Claire vs. Chair

So, in the last three days, Claire has fallen off three different chairs.  I’m really hoping history doesn’t repeat itself, and make today Day Number Four.  Knock on wood…but not with your head, please.

It all started on Thursday.  Thursday was slotted to be a relatively full day.  We had swimming lessons bright and early in the morning, and then Story Time at a local library after that.  We had enough time to come home, have lunch, and make deviled eggs to take to Bunco that night.  Then, I’d have plenty of time for Claire to take a nap while I got ready.  My hubby was going to come home early to watch Claire so that I could make my escape.

Swimming Lessons and Story Time go without a hitch.  Even lunch was a success.  It was almost time for Claire’s nap, but she wanted to help me make “doubled eggs.”  So, I set the water to boil, boiled the eggs, and I let her pull up a kitchen chair to the sink to help me peel the eggs when they were done.

I have a system for deviled eggs that works for me.  It’s an appetizer that I love to make, and I know the recipe by heart.  As I’m mixing up the ingredients for the innards, Claire is running cold water over the eggs.  (They aren’t really hot at this point, so she is in no danger of burning herself.)

I turn around to put the mayonnaise and mustard back in the fridge.  I kneel down to find the right spaces, and all of a sudden, the kitchen chair Claire is standing on comes flying across the room and smashes into the cupboards right behind my head.  In a split second, I whip around and see Claire land smack on the floor, flat on her face, out flat like a trapeze artist who has missed his mark.

My brain can’t even really process what has happened.  The crash of the chair scared me half to death and seeing her fall like that made my heart stop.  How did this happen?  She wasn’t goofing around at all!

Because I’m already on the floor, I roll her over onto her back with one arm and open the freezer with the other.  I immediately put one icepack on her cheek and get the other one out just in case.  That’s when I see her arm.

Her right arm has a bruise in the form of a line, right above her elbow, and it’s already starting to swell.  My voice is calm and I’m telling her to calm down, and it will be okay, and I’m trying to believe the words myself.  I put the other icepack on her arm and pick up the phone.

My husband is nearly impossible to reach at the office, but I try there on the off chance that he’s at his desk.  He is.  I try not to panic but tell him that I don’t need to call 911 (no blood spurting, and no visible broken bones), but I’m calling the nurseline to see what they say about tips for telling how a bone is broken without using an x-ray machine.  I just wanted to give him a heads up.

I call the nurseline, and after answering their matrix of questions, it’s determined that I should take Claire to the pediatrician or the ER to be checked out.  I call the pediatrician, and they can get us in right away.  It’s in the same hospital as the ER, so x-rays won’t be an issue if they feel those are necessary.

Meanwhile, Claire is in good spirits.  She has stopped crying.  She tells me her face hurts a lot, but her arm only hurts if I poke it.  “Pet it gently Momma, and it won’t hurt as much,” she keeps telling me.

A trip to the hospital and one Sleeping Beauty Sticker later it’s determined that her arm isn’t broken.  He also checked out her cheekbone and her mouth.  No fractures there either.

We barely make it back in time for me to finish making the deviled eggs and get to my Ladies’ Night Out festivities.  “I don’t think I’m going to help you this time, Momma…okay?” was what Claire had to say when I asked her if she wanted to help me finish the project.  I didn’t blame her!

I still don’t know exactly what happened.  The accident reconstruction of the event did not match the injuries or position of the body, so it’s still a mystery.  I’m just glad I was right there, and that we got ice on everything right away.  You can’t even see a bruise on her cheek, and her arm looks worse than it feels.

So, that was Day One, Chair One.  What about the other two?  Friday’s Main Event involved a dining room chair, the back of her head and the carpeted floor.  (That one scared her more than anything, but the thump of her head is never a sound I like to hear.)  Saturday’s Smack Down included a tumble off of a small chair in Momma’s office, only this time her fall was broken by the play kitchen set, which again, made more racket than damage I think.

Momma has laid down the law, and new rules have been established with regard to proper chair usage.  We’ll see if this helps, but I’m not so sure.  I mean, in a majority of the cases, she wasn’t doing anything wrong.  In the meantime, it’s a good thing we have more than one ice pack, because they’re barely having time to solidify before we need to use them again.

4 Responses to “Claire vs. Chair”

  • I run a day care and have a three year old little girl who fell out of the chair 4 times yesterday. I am not even sure what she was doing and today she fell out of the van and hit her head. Must be their age. Maybe the brain is too heavy for their heads and it pulls them over. I do not know but it is really scary.

  • Just be glad she isn’t a boy…they seem to “do things like that” more often. At least both of ours did. And I never could understand how or why!

  • Thanks for your comments, ladies! I was talking to Claire’s preschool teacher today, and she said that 3-yr olds get really clumsy right before a growth spurt! So, maybe that’s what’s going on! 🙂

  • Could be a growth spurt! As kids get more adventurous, they’ll get more bumps and bruises. Sometimes their confidence outweighs their abilities and balance. I’m glad she didn’t have any broken bones!

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