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A behind-the-scenes peek at Live TV

As you know, I had the opportunity to do a Live TV segment on Fox 31’s Martino TV yesterday. I found out as I was headed out the door that I was going to be on that show, rather than Good Day Colorado.  I’ve been doing more and more of these little TV stints here and there, so I’m used to being flexible.

Still…I was shocked!  I was going to get to meet Tom Martino! He is a household name here, and he’s someone that I consider to be a celebrity. So, not only am I doing a presentation on Live TV, Tom Martino will be there!? Gee! No pressure!

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was in sales for a good 6-years. I can do a presentation frontwards, backwards, and probably while standing on my head…but my wardrobe stylist frowns upon that.

Speaking of wardrobe stylists, I have to give my sister credit. She’s my go-to person when it comes to clothing advice. She helped me with my wardrobe for last Live TV appearance, too! She lives in California (and I’m in Colorado), but by the magic of texting and photo-mail, we put together an outfit that works! …and it only took an hour-and-a-half. Imagine how efficient she’d be if she could actually see my closet!

I told her she should do this for a living, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford her.

So, back to Tom Martino…

I figured out how to get to the FOX 31 studio, which wasn’t hard. Figuring out where to park was, but once you know what to look for, it’s super-simple. (It’s really easy to see where you need to go once you’ve gone past it. Funny how that works.)

I’d given myself plenty of time to get there, with the rush-hour traffic and possibility of getting totally lost. I finally figure out where to go, and park. I’m sitting there checking some last-minute things on Glenda when I see a truck pull into the parking garage.

It’s Tom Martino! Or, at least I think it is. I’m pretty sure it is. It has to be, right? What are the odds of a Tom Martino look-alike at the FOX31 parking garage?

I have to walk right by the truck on the way to the “Visitor Entrance” sign, so I stop and say, “Excuse me. You’re Tom Martino?”

He looks at me with a wary look and answers affirmatively. It’s official: Tom Martino thinks I’m a crazy stalker-lady.

I put my best “I’m not a stalker” smile on and said, “I thought so! I think I’m on your 9am show!”

He immediately relaxes and pretends that I’m not a crazy stalker-lady.

He escorts me to the building, and to Security, and then on to the Green Room.

All the while, he’s making small talk and I’m trying really hard not to shout “IT’S TOM MARTINO! YOU’RE TOM MARTINO!” out loud. I have to pretend to be calm. I need to be cool. This isn’t a big deal at all. *cough*

Unlike the other Live TV gig I did where I didn’t even have a mirror before I went on the air, FOX31 has a real Green Room. It’s a Green Room with soothing lighting and a lighted mirror and a sink! Yes, the photo I took of the sign is a tad blurry because I’m trying not to be conspicuous about taking a photo of the Green Room.


I have plenty of time to set up, and seeing the behind the scenes action is really cool. I’m amazed by the cameras that glide across the floor like sentient robots, moving with minds of their own. The lights and colors of the studio are fantastic. Everything is so vivid. Headset’d people are walking around saying random things to the people on the other end of their mics.

People I’ve only ever seen on TV introduce themselves to me.
I’m in awe.

I go over my script. Like any sales presentation I’ve ever done, I always have a script. It serves as a guide and safety net, and I know that I’ll be pulled off track, but I can always see it in my head. It’s there, ready to catch me, ready to pull me back on track. I never have ANY IDEA what they’ll ask me, so I have to be prepared. I’m good at going with the flow, so I wasn’t too worried.

Still…it’s live TV.

I’m mic’d, and it’s too late to turn back now.

Don’t mess with your hair.

And, just like that, it was over.

The segment went really well.  (Click here to see it!) I wasn’t sure what to expect with Tom Martino and Paula Haddock, but they were great.

I was asked by Paula to tape another clip that they’ll use during a 4pm show (I don’t know when, but I’ll keep you posted). We were going to do that when she was done with Martino TV, so I got to see the rest of the show from an inside seat.

There is a lot of bantering that goes on behind the scenes, and it was so much fun to eavesdrop.  I may or may not have tweeted about the fact that I was watching from the best seats in the house.  I loved seeing the comments about the segment come in before I’d even seen it.  That’s the funny part about doing Live TV…you see it after everyone else does, even though you’re right there.

