become, the more disconnected I feel.

I love popping in to check on people, but the shear numbers of the task are overwhelming.  “Oh, boo hoo…you’ve connected with so many people,” you might be thinking.

Yes, there is a tiny violin playing just for me.  Don’t you hear it?  😉

Where will it stop?  I have no idea.  Will I stop adding friends to the list?  No!  Will I stop worrying about staying on top of everyone’s everything?  Probably.

And, if you’re one of those everyones whose everything got disregarded, I’m sorry.  I didn’t do it on purpose.  It would be so much easier for me to pay attention if I could get these cobwebs out of my hair.

Now, if I could just figure out this Twitter thing…  😉

Lost Observations: 316

Well, it’s that time again!  We’re just zipping through this season so quickly, and Lost is on again tonight!  I did hear rumblings of there being no new episode for March 4th, and just WHAT KIND of birthday present would that be!?  No one consulted me when they put the schedule together!!  😉

Oh well, this way, I can party it up next week without having to worry about missing out on a new episode of Lost!  🙂

Edited to add:  Maybe it is on next week?  I’d heard they were taking a break, but it looks like it’s on the schedule…hmmm…

My hubby had to work late last Wednesday, so I got to watch the episode in peace so I re-watched it with him last night.  The first thing he said was, “Does someone get smacked by the pendulum?”  And, I laughed out loud.  I’d thought the same thing!  I almost couldn’t focus on what Ms. Hawking was saying because I was so nervous about that swinging pendulum.  I thought Desmond was going to get whacked by that thing for sure!

No need for any spoilery warning, so let’s have at it!
So, what did we learn in this episode?  What questions do we have?

  • We know that Jack, Hurley and Kate make it back to the island.  Jack’s eye-opening scene is reminiscent of the way the show started and also the Missing Pieces episode.  Only, this time, he appears to be happy that whatever they’d done worked, and he’s back.
  • Hurley has a guitar case, and I can’t help but think of Charlie.
  • How Kate, Hurley, and Sayid (as we see later) are finally convinced to make the trip is still a mystery, and I wonder if we’ll find out the details surrounding that soon?
  • And, speaking of Kate’s reason for going back to the island, where is Aaron?  Why does she not want Jack to mention it again?  Is it just me, or was she acting uber-creepy about it?  If I were Jack, I would have been a little bit more demanding about the details, but that’s just me.
  • We discover that there is a Dharma station in Los Angeles, called the Lamppost.  (or is it Lamp Post?  Details, details.)  This is where I was just sure someone was going to have an altercation with the pendulum.  How long has it been there?  Who was “the man” who figured out the equations?  Widmore?  Daniel Faraday?  Someone else?
  • When Ms. Hawking was talking about the coordinates of Ajira Flight 316 and how they would coincide with where the island was, something popped into my head:  If they’ve done it once, they could do it again.  Who’s to say the original Losties weren’t purposely led toward Oceanic Flight 815, which would cross certain coordinates on September 22, 2004?  And, by whom?  And, for what purpose?
  • AND, speaking of Ajira Flight 316, the only other time we’d ever heard of Ajira was when we saw the water-bottles in the outriggers in a previous episode (when the Left Behinders stumbled upon their camp in ruins and then used the boat to try to paddle around the island to get to the Orchid.)
  • Those bottles would lead you to believe that the O6 (well, O5 technically) crashed onto the island sometime in the future.  (i.e. the camp was there, so it couldn’t have been Pre-Oceanic-Flight-815-Crash.)  But, from what we see at the end of the episode, I’m thinking they “crashed” onto the island at a time earlier than that (1970s/80s).  More on that later…
  • Ms. Hawking sure is full of all kinds of information, yet not very many answers.  And, she didn’t seem surprised (or all warm and fuzzy) about Desmond mentioning Daniel Faraday (as her son).  Why not?
  • What importance will Ray, Jack’s grandfather, play?  Was his only purpose to give Jack his father’s shoes?  Speaking of which, I’m so glad we finally figured out the mystery behind the white shoes!!
  • I certainly hope Ben’s “loose end to tie up” isn’t Penny Widmore!!  Charles Widmore is “an old friend” and Ben certainly made a promise to him last season.  *gulp!!*
  • Speaking of that loose end…Ben certainly looks like he’s seen better days, and I’m wondering what the other guy looks like.  And, just who is the other guy?!
  • As soon as I saw them on the plane, I thought Frank Lapidus would be the pilot.  Sure enough, he was!
  • So, Jack finally reads the suicide note.  I would have ripped that note open the minute Ms. Hawking handed to me.  And, my husband kept asking me through the entire show what it said?  And, why isn’t Jack opening it?  Does he open it soon?  Ha!  Personally, I have another question: Was it really a suicide?  Does that matter in the grand scheme of things?
  • There is lots of turbulence, a flash of light and then they wake up on the island.  Did the actual plane crash this time?  Where are Locke, Sun, and Sayid?  What happened to the other people on the plane?  I have a feeling we’ll get more answers soon.
  • And, who should roll up in a Dharma van?  Jin!  In a Dharma suit!  The spiffy-lookin’ van and the crisp Dharma suit leads me to believe that they’ve “crashed” into a different time than originally thought.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!  🙂

