Just a Little Blog Housekeeping

Do you ever look around your office, kitchen, or house and think, “Well, that looks cluttered!?” Well, I’ve been de-cluttering the office, kitchen, and house…

…and now it’s the blog’s turn!

Rather than have a bunch of stuff over on the sidebars of the blog, I’ve moved them all to their own page:

Awards & Recognition

I’ve also cleaned up and rearranged the tabs at the top.
I’ve swept it up, dusted the surfaces, and I love how it looks.

…now we’ll see how long it stays that way! 😉

2 Responses to “Just a Little Blog Housekeeping”

  • That’s funny, I just did some blog housekeeping myself, but I ditched all those awardy-thingees. They were just from blogfriends, no major accolades. I should’ve given them their own page, but that would mean adding tabs.

    I prefer a cleaner space.

  • That is funny, Denise! I thought and thought about what to do with the little fancy blog flare, and then I decided to do with them what I do with other things I can’t decide: I put them in a “drawer” I already had so that I can sort them out later…or not. Either way, they’re out of the way! (Okay, truth be told, I renamed the tab, but I didn’t have to add any…)


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