When they wrapped up that show, I went with Paula to do another clip. If there’s anything worse than being mic’d once, it’s being mic’d twice. I have a love/hate relationship with the mic. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t love it. It is fun to think “I wonder who will hear what I say if I talk now?”

I learned from my last Live TV Segment that they’re tricky little things. I’d figured that into my wardrobe choice. After a tiny bit of wiggling, everything was in place, and we were good to go.

When that clip was finished, Paula helped free me from the mic, find my way back to the Green Room and then back to the elevator.

And, just like that, I was back in the real world and found myself waiting in line to pick up Claire from preschool.

I’ll admit…the rest of my day seemed rather boring. 😉

The link to the Live TV segment is up!

Here it is!

Be sure to check out Mile High Mamas to enter the contest!

TV Update

I just found out I’ll be on around 9am on the show following the 8am Good Day Colorado show!  I’ll report back on my adventures!

Updated to add:  I was on Martino TV!  I’m waiting for the link to the segment, and then I’ll post all about it.  It was a ton of fun!

I’m gonna be on TV!

Here is a sneak peek of the things I’ll be talking about tomorrow LIVE on Denver’s FOX 31.

I’ll be on during the last part of the 8am Good Day Colorado show!  Be sure to check out Mile High Mamas to enter the contest to win the above items!  (Tomorrow, I’ll post a link to the contest and a more detailed description of the items.  Stay tuned to the blog, and stay tuned to the TV…or DVR it like I’ll have to.  That’s the funny thing about doing Live TV: you see it later than everyone else!)  🙂

Am I ready for my gig?  Sure.  I spent 1.5 hours yesterday working out wardrobe issues via text and picture-mail with my sister in California.  Yep, it took 1.5 hours to put together my outfit for a 3-4 minute segment.  That sounds about right…

Now, I suppose I should work on what I’m going to say!

I have my priorities.


Featured Elsewhere: Mile High Mamas

I’m writing today at Mile High Mamas, the Denver Post‘s parenting blog!  Avid readers of the blog will recognize the piece…do you?

Click here to check it out!

The comments are closed here, but I’d love to hear from you over there!

The Story of Claire’s Glasses

As you’ve noticed in the some of the newest pictures of Claire, she got glasses! Her glasses have become a permanent fixture in my life for a couple months now, so when we see people we haven’t seen in a while, and they’re taken aback by the glasses, it surprises me.

Oh, that’s right! Claire got glasses!

So, how did this happen?

I finally have a moment to tell the story, so here it is.

Claire turned 4-years old at the end of November. We had her 4-year Well Visit scheduled for the very first part of December. On my list of questions for the pediatrician was a question about when to get her eyes tested.

  1. Yes, of course I have a list of questions for the pediatrician.
  2. Don’t you know me by now?
  3. I mean, this is even written in list form.
  4. But, no, I wasn’t noticing anything wrong or worrisome about Claire and her eyesight.
  5. Claire had been covered under our Eye Insurance since she turned 3-years old, and I was just curious when one goes in to have her eyes tested.

After the nurse comes to the door of the waiting room and calls for us, she gets Claire’s weight and height (side note: I remember so vividly when she was listed as a length and not a height! Times have changed…). Then, the nurse has Claire stand at a point in the carpeted hallway and has her hold a black spatula-type thing over one eye and look at a bizarro chart at the end of the hallway.

So, now is when they check the eyesight. I can cross that off my list!

Claire did not understand the importance of holding a weird black plastic thing over one eye. I mean, who can see that way? Isn’t it much easier not to hold something over your eye? You could tell she thought the nurse was wacky, but she agreed to play along with this crazy game.

And, then, the pictures on the eye chart were just bizarre. They looked like stick-figure renditions of Japanese symbols. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And, I know most newly 4-year olds don’t recognize letters, but Claire can. Even I was a bit confused by what was there.

Still, she read off a couple lines on the chart. Then, the nurse had her try the third line, and she started to get antsy. She didn’t want to do this test any more. She didn’t like holding the black plastic spatula any more. The nurse said that was fine and scribbled some figures down on the piece of paper in Claire’s chart.

She told me that Claire was “within levels.” She also said that at this age it’s hard to tell what is an eyesight issue and what is an attitude issues. She said this in a way that didn’t offend me in the least. 😉

Still, this wasn’t like Claire….but I wasn’t going to worry about it, and to be honest, I didn’t even think about the eye test anymore as the nurse ushered us into an exam room to wait for the doctor.

