A You-Know-What

My husband and I are bantering back and forth in the front seat of the car, as we’re driving home.  We aren’t angry with each other or even arguing, but we’re rather animated in our conversation…as we usually are.

“Daddy!” Claire yells.  “Be nice to Momma!”

“I am being nice to Momma, Claire,” he says.  In his defense, he wasn’t being mean at all.  She had misinterpreted my dramatic reactions to whatever he was saying.

“It’s okay, Claire.  Daddy’s not being mean to me.”

“Daddy!” she says again, still on a roll.  “Stop being a you-know-what!”

And she really said, “a you-know-what.”  That was a direct quote.

I tried to explain to Claire that Daddy wasn’t being a you-know-what, but I’m not sure if she could understand me through all the laughter coming from the front seat.  🙂

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