Double-dare to dream

Recently, I was asked if I wanted to participate in fun little book shower involving The Double-Daring Book for Girls, by Andrea Buchanan & Miriam Peskowitz.  I’d wanted to check out this book, so I jumped at the chance. After it arrived, I was flipping through it and I really enjoyed seeing the variety of daring things to learn and explore in this book. I wish I would have had a book like this years ago when I was a daring girl, and I can’t wait to pass it down to my daughter!

Do you know a daring girl or are you one? Check out the book yourself!

The book shower concept was to have involved me and my daughter, and admittedly, she’s a bit too young for the book. But, I knew that we’d find something we could try in the book, something that would be a connection for both of us.  Something daring.

And, then I saw it:


Dreams have always been a fascination of mine, and they’re something that I talk to Claire about all the time. I still write down my really vivid dreams, just as I started to do years ago in my old journal.  A year ago, after we’d lost power one evening, Claire asked me if her dreams ran on batteries or needed electricity to exist.  And, just a month ago, she asked me if she could watch the dream she’d had the night before on YouTube.

We always talk about our dreams, but I’d never thought about helping her write hers down…

…until now.

Starting on page 135, the book talks about dreams, and how to make a dream journal and a dream catcher and it even talks about some common dreams people have and their meanings.

Dreaming about losing your teeth? It’s in there.
Dreaming about flying? It’s in there, too.
Dreaming about showing up to a test naked? You guessed it. It’s in there.

I have more in depth dream analysis books in my personal library, but the list in the book was a good start.

It had never occurred to me to start a dream journal for someone so young, but why not? A 3-year old’s dreams are just as important as a 13-year old’s dreams, a 23-year old’s dreams, or even a 35-year old’s dreams. In fact, I don’t think you’re too young or too old to talk about your dreams. No, she won’t dream about showing up to her high school naked, but I was curious to see what her brain would focus on. Like I said, I always ask Claire how she slept and we talk about her dreams, but this was an excuse to get a little deeper.

So, I started writing down her dreams, and when she’s older, I’ll encourage her to record them herself.

Here are some of her dreams over the past five days (in her words):

  • One night, she dreamt about “flowers, doors, curtains and sparkly shoes.”
  • The next night, she dreamt about “picking shells” with her aunt on the beach in California.
  • The night after that, she dreamt about “fish and starfish.”
  • The next night, she dreamt about “the new pink raspberry shampoo” I bought for her.

The recaps of those dreams were pretty short and sweet. She didn’t elaborate any more than that when pressed for more information. They were pretty straight-forward and pretty easy to see the sources.

But, last night’s dream was more vivid. She got really excited and animated when talking about it. This is what she said:

  • “I watched a movie in my eyes. It was called ‘Squidder Oxy Dive.’ Puppy thought two of the squidders were dead, but they weren’t. Puppy wouldn’t let me watch his scary show.”

I love that she describes her dreams like “movies in her eyes.”  This reinforces why she asked if we could find her dreams on YouTube.  When I asked her what a squidder was, she said it was like the little submarine in the movie “Dive Olly Dive,” but it wasn’t. It was an animal. “Dive Olly Dive” is a DVD we watched a few days ago. We’re going to review that one, so I asked her more questions about that than I normally do when we watch a DVD. Maybe that’s why “Dive” is in the title of the DVD in her dream? Puppy tends to disagree with Claire quite a bit, so that’s nothing new. And, we won’t let her watch “scary” shows, so that’s probably where that came from.

Still, it’s amazing to me how the mind works.

When Claire is a little older, I’m going to help her make a dream journal and a dream catcher. (There are directions for both described in The Double-Daring Book for Girls.) In the meantime, I will continue asking her what she dreamt the night before, and I’ll write down the more vivid ones. I may even have her start her own Book of Dreams that involves her coloring pictures to describe them.

What about you? I dare you to share your dreams in the comments. No, scratch that…

I double-dare you!


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  • I’ll start! Sadly, one of my most recent and vivid dreams deals with a television show! Ack!

    Before I saw the last two shows of the season, I had a very vivid dream that I was a member of the Lost cast. I’d figured out a major premise of the show, and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone else on the island. I’d even written it down in my journal. Just as I was about to share this major secret with Sawyer and Juliet, I was killed.

    Imagine my surprise to find out that *I* was the next character on Lost to die! I was so shocked! Ha!

    I couldn’t tell if the dream was about me dying as an actor, or if I was really on the island.

    Well, the next night, I dreamt that I was hanging out with the other members of the cast, talking about what a bummer it was that I was the next character to go, and how no one saw that coming…thus pointing to the idea that I was actually an actor on the show.

    I remember Sawyer being very upset by my demise, and that made me very happy.


    Anyone else care to share?

  • Wow, that’s interesting about your daughter’s dreams.

    I’m a little envious. I know I dream, but I never really remember them. Well, very rarely in any case, and I usually forget them within a couple of hours of waking.

    Sometimes I get this odd sense of deja vu were I almost see two identical images slide together and lock like a movie reel skipping, and I’ve wondered at times if what I’m seeing is the buried memory of a dream playing over what’s happening in the present. Then I figure it’s got to be just some random neurons misfiring or a twitch in the muscles that control eye movement.

    The last really vivid dream I remember was from when I was pregnant with my first child, and that was one of the typical pregnancy fears dreams. I gave birth to a little boy way too early, and he had several medical issues and ended up passing away almost immediately. The dream was so bad, I ended up waking Hubby for comfort that night. This one happened a few days before our first ultrasound, so I guess discovering a birth defect was on my mind.

  • A dream journal. I LOVE this idea. I have very vivid dreams every night but they escape me a few minutes after I wake up. Last night, I had one about Second Life that my in-laws told me about yesterday. Crazy stuff online and crazier that it makes it it my dreams!

  • Claire just woke up, so I asked her what her dream was last night. This was a good one, too! She said she dreamt that there were plastic drinking cups bouncing all over the kitchen table, but none of them tipped over or fell on the floor! She said their Momma was watching them very closely.


  • I used to talk to my daughter about her dreams, too. After a while I figured out that sometimes her “dreams” weren’t really dreams at all, but stuff she remembered from the day before which she confused with dreams. I’d say, “but that was in the movie you watched on Sunday” and she’d say “oh ya, I thought I dreamed it.” One morning though, she told me her dream and it was exactly the same dream I’d had that night except viewed from her perspective rather than mine. That was wierd.

  • Amanda, pregnancy dreams are really vivid, aren’t they!?

    Amber, you’ve mentioned before about your crazy dreams…sharks, Lucky Charms…you should definitely write them down!

    XUP, along that line, sometimes little kids make up a story in place of what they dreamt. My little brother used to do that, and you could tell when the dream ended and the fantasy began. I’m pretty good at deciphering the two when it comes to Claire’s stories, too. 🙂

  • I LOVE this book, and I’ll have to go to the dream pages.

    And that Claire calls them “movies in her eyes.”

    You’ll have to show us the dream-catcher you make!

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