He comes in and does Claire’s exam. It was an excellent exam, and it’s always nice to get reassurance that everything is going well. He’s flipping through her chart and gets to the eye test.

“So, when did you get your glasses,” he asks me.

“Oh, I got mine when I was in 5th Grade, because I couldn’t see the chalkboard,” I said. Wow…I’ve had them since 1985, for those of you playing along at home.

“Well…” he said. “Whenever we see borderline results like this on our rudimentary test, and a parent had glasses as a child, we suggest you go to an eye doctor and have a real exam.”

He explained that lots of parents miss eye problems in children, and if it’s something that can be corrected, awesome! If it’s nothing, we’ll figure that out too! I agreed with him and made a note to call our eye doctor for an appointment.

Later that week, I took Claire in to see our eye doctor. She is great, and I really like her.

She was awesome with Claire, and Claire was very comfortable with her. They’re going through the exam, and Claire gets to the same part on the chart that had caused her troubles in the doctor’s office, and she gets really quiet. She starts acting really nervous and doesn’t want to continue.

This is just not like her!

The doctor swings the big mechanical arm of that eye testing gismo and places it in front of Claire. She does some flipping and clicking of the little hinged lenses. (Little kids are too young to choose between One or Two…or One or Two…or One or Two… so the doctor worked her magic from her end.) She gets done clicking and glides her chair out of the way.

“Okay, Claire,” she says. “What about now? Tell me what you see on that like now?”

And Claire aces it.

The doctor looks at me and said, “Well, Mom. Claire needs glasses!”

And that’s right about when I tried really hard not to burst into tears. The doctor and I had a chat about it, in a way that Claire had no idea that I was upset. Her eyes are borderline. They may get better, or they may get worse. They won’t get better without the help of glasses, and if the eye doctor’s daughter had similar numbers, she’d be wearing glasses.

That was enough convincing for me…but I still had to choke back my true reaction.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve had glasses for 25 years. In fact, I really don’t remember life before glasses.  I have memories of those times, but I don’t remember what it was like to not wear glasses.  I’m totally fine with having glasses, and I’ve never had the desire to wear contacts or go for surgery (I’m not a candidate anyway…), so why was this so upsetting for me?

Because Claire is still my baby, and I don’t want her to be forced to deal with things that could cause her strife. Having glasses is hard, and it’s hard work. There are lenses to keep clean. There are glasses to keep from being broken. There are people out there who don’t think glasses are as cool as I think they are. Little kids will latch on to something and make merciless fun of the victim. I’ve been there.

I mean, everyone in my family knows what “Red Booger Buttons” are and why I was devastated that my friends called my sweater buttons that in Elementary School. Also? I had to wear “Brown Knobby Shoes.” (Please don’t make me describe them to you.)  The horror!

Glasses just adds another whole dimension to the complication that is childhood. I was hoping she’d have her dad’s eyes and be spared glasses. Or, at least she’d be old enough to fend for herself.  (If she wants contacts when she’s older, I’m not opposed.  It will be up to her.)

I had kids try to tell me that I had four eyes, which makes no sense at all, and I told them so. These are the same kids who were told in no uncertain terms (by me) that carrot tops are GREEN. Duh. Therefore, the ones calling me a four-eyed carrot top were just not very smart…now were they? 😉

But, that’s the thing.
Claire was thrilled to get glasses.
Why wouldn’t she be?

As far as she’s concerned, cool people like her little friend at school (a boy there has glasses) and her momma wear glasses, so it’s a pretty awesome thing.

She was a little concerned about getting the answers on the eye test “wrong,” but we’ve worked through that. I explained that it wasn’t a right vs. wrong kind of test.

The other issue I’ve tried to smooth over is the fact that none of the Disney Princesses have glasses. Claire pointed this out to me the other day, and she was quite distraught. (Are you listening, Mr. Disney’s Estate et al?!) Both Claire and I agree that it’s pretty silly, because girls who wear glasses can do anything. 🙂

I’ve adjusted to life with Claire’s glasses, too. Keeping them clean has almost been the death of me, but I’m working through my issues.  If she’s doing something rough, her glasses can stay safely in her case.  Her eyes aren’t so bad that she won’t be able to see anything. We’ve talked about the importance of putting them where they go when they’re not being worn, and I’m doing a good job remembering that she’s only 4-years old, so the appropriate amount of slack has been cut.

