I am not a Stage Mom. No, really. I’m not.

For real.
I have never used AquaNet on my child.

Okay, except that one time…back in July…but it was for a wedding! She was the star of the show Diva Flower Princess flower girl! And, it wasn’t even my AquaNet!


I learned a long time ago that battles over hair are not ones I’m going to put much tactical effort or resources into fighting.

I told Claire she could have her hair however she wanted it. She decided she wanted to grow it long, so that’s what we’re doing. She flips back and forth about what she wants to do with her bangs, but I have a rule: Clip it or cut it. If you can’t keep your bangs out of your eyes with a clip of some sort, we get them cut. Period. Hair falling into her eyes drives me absolutely crazy and makes me twitch.

This, of course, is information she’ll use against me one day.

Her Ballet School has rules about hair. All the girls are required to have their hair up in a Ballet Bun. She’s allowed to have bangs in her Preschool Ballet class (and a pony-tail if it’s a particularly challenging day on the Hair Front), but the older levels have different rules: Ballet Bun and no bangs. When she reaches that point, we’ll discuss her options, and it will be up to her.

Lately, Claire has been begging to have her hair curled. One day, I did that before school. With a curling iron. I gave us plenty of time to get ready, but I knew something wasn’t quite right when I’d officially spent more time on her hair than mine.

Her hair doesn’t hold curl very well, so imagine my joy at seeing her relatively curl-less hair when I picked her up from Preschool. She doesn’t know her hair doesn’t hold curl very well, so she had no idea that it wasn’t as curly as before.

We did discover that when we take her hair down from her Ballet Bun, it’s the perfect curliness. When it’s curled like that, it tends to stay a little bit longer. So, we’ve been doing that at night. I position the bun so that it won’t hurt her little head why she’s sleeping, and in the morning, once we’ve had breakfast, donned our attire, and the bun is unfurled, we’re greeted with perfect curls.

She thinks she looks like Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty Hair

…and I look like a Stage Mom.

…even without the AquaNet.

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