A You-Know-What

My husband and I are bantering back and forth in the front seat of the car, as we’re driving home.  We aren’t angry with each other or even arguing, but we’re rather animated in our conversation…as we usually are.

“Daddy!” Claire yells.  “Be nice to Momma!”

“I am being nice to Momma, Claire,” he says.  In his defense, he wasn’t being mean at all.  She had misinterpreted my dramatic reactions to whatever he was saying.

“It’s okay, Claire.  Daddy’s not being mean to me.”

“Daddy!” she says again, still on a roll.  “Stop being a you-know-what!”

And she really said, “a you-know-what.”  That was a direct quote.

I tried to explain to Claire that Daddy wasn’t being a you-know-what, but I’m not sure if she could understand me through all the laughter coming from the front seat.  🙂

No, I haven’t listened to my cassette tapes in years.

At the beginning of February, one of my favorite bloggers ran a little contest.  Those who commented were put in a drawing to win an iPod shuffle™.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that I won!!

I know some may find this hard to believe, but previous to this, I didn’t have a portable mp3 player.  Between the two of us, my hubby and I have thousands of songs that he painstakingly converted from our CDs to mp3s.  He has our computer iTunes™ set up so that our music will play on the stereo system out in the living room.  And, as hard as it is to believe that music lovers such as ourselves could go without, my hubby and I never jumped on the iPod bandwagon.  We would have loved to have one, but it was always in the Want Column, and never in the Need one.

Last year, my hubby won an iPod Touch™ at a conference, and he was thrilled.  And, now, with this stroke of good luck, I’m the proud owner of my very own iPod, too!

My iPod arrived on Friday!

My iPod arrived on Friday!

Click to enlarge.

And, imagine my surprise when I saw that Nicole had it engraved!  What an awesome idea!  How cool is that?!

I could pick whatever color I wanted, and yes, I chose hot pink.  It’s sassy, and I love it.  Plus, this way, my hubby won’t be tempted to steal it.  I hadn’t figured in how much Claire would love the color when I made my choice, so I’ll still have to keep an eye on it!

So, Nicole…thank you so much!  Now, I have no excuse to not fully join this century when it comes to listening to my tunes!  This totally made my day, and I can’t wait to fill it up with all my favorite songs.

Claire vs. Chair

So, in the last three days, Claire has fallen off three different chairs.  I’m really hoping history doesn’t repeat itself, and make today Day Number Four.  Knock on wood…but not with your head, please.

It all started on Thursday.  Thursday was slotted to be a relatively full day.  We had swimming lessons bright and early in the morning, and then Story Time at a local library after that.  We had enough time to come home, have lunch, and make deviled eggs to take to Bunco that night.  Then, I’d have plenty of time for Claire to take a nap while I got ready.  My hubby was going to come home early to watch Claire so that I could make my escape.

Swimming Lessons and Story Time go without a hitch.  Even lunch was a success.  It was almost time for Claire’s nap, but she wanted to help me make “doubled eggs.”  So, I set the water to boil, boiled the eggs, and I let her pull up a kitchen chair to the sink to help me peel the eggs when they were done.

I have a system for deviled eggs that works for me.  It’s an appetizer that I love to make, and I know the recipe by heart.  As I’m mixing up the ingredients for the innards, Claire is running cold water over the eggs.  (They aren’t really hot at this point, so she is in no danger of burning herself.)

I turn around to put the mayonnaise and mustard back in the fridge.  I kneel down to find the right spaces, and all of a sudden, the kitchen chair Claire is standing on comes flying across the room and smashes into the cupboards right behind my head.  In a split second, I whip around and see Claire land smack on the floor, flat on her face, out flat like a trapeze artist who has missed his mark.

