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Everything that has ever happened is real, and if the ghost at the end of the show says that’s true, it’s true.

Can you stomach one more LOST recap? Me neither.  Just kidding!  😉

I truly have “moved on” and “let go,” but I like “remembering.”  Plus, I feel like I want to put this out there. The six years I’ve devoted to the show deserve that.

I also want to give a shout out to Therese from Tubular.  They asked me to do a write-up on one of my favorite characters of LOST, and here is a link to that article!

Anyway, back to business…

I’m going to explain my views, just so you can add them to your collection. These are the views I had when I watched the show before discussing them with anyone else, and after watching it again, I still hold them dear to my heart. I’ve since found some people who agree with me, and others who believe differently.

For example, there are some theorists who think The Sideways wasn’t “real”…that it was a purgatory of sorts.

I disagree.  Kinda.  Let me explain.

Now, just because I disagree doesn’t mean I think people are wrong. I think that’s the beauty of LOST. None of us are wrong. It is what it is, and it all depends on who we are.

So, without further ado, here are some of my closing observations about LOST.

Is the entire Sideways a purgatory of sorts?
My view: No.

Okay, okay, let me explain. Some big names in the land of LOST Recaps have gone on record saying they feel the Sideways was a purgatory of sorts. That’s great. I respect that, and I can see where they’d come to that conclusion.

Personally, I see the evidence a little differently. I believe The Sideways and The Church are two different things.

As Desmond explains to Kate, “here” (meaning The Sideways) and “the church” (meaning the place they created together to remember each other) are two different things. He says, “No one can tell you why you’re here. I’m not talkin’ about the church. I’m talkin’ about here.”

To me, the church is a “gathering place” of sorts (some choose to use the word purgatory for this, and that’s fine, although that definition is rather limiting, in my opinion), but the Sideways really happened. I think Jughead was the boulder in the stream needed to divert the two timelines (like Daniel explained), creating the Sideways, and I believe what Christian told Jack about how they all created the church as a place to meet.

Add to this the fact that Christian explains to Jack that “Everything that has ever happened is real,” and that’s why I see a distinct difference in the two “places.”

Are they all dead?
To answer this question, I need to ask you this: Where?

Are they all dead in The Sideways? No. Are they all dead in The Church? Probably.  Yeah, okay, maybe.

Now, let me explain.

LOST is notorious for toying with the concept of “dead.” Does every one of them die? Of course, at one time or another. We all die.

Even Christian is careful not to give Jack a straight answer when he asks him point blank if “all of them” are dead. He says, “Everybody dies, kiddo,” and goes on to say that some have died before Jack and some “long after” him.

Is Jack dead? Yes, at the church. I can see that. To me, the conversation he has with his father proves that. It is interesting that Kate doesn’t go in the same door to the meeting place (church) as Jack does; Jack goes in the back.  Does this mean they are all just remembering Jack?  Maybe.  Are they really dead in the church?  I’ll get to this in a minute.

Are they all dead in The Sideways? Like I said, I really don’t think so. If Christian says it happened, I kinda believe it. If Desmond says it happened, I definitely believe it. In re-watching The End, I was reminded that Desmond tried to tell Jack about his Sideways Life, while ON the island. He tried to “wake him up” there. He told him he sat by him and the plane didn’t crash. He told him he was happy there.

I’m choosing to believe this means the Sideways really happened. I’m choosing to believe that Aaron was raised by Charlie and Claire.  Ji Yeon was raised by Sun and Jin.  Sawyer and Juliet get to live together.  Kate stops running.  Sayid and Shannon get to grow in their relationship.  Jack makes peace with his father’s memory, and so on.

I even have two views of the church.

First, I can see this:  They are all just subconsciously remembering everyone when they “go” to the church…

Or: When they are at the church, yes, all of them have already died.

Either way, we don’t know when this really is.

We don’t know when John arrives. We don’t know “when” any of them arrive. They all have on different clothes. Ben doesn’t have his arm in a sling. Hurley and Ben talk about their stint on the island after Jack’s death. We don’t know when this is. There is no now. Christian also explains that there is no “now” there. For some reason, I totally understand what he’s talking about. I mean, we don’t know “when” we’re looking at this place. 80 years could have passed, and this could be from 5 years ago, and it could be all at once.

That doesn’t mean the Sideways didn’t really happen.

Now, if you remember anything about the LOST observations I’ve had before, I’ve always been about trying to figure out the mysteries of the island. So, it would surprise you to realize that I don’t really care that they didn’t answer major questions.

Yes, I really am shallow enough that the moment Juliet and Sawyer kissed at the vending machine, aliens could have swooped in and turned the screen black, and I’d still be happy with the ending of LOST….because it means so much more to me than that.

So, there we have it. Those are MY views on how I’M interpreting the ending of LOST.

