We named her Glenda

Today, as we were listening to the calm voice of my BlackBerry direct us to our next destination, Claire suggested we name her “Glenda.” “As in the good witch?” I said in my head. And, then I laughed out loud. I’d referenced witchcraft yesterday in regards to my CrackBerry, so I thought it was appropriate.

Then, I realized that Glenda is the perfect first name, because her initials are G. P. S. 😉

When I asked Claire was a good name starting with P would be, you know, “P…Puh…P.” She said, “Princess!” Of course, she did.  Big shocker, there!  And, when I asked her what a good last name would be staring with S, she shouted “Sign!” which is pretty comical considering Glenda reads us the street signs. I couldn’t get Claire to tell me how it was spelled: “Sein?” or “Sine?” So, we went with “Sign,” just to be safe.

So, Glenda Princess Sign, or Glenda, for short, has been officially named.

Not only is she calm in the midst of traffic, she’s an awesome note-taker and fabulous assistant. I think I’ll keep her around awhile. 🙂

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