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Sneak Peek at the New Kitchen Floor

Yesterday, installers came and transformed my kitchen into a space I’d never seen before…

…except in my dreams.

I love it.

Yes, we still need to install baseboards (and when we do, I’ll probably do another post just to show off my hubby’s handiwork), but the finish line is in sight!  Nearly 10 years of working on this house is almost behind us.

I wasn’t sure when this day would come.

Last night, my husband looked at me and said, “Is it weird that I want to sleep in here tonight?” to which I replied, “Let me get my pillow!”


It’s like déjà vu all over again.

I am not fluent in French, but I just love the way that word looks when it’s spelled:

déjà vu

Doesn’t it look like a little guy, the j for the nose? See the upraised eyebrows over the concerned look in the e and a eyes?

…but I digress.

Remember when I had coral removed from my thumb?

Well, it’s baaack. Actually, pieces of it never left. My thumb healed well, but it was still painful to bend and grip, even after the incision and stitched area healed…and that’s when I could see another piece.

So, I scheduled an appointment that would work for our schedules, and Friday I got to go under the knife again.  This time, he found another piece of coral, and possibly a fourth.  It was really hard to tell, what with all the blood.

So, I have another stitch.

…that I couldn’t get wet until Monday.

…and it looks just as gross (if not more so) than it did the first time I had coral removed.

…and I can’t use my thumb until I get the stitch out on Friday.

At least it’s just a thumb.  On my right hand.  It’s not like I’d use it much for anything.  All day.  *cough*

Hopefully this heals, and we’ll be done with it.  If any more coral is lurking, I get to meet one of the plastic surgeons in town that specializes in the removal of foreign bodies.  OH!  And!  Coral doesn’t show up on an x-ray.  True Story.

Who knew such teeny tiny pieces of coral could cause such trouble?

All this, and I still can’t wait to go back to Hawaii.  I’m plotting my return to the islands.  I think this is a sign we should have never left.  😉

I hear you Pele, LOUD AND CLEAR.

Just a Little Blog Housekeeping

Do you ever look around your office, kitchen, or house and think, “Well, that looks cluttered!?” Well, I’ve been de-cluttering the office, kitchen, and house…

…and now it’s the blog’s turn!

Rather than have a bunch of stuff over on the sidebars of the blog, I’ve moved them all to their own page:

Awards & Recognition

I’ve also cleaned up and rearranged the tabs at the top.
I’ve swept it up, dusted the surfaces, and I love how it looks.

…now we’ll see how long it stays that way! 😉

The Obligatory Snowman of January

Highs in the upper 40s.  Chance of rain.  Perfect packing snow.

Time to make a snowman!

Eye of Newt & Unicorn Whiskers

Parents of school-aged children probably know from the title of this post that it must be time for Kindergarten Registration!

They ask for the silliest things with these application forms.

I’ve also discovered that the Open Enrollment in our area is an intricate game and not for the faint of heart!  I’ve written about it today over at Mile High Mamas.

Go check it out and leave a comment over there!

Pretty please?  🙂

How Tall is Claire? inches. Yes, there are some months where she grew a WHOLE INCH. I kid you not!

Since I was taking photos of the kitchen yesterday, I decided to take some of this, too.  It’s by the pantry in what used to be the Time Out Corner.  Used to be?  I use the past tense of that, because I don’t remember the last time we used it.

Have I mentioned how much I love this age?


It’s like a whole new kitchen!

It’s true! Our old kitchen is gone. The new kitchen has taken its place. All we have left is to get the floor installed. (Date, TBD)

In the meantime, I thought I’d post the photos of our progress. I LOVE the kitchen. LOVE it. I am so happy and amazed by the changes!

It’s amazing what a little paint can do!

And this is where I admit that “a little paint” wasn’t. It wasn’t just a little paint. It was a lot of paint…and blood…and sweat…and tears… I know you’re not supposed to say “never,” but the thought of painting cabinets ever, ever, ever again makes us sick to our stomachs. If we ever move, and the new house “needs a little paint,” I may burst into tears.

They make it look so easy on those HGTV shows. Time-lapse photography and an army of workers gets it done in a flash. That’s just not the case. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we just didn’t really grasp how horrible it would actually be.

We looked at the cost of ripping out the old, gross cabinets and just replacing them and thought it was too expensive. We’ve done so much on this house, what’s one more project? It was terrible. Refinishing them instead of painting them would have been just as bad. Mid-project, we looked at each other and said, “It’s just money.  Let’s rip them out!” …but by then it was too late. We’d invested way too much to give up. We powered through, and I’m so glad we did.

I’m so glad it’s done, and I LOVE IT.


(This was taken in 2008 when we replaced the stove.)


The walls are still Montpelier Olive.  We used Baked Brie on the cabinets.  The countertops look new, but aren’t!  Bonus!

I would have posted photos sooner, but my husband was busy adding little extras to the cabinets for me.  I wanted to post pictures all at once, so there they are!  He does such good work:

Spice Rack!

Hand-made silverware drawer divider! (As with everything else in this house, the drawers are not standard, so none of the dividers on the market actually fit properly.)

Trash and recycling center!

Pull-out drawer for pans and a slidy-drawer for the lids!

This is now a pantry!

Even Fred was happy about the changes, but he wanted to wear a disguise for the photos. Silly Garden Gnome.

Along with the kitchen remodel came a total rearrangement of every item in the cabinets. For almost 10 years, we’ve tried to find the best place to house things. Our cabinets were just awkward.  We were forced to put things where they fit, rather than where they “should” go. We did the best we could, but I’ve never really liked it. After 10 years, I knew where things were, but it never made sense to anyone else.

With the remodel came restructuring, and now things fit in a manageable flow. Things make sense. I still walk across the kitchen to where the trash used to be, but I have yet to throw it in on our food. (The trash wouldn’t fit under the sink, like in a normal house. So, we had it in the tall cabinet. We added shelves, and that is now a pantry, and we added the trash/recycling unit to the cabinet next to the sink. See photos above.)

When we were painting the cupboard doors, they were all off, exposing the items inside. I actually grew fond of this look. Our things looked pretty, and it did wonders in learning where things were. Now that the doors are back on, I’ve remembered where things are. There have only been a couple times I’ve reached for something where it used to be.

Next up will be the installation of a hardwood floor in the kitchen. It’s not a top priority, as we’re just basking in the glory that is a fresh new kitchen. I’ve convinced the other half of my work team that someone else needs to be paid money to install the floor. (We can demo to save that part of the budget, but the installation needs to be someone else’s responsibility.)  He agreed.

In fact, this time, he didn’t even hesitate. 😉

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After two long weeks, Claire is finally back in school!  We had a wonderful Winter Break, but she was most distressed about not being able to go to school.  If given a choice, she’d go to school every day!  (I know, because she’s told me this, on numerous occasions.)

Is it any coincidence that the song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was stuck in my head as we got ready this morning?

I think not.