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Not proper construction attire, but I love it.

On Sunday, I posted this status on Facebook and Twitter:

Claire is rockin’ a ballet bun and a princess dress while she’s constructing intricately designed Lego buildings & vehicles. I LOVE it!

And, I was asked for photos. Please don’t use these in your formal report to OSHA.

Princess Lego Builder

Princess Lego Builder Bun

A close-up so we can see Princess Marion.  Yes, Marion is a princess.  Didn't you know?

A close-up so we can see Princess Marion. Yes, Marion (of Indiana Jones fame) is a princess. Didn't you know?

Backseat Drivers: A Self-Portrait

Backseat Drivers Twitter Page

Wanna know what I love?

  1. Taking random photos with Glenda.
  2. Finding random photos on Glenda.
  3. Making changes to those photos by making them look like water-color paintings.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but these days, odds are some words were added or changed in the processing.

We have started a new chapter…literally.

We’ve started a new chapter with Claire…literally.

Go read about it at Mile High Mamas today!

Click here to read about it at Mile High Mamas today!

Comments are closed here, but I’d love to hear from you over there! Go! Comment!

How do you say “nickel and dime” in French?

For the record, we love Claire’s Ballet School. We do. We also knew that when you choose an “extracurricular activity,” there will be some costs not presented (or fully itemized) up front. We also feel these costs are worth it.

Whether it be sports equipment or uniforms or whatnot, the benefit of the activity far outweighs the cost.

(And it’s the whatnot that will get you every time…)

She loves her school.
She really does.

And, that’s a good thing, because there are times when I feel like we’re being nickel & dimed.

Again, I mean no disrespect to the school.

Still…why tiptoe around some of these fees? We’d still participate in the school; I promise.

Case in point…

We picked up her packet for her participation in the End of Year Gala Celebration. Participation in this event is free. “There is no fee to be in this show.” I’m quoting a sentence out of the packet.

However, everyone needs a costume to participate in the Gala, and those are NOT free. Those, in fact, are far from free. (Granted, they are cheaper than other schools charge, but anything greater than ZERO is indeed a “fee.”)

Again, I love this school. In an effort to help the parents justify the cost of costumes, part of the costumes used in the Gala can be used in her regular classes. That’s awesome. That’s a good use of fundage. Those are nickels and dimes we would have been paying eventually anyway.

But, to say there is “no fee” on one page of the packet and then turn around and tell me the price I need to pay for the costume, in order for her to participate in the Gala, on another page leaves me a little bewildered.

I hate to break it to them, but if one of the requirements costs something, participation in the overall activity is not free.

Why not just say that? Or say it in French, at least. It would sound so pretty then.

We could have created a whole new human from scratch by now.

We’ve waited a long time.

Finally, LOST is almost here:

(Thanks to my friend Michelle for enabling my obsession being a wonderful fellow Lostie and sharing the above widget.)

It took me ages to hand-paint this portrait of Claire.*

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on Claire’s ballet class.  This was a big deal, because the ballet school Claire attends does not normally allow parents to watch their little ballerinas in action.  Once a month, we can peek through a one-way mirror while standing quietly in the hallway, but this was the first time I’d be able to sit in on the class and see what they do firsthand.

I didn’t know if we’d be able to take photos, so I didn’t bring my camera.  Of course, when we got there, the teacher said we could!  But, never fear!  Glenda is always with me, and she’s always more than happy to oblige.

Ballet January 2010

Claire had a blast showing off her moves, and in true Diva-style, the audience didn’t bother her in the least!

Did I mention that Daddy and Claire got me a fancy-schmancy photo-editing software program for Christmas?  Well, they did, and I’m having a blast learning all about it.

So, I thought I’d try my hand at some of the cool stuff I can do with photos now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash these paintbrushes.


*Okay, not really.

Today is our Saturday

I love days like this.  When my husband gets a Friday off, we get to treat the day like a Saturday.  We all sleep in.  We do something fun like go to The Runway Grill for lunch and watch the planes.

We wonder why there aren’t so many people out in the stores on a weekend…

…and then we remember that it isn’t a weekend at all!


So, regardless of what today is for you, we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

…and what exactly is in vegetarian soup?

I used to (and still do) collect humorous quotes.  Recently, I was looking through some old college things, and I found this gem, author unknown:

“If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?”

As seen on TV

Claire and I were on TV again! Yesterday started out as any other day in our world: school, writing, a mass of errands lining up nicely on my To Do List, all of them eager to jump off into the abyss.

Things were clicking along, just as planned, and then I found out that FOX 31/Channel 2 of Denver wanted to interview the people behind Mile High Mamas.  Today.  In an hour and a half.

I did some juggling and went over to my editor’s house for a TV interview.

These things are always nerve-wracking, but they are fun to do. There is something about being mic’d, told where to sit, and having to hold the white balance paper in front of your face that makes you feel a little bit important.

When I told Claire that we got to be on TV, do you know what she said?


She’s such a diva. 😉

We had so much fun watching ourselves on TV last night (over and over, if you must know). You can check out the web article on the segment by clicking here.

If we get a link to the video, I’ll post that, too.

Mile High Mamas is such a great source for moms and women in the Denver area, and I’m so proud to be a part of it!

I am not a Stage Mom. No, really. I’m not.

For real.
I have never used AquaNet on my child.

Okay, except that one time…back in July…but it was for a wedding! She was the star of the show Diva Flower Princess flower girl! And, it wasn’t even my AquaNet!


I learned a long time ago that battles over hair are not ones I’m going to put much tactical effort or resources into fighting.

I told Claire she could have her hair however she wanted it. She decided she wanted to grow it long, so that’s what we’re doing. She flips back and forth about what she wants to do with her bangs, but I have a rule: Clip it or cut it. If you can’t keep your bangs out of your eyes with a clip of some sort, we get them cut. Period. Hair falling into her eyes drives me absolutely crazy and makes me twitch.

This, of course, is information she’ll use against me one day.

Her Ballet School has rules about hair. All the girls are required to have their hair up in a Ballet Bun. She’s allowed to have bangs in her Preschool Ballet class (and a pony-tail if it’s a particularly challenging day on the Hair Front), but the older levels have different rules: Ballet Bun and no bangs. When she reaches that point, we’ll discuss her options, and it will be up to her.

Lately, Claire has been begging to have her hair curled. One day, I did that before school. With a curling iron. I gave us plenty of time to get ready, but I knew something wasn’t quite right when I’d officially spent more time on her hair than mine.

Her hair doesn’t hold curl very well, so imagine my joy at seeing her relatively curl-less hair when I picked her up from Preschool. She doesn’t know her hair doesn’t hold curl very well, so she had no idea that it wasn’t as curly as before.

We did discover that when we take her hair down from her Ballet Bun, it’s the perfect curliness. When it’s curled like that, it tends to stay a little bit longer. So, we’ve been doing that at night. I position the bun so that it won’t hurt her little head why she’s sleeping, and in the morning, once we’ve had breakfast, donned our attire, and the bun is unfurled, we’re greeted with perfect curls.

She thinks she looks like Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty Hair

…and I look like a Stage Mom.

…even without the AquaNet.