So, that’s the story of Claire’s glasses. Her eyes will either get better, and she’ll be able to say good bye to her super-cool glasses, or she’ll get to keep wearing her super-cool glasses.

Either way is fine by me. 😉

All architects start somewhere

Claire and Daddy have been building things together with Legos for a while now. Well, the other day, Claire started with a clean slate…or a clean green Lego lawn, if you will.

And, this is what she created:

She did this all by herself. She had zero help on it!

I’m amazed. She’s really catching on to this whole Lego thing, and I love seeing her creations.

She’s put a lot of thought and detail into this house. In the first photo, see the little red “bud” next to the other flowers? She told me that one hasn’t bloomed yet.

Well, I know something else that hasn’t bloomed yet, and I can’t wait to see how she turns out. 😉

The font needed to include all your names on one page would be too tiny.

Have you taken my survey yet?

A lot of you have taken my MLM survey, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

The results are amazing and make me giddy.  (Maybe it takes a true data-junky to be excited about survey results?  Guilty as charged.)  To be honest, I can’t say the results are shocking. In fact, they’re pretty much what I was thinking, but you never know unless you ask.

So, I asked.

I can’t wait to share my findings with you, and your help has been instrumental in moving my book project to the next step.

I’m not ready to close the survey yet, so if you haven’t done so, please go take the survey. It’s a short survey, and quite painless.

If you have taken it, thank you! I will have to remember to include a formal thank you to you on the dedication page of my book. It will have to be a sweeping generalization of thanks, though, because it’s an anonymous survey.

Plus the font needed to include all your names on one page would be way too tiny.

Today is my 1yr Twitter Birthday!


Tweet! Tweet!

…now, where’s the cake?


I forgot

Yesterday was one of those days. It was one of those days where tiny little things, as innocuous as single, solitary ants suddenly converge in a mass of creatures that can fell a rainforest.

In the midst of this, was Claire. All she really wanted was for me to help her tie tiny ribbon bows on tiny chicks made of bits of feather or fluffy balls. And, while you’re at it, can you please help glue together more chicks? She’s making a baby bird family, and they need a nest. Why couldn’t I just take a break and help her make a nest out of ribbons? Any good momma bird would do that for her baby chick.

I’d take a break every now and then to tie a bow or press two fluffy balls together with glue. I mean, it didn’t look like I was doing anything at all…that is the danger of working and playing on the same computer. Momma just sits there, typing. Who knows what she’s really doing over there.

Plus, Claire couldn’t see all the ants.

Dinner wasn’t even the relaxing time it normally is.  Daddy had to work late; the project I was working on was teetering on the brink of disaster, and when it was finally time to get PJs on, I was at my wit’s end.

The proverbial camel’s back was heaving under the pressure. What would it be that broke it in two?

And right on cue, we got in a huge fight about something silly.

Actually, in my defense, it’s not silly. You can’t throw your glasses off in the middle of doing who knows what and not know where they go. They go in your glasses case. Anywhere other than than is a recipe for the crunching sound of delicate glasses, and that’s just not acceptable.

And how can you forget where you put them?  How can you forget??

There were angry faces and short, curt tones.
There were tears.
There was the marching downstairs to tell Daddy what she’d done.

She was devastated, and I’ll be honest, part of me was glad. How terrible.

She was sobbing now, so ashamed that she’d done something terrible with her glasses.

And, all of a sudden, I came to my senses.

She’s four.

Yep, she’s four years old, even if she acts 14 going on 40 for most of the day. So far, four has been awesome, but it’s still four. She’s four, and they’re glasses.

She hasn’t had these glasses long at all, and although she remembers everything to the n-th degree, she’s four. She’s going to make mistakes. She’s going to forget things.

Even I had forgotten. I’d accidentally left my own Glasses of 110% Perfection on when I left my desk and tried to look at her with them…and that’s just not fair.

Yes, we spent 15 minutes looking for her glasses.
Yes, they could have been broken.
But, we found them, and they weren’t.

I apologized for getting upset with her. I explained why I was frustrated and apologized for taking it out on her. She apologized and promised to do better about remembering.

And, I promised to do better about remembering, too.

She’s four.