Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…

A couple weeks ago, Claire started talking to someone in the mirror in my office.  When she was really little, she used to talk to her own reflection in my mirror, and we thought it was cute.  Well, now, she’s started talking to “The Captains,” and they live in my mirror.

Sometimes she “puts them in jail” (Uh, okay?) when they “are bad,” (greeeeeeat.) but usually, they just stay in my mirror and talk to Claire.  They carry on all kinds of conversations.

Maybe I’ve watched too many scary movies, but I’m trying not to let this freak me out.  The only explanation I can get from her is that “they are The Captains, and they live in the mirror.”  (In a Duh, Momma…tone.)

I talked to my husband, and he has no idea where The Captains came from, and neither do I.

I would get down on her level and see what she sees, but frankly, I’m afraid.  How creepy!?  I mean, what if I see them, too?  And, honestly, I’d rather pretend they don’t exist.


5 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…”

  • oh but it is so normal and a sign of intelligence to have made up friends! Though I have to admit the mirror thing would creep me out a bit too.

  • Momma, I now know the feeling, Heath has “Bugs” living on his shirt, and since it has been windy, he holds his stomach with one arm, so they wont blow away!
    Not to sure about the Mirror thing ether, its a little creepy! But as long as she is not saying “REDRUM” with her finger in a creepy scratchy voice, I think you are good to go!

  • Throw the mirror out. Or pretend to and see what happens. If her head spins around, don’t forget to get a video. That would totally up your blog hit stats

  • My son used to talk about the past.. who his wife was, how he swam with his “other” Mom. All sorts of stuff. He was 3 and 4 but he eventually stopped talking about any of it.

  • Terra, I know it’s “normal”…but it *is* creepy!

    Jess, That’s hilarious!! Sounds like Heath’s bugs are a lot like baby piggy. Only, she doesn’t ride on Claire’s shirt; Claire usually has her ride in my hair.

    XUP, I’m not sure I want that kind of attention! 😉

    Bonnie, that’s spooky!

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