Part of me LOVES the fact that there is no clear-cut interpretation.  That is so LOST!

When I gave up looking for answers, the meaning just came to me: They all found each other. They all moved on. Does this mean they were all dead in the Sideways? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, the ending was beautiful.

As a shout out to all the remaining questions, I’m posting a link to a video. This video sums up the questions that are left, and it makes me laugh out loud.

AND!  If you’d like to see someone recap the entire series in less than 3-minutes, check this out!

Anyway, regardless of how you describe what they’ve shown us, and however you reconcile it in your head, we’ve come to the end. We know all we’ll ever know about LOST, and just like a good book, the meaning can shift and change as we do.  I’ll miss LOST terribly, but I was shocked to be happy at the end. I am truly happy for the characters.

I let go. I believed what they showed me. It was beautiful. The End.

Namaste & Good Luck!


What do you call really old vampires?

Today at lunch, Claire was explaining some of the games she plays with the other kids at Recess. They run around and chase each other, and they take on the roles of different characters. I remember doing this very thing in school, and I love hearing about her adventures.

Her explanations are a riot:

She said they play with Pirates, who are old, but Vampires are older. And then she asked if I knew what you call really old Vampires. She knew, but she wanted to see if I did.

I told her I didn’t know. What do you call really old Vampires?


You can’t MAKE up stuff like this. It’s pure comedy gold.

The best part was she is totally serious. Really old Vampires are called Grampires, and now you know.

You’re welcome.

Fun Reflection of Fun

Last night, Claire & I were playing around with her Statue of Liberty snow-globe, one of her most prized possessions.

I love the reflection!  This picture reflects us, the fun that the two of us are having, and the fact that our life is as cheery as the colorful drapes in her room.

I love it!

She couldn’t hear me over all the quacking.

Today, on our “Nature Walk,” (i.e. our walk home from school), we saw baby ducks at the lake!

They were toodling around in the spill-way, and it was just the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time.  We’ve been waiting to see the ducklings at the lake!

Can you see how many there are?


I tried to offer the momma duck a nice day at the spa and some alone time, but I don’t think she heard me.

My LOST Disclaimer. There are no Spoilers in this post.

I am still reeling from last night’s finale!

I’ve had people ask me what I thought and I’ll say this:


I love the fact that how it ended is just as much who the viewer is as what we saw. I’m taking a very simple approach to this, and I won’t spoil anything here…but my view is different than some and right on track with others.

And that’s okay.
That’s brilliant writing.

Was I satisfied?
Were there major questions left unanswered?
Am I actually okay with that?
Oddly enough, yes…but that’s because what I got from the ending trumps all of that.

*I* think it’s worth every minute I devoted to this show. *I* LOVED the ending. In true LOST style, there are people on both ends of the spectrum, and everywhere in between. The way they wrapped it up at the end was so unexpected and awesome that I haven’t stopped thinking about it. So…when someone asks me if watching the show was worth it or if they should continue or start, here is my LOST Disclaimer “Yes! Watch them…but you can’t blame me if it tortures you.”


Feel free to post spoilers in the comments. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS.

What did you think?

Excuse me, Ma’am. May I have your license and registration? Nope, she’s four.

As annoying as those little coupon dealies are that hang off the shelves in the grocery store aisles, they DO serve nicely as run-away-cart stoppers. *ahem*


I’m going to BlogHer ’10 in NYC!

I'm going

Are you?

The eternal struggle isn’t between man and weed.

Looking out into the backyard:

Daddy: Ugh! Look at all those weeds!

Claire: Where?  …Between the dandelions?

The eternal struggle isn’t between man and weed…it’s between Daddy’s definition of weed and Claire’s definition of the most beautiful flower rivaled only by the rose.

Seriously. Not knowing who was in the coffin was almost the death of me.

As we get to the final Tuesday in the history of LOST, some of us are frustrated with the lack of answers provided this season.

I’ve defended this show and its writers from the very beginning, and honestly, I’m finding that I need to defend it even harder toward the end.

Answers. I want answers. I don’t need answers to everything, but some of the key things would be nice. The fact that they’re throwing really cheezy things in at the very end is a bit frustrating, but it is what it is.

I’ve really tried to go with the flow this season and not map out what I think to be the perfect ending on my white board. Ha. Like it would all fit on one white board.

The ending is bittersweet for me. This show has been a huge part of my life for the last 6 years. That’s longer than my own daughter has been a part of my life.

Every once in a while, I get waves of sadness.
Yes, I know this is lame.

It’s just a show!


Anyway, I can’t wait to see what they throw at us tonight…and the Finale is Sunday. I can’t believe the end is so near.

And, as much as I want more answers, when feeling anxious, I remind myself that I’m just happy to know who was in the coffin! 😉