My brain can’t even really process what has happened.  The crash of the chair scared me half to death and seeing her fall like that made my heart stop.  How did this happen?  She wasn’t goofing around at all!

Because I’m already on the floor, I roll her over onto her back with one arm and open the freezer with the other.  I immediately put one icepack on her cheek and get the other one out just in case.  That’s when I see her arm.

Her right arm has a bruise in the form of a line, right above her elbow, and it’s already starting to swell.  My voice is calm and I’m telling her to calm down, and it will be okay, and I’m trying to believe the words myself.  I put the other icepack on her arm and pick up the phone.

My husband is nearly impossible to reach at the office, but I try there on the off chance that he’s at his desk.  He is.  I try not to panic but tell him that I don’t need to call 911 (no blood spurting, and no visible broken bones), but I’m calling the nurseline to see what they say about tips for telling how a bone is broken without using an x-ray machine.  I just wanted to give him a heads up.

I call the nurseline, and after answering their matrix of questions, it’s determined that I should take Claire to the pediatrician or the ER to be checked out.  I call the pediatrician, and they can get us in right away.  It’s in the same hospital as the ER, so x-rays won’t be an issue if they feel those are necessary.

Meanwhile, Claire is in good spirits.  She has stopped crying.  She tells me her face hurts a lot, but her arm only hurts if I poke it.  “Pet it gently Momma, and it won’t hurt as much,” she keeps telling me.

A trip to the hospital and one Sleeping Beauty Sticker later it’s determined that her arm isn’t broken.  He also checked out her cheekbone and her mouth.  No fractures there either.

We barely make it back in time for me to finish making the deviled eggs and get to my Ladies’ Night Out festivities.  “I don’t think I’m going to help you this time, Momma…okay?” was what Claire had to say when I asked her if she wanted to help me finish the project.  I didn’t blame her!

I still don’t know exactly what happened.  The accident reconstruction of the event did not match the injuries or position of the body, so it’s still a mystery.  I’m just glad I was right there, and that we got ice on everything right away.  You can’t even see a bruise on her cheek, and her arm looks worse than it feels.

So, that was Day One, Chair One.  What about the other two?  Friday’s Main Event involved a dining room chair, the back of her head and the carpeted floor.  (That one scared her more than anything, but the thump of her head is never a sound I like to hear.)  Saturday’s Smack Down included a tumble off of a small chair in Momma’s office, only this time her fall was broken by the play kitchen set, which again, made more racket than damage I think.

Momma has laid down the law, and new rules have been established with regard to proper chair usage.  We’ll see if this helps, but I’m not so sure.  I mean, in a majority of the cases, she wasn’t doing anything wrong.  In the meantime, it’s a good thing we have more than one ice pack, because they’re barely having time to solidify before we need to use them again.

Dating Rules

Claire and Heath come running down the hallway, holding hands.

“Momma!” Claire screeches.  “We’re getting married!”

“Oh, really?” Heath’s mom and I say in unison, looking at each other with smiles in our eyes.

“Yes!” they scream as they turn around and start to run.

“That’s nice.  Have fun!” we call to them, watching as the 3-year olds disappear down the hallway, their laughter lingering and mixing with our own.

We don’t have any dating rules solidified yet, and thankfully, any rules we would have are still in the “We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get There” File…many years from now.

That being said, I’m pretty sure “you can’t date if you’re already married” should be one of them.


Coming Soon…

You may notice a tab that just showed up at the top of the blog:

Product Reviews

This ad-free page will be the home for some Product Reviews that I’ll be doing.  I’m pretty excited about this opportunity, and it will be interesting to see where this leads!

Stay tuned!

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…

A couple weeks ago, Claire started talking to someone in the mirror in my office.  When she was really little, she used to talk to her own reflection in my mirror, and we thought it was cute.  Well, now, she’s started talking to “The Captains,” and they live in my mirror.

Sometimes she “puts them in jail” (Uh, okay?) when they “are bad,” (greeeeeeat.) but usually, they just stay in my mirror and talk to Claire.  They carry on all kinds of conversations.

Maybe I’ve watched too many scary movies, but I’m trying not to let this freak me out.  The only explanation I can get from her is that “they are The Captains, and they live in the mirror.”  (In a Duh, Momma…tone.)

I talked to my husband, and he has no idea where The Captains came from, and neither do I.

I would get down on her level and see what she sees, but frankly, I’m afraid.  How creepy!?  I mean, what if I see them, too?  And, honestly, I’d rather pretend they don’t exist.