Lost Observations: 316

Well, it’s that time again!  We’re just zipping through this season so quickly, and Lost is on again tonight!  I did hear rumblings of there being no new episode for March 4th, and just WHAT KIND of birthday present would that be!?  No one consulted me when they put the schedule together!!  😉

Oh well, this way, I can party it up next week without having to worry about missing out on a new episode of Lost!  🙂

Edited to add:  Maybe it is on next week?  I’d heard they were taking a break, but it looks like it’s on the schedule…hmmm…

My hubby had to work late last Wednesday, so I got to watch the episode in peace so I re-watched it with him last night.  The first thing he said was, “Does someone get smacked by the pendulum?”  And, I laughed out loud.  I’d thought the same thing!  I almost couldn’t focus on what Ms. Hawking was saying because I was so nervous about that swinging pendulum.  I thought Desmond was going to get whacked by that thing for sure!

No need for any spoilery warning, so let’s have at it!
So, what did we learn in this episode?  What questions do we have?

  • We know that Jack, Hurley and Kate make it back to the island.  Jack’s eye-opening scene is reminiscent of the way the show started and also the Missing Pieces episode.  Only, this time, he appears to be happy that whatever they’d done worked, and he’s back.
  • Hurley has a guitar case, and I can’t help but think of Charlie.
  • How Kate, Hurley, and Sayid (as we see later) are finally convinced to make the trip is still a mystery, and I wonder if we’ll find out the details surrounding that soon?
  • And, speaking of Kate’s reason for going back to the island, where is Aaron?  Why does she not want Jack to mention it again?  Is it just me, or was she acting uber-creepy about it?  If I were Jack, I would have been a little bit more demanding about the details, but that’s just me.
  • We discover that there is a Dharma station in Los Angeles, called the Lamppost.  (or is it Lamp Post?  Details, details.)  This is where I was just sure someone was going to have an altercation with the pendulum.  How long has it been there?  Who was “the man” who figured out the equations?  Widmore?  Daniel Faraday?  Someone else?
  • When Ms. Hawking was talking about the coordinates of Ajira Flight 316 and how they would coincide with where the island was, something popped into my head:  If they’ve done it once, they could do it again.  Who’s to say the original Losties weren’t purposely led toward Oceanic Flight 815, which would cross certain coordinates on September 22, 2004?  And, by whom?  And, for what purpose?
  • AND, speaking of Ajira Flight 316, the only other time we’d ever heard of Ajira was when we saw the water-bottles in the outriggers in a previous episode (when the Left Behinders stumbled upon their camp in ruins and then used the boat to try to paddle around the island to get to the Orchid.)
  • Those bottles would lead you to believe that the O6 (well, O5 technically) crashed onto the island sometime in the future.  (i.e. the camp was there, so it couldn’t have been Pre-Oceanic-Flight-815-Crash.)  But, from what we see at the end of the episode, I’m thinking they “crashed” onto the island at a time earlier than that (1970s/80s).  More on that later…
  • Ms. Hawking sure is full of all kinds of information, yet not very many answers.  And, she didn’t seem surprised (or all warm and fuzzy) about Desmond mentioning Daniel Faraday (as her son).  Why not?
  • What importance will Ray, Jack’s grandfather, play?  Was his only purpose to give Jack his father’s shoes?  Speaking of which, I’m so glad we finally figured out the mystery behind the white shoes!!
  • I certainly hope Ben’s “loose end to tie up” isn’t Penny Widmore!!  Charles Widmore is “an old friend” and Ben certainly made a promise to him last season.  *gulp!!*
  • Speaking of that loose end…Ben certainly looks like he’s seen better days, and I’m wondering what the other guy looks like.  And, just who is the other guy?!
  • As soon as I saw them on the plane, I thought Frank Lapidus would be the pilot.  Sure enough, he was!
  • So, Jack finally reads the suicide note.  I would have ripped that note open the minute Ms. Hawking handed to me.  And, my husband kept asking me through the entire show what it said?  And, why isn’t Jack opening it?  Does he open it soon?  Ha!  Personally, I have another question: Was it really a suicide?  Does that matter in the grand scheme of things?
  • There is lots of turbulence, a flash of light and then they wake up on the island.  Did the actual plane crash this time?  Where are Locke, Sun, and Sayid?  What happened to the other people on the plane?  I have a feeling we’ll get more answers soon.
  • And, who should roll up in a Dharma van?  Jin!  In a Dharma suit!  The spiffy-lookin’ van and the crisp Dharma suit leads me to believe that they’ve “crashed” into a different time than originally thought.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!  🙂

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