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“Super-cool” would be another acceptable description.

Remember when I confessed that I used to be a wizard and had a dragon as a pet?

Well, one of my friends sent me this comic, and I LOVE it!

Yep, that pretty much sums it up!

Assimilation is almost complete

This blog post is coming to you live from Eva, the droid.  I’m not even typing; I’m “swyping,” which involves sweeping my finger across a glass screen in a single fluid motion.  I release my finger, and she knows I’m done with a word.  I place my finger on the screen again, and she automatically puts a space and starts the next word.

Sometimes I’m sloppy, but she is also very intuitive and guesses what I’m trying to say, often times with scary-good accuracy.


There are other cool features.

In fact I’m not even typing right now.  I’m speaking at her and she’s typing for me.

Wow.  That last paragraph was added by voice command.

I think I’m in love.
…and I don’t even have an app for that.  😉

Luck o’ the Irish

A conversation we had this morning at breakfast:

Daddy: “Claire, today, be sure to find a Leprechaun and make him tell you where he hides his gold. I’d LOVE to get my hands on some extra gold.”

Momma: “Oh, Claire would be good at that. She’s very charming.”

Claire: “Maybe he could come live with us!”

Momma: “Oh! That’s a great idea! Maybe he can be our cook!”

What. We all have our dreams.

Glenda has officially retired! Welcome Eva!

In June of 2009, I dipped my toe into the SmartPhone pool and have never looked back. Glenda was a welcomed addition to our family. She was a BlackBerry, and I loved her.

As if naming her and personifying her isn’t the first clue.

She’s never let me down. She was a great introduction into the SmartPhone world.

But, June 2009 was a long time ago. In technology years, Glenda has reached retirement age. Because she IS such a smart phone, as soon as I started researching other options, she started twitching every now and then. When she realized her actions were backfiring and it made me research even MORE, she started acting like a perfect little angel almost all the time.

Still, I could tell it was time.

I’ve wanted an HTC EVO since the day I saw one last year. I even put my name on the wait list at the local Sprint Store and they called me! But, I wasn’t ready for the switch, so I let mine go to the next lucky person in line.

Fast forward to my birthday. Daddy and Claire had cooked up a plan, and Claire was going to give me a new phone for my birthday!

Originally, Claire was very distressed at the mere possibility of letting Glenda go. She was distraught. This way, she got used to the idea of Glenda retiring and someone else taking her spot.

I think the resemblance is uncanny.

Meet Eva.

She’s an EVO.

She also looks like EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) on WALL-E, and he pronounces her name, “Eeeee-vuh,” so that’s why we’ve spelled it with an ‘a.’

She’s not Glenda, but she’s awesome.

So, I’ve got my very first Droid for my 37th birthday. I wonder how old Luke Skywalker was when he got his? 😉

Featured Elsewhere Today

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Thanks to Pele!

If you’ve spent any time around me in real life, you’re probably tired of hearing about Hawaii, but I really haven’t shared much online yet. We went in October for two weeks, in honor of our 10 year wedding anniversary. Claire stayed home with the grandparents.

A grand time was had by all.

My husband and I didn’t want to leave Hawaii. We looked at each other and said, “Let’s just send for Claire and the kitties and just stay!” We weren’t kidding.

But, like good little travelers, we showed up at the airport on the last day of our trip and used our return tickets home.

This trip was magnificent. Hawaii truly is a paradise, and I can’t wait to go back.

Today, I got word that there is some exciting volcanic activity at Volcano National Park, and it’s prompted me to share some of our own adventures.

One of the most exhilarating experiences we had was the day trip to The Big Island to see the volcano.

We used an outfitter, and they couldn’t guarantee that we’d see lava flow. It’s worse than predicting the weather, and they didn’t want to get our expectations out of whack.

We knew we’d be able to hike in the lava fields.  We did!

Can you see me hiking with the plume from the lava flowing into the ocean in the distance?

Shadow portraits! The sun kept hiding behind the plumes, so it was challenging, but we got a shot!

We knew we’d be able to see a volcano (and hoped we could get relatively close).  We did!

Mauna Loa, The World's Largest Active Volcano

Scientific Instruments! Cool! We totally dig this kind of thing!

Would we be able to see lava flowing? Would one of the main reasons we traveled to the Big Island come to fruition? Time would tell. With our fingers crossed, the sun slipped farther and farther to the west, and Pele smiled upon us! We got to see lava flow! We got to get right up close! (Well, roughly 35 feet) We could feel the heat, and the sight of new earth being created right in front of us changed us forever.

You can tell things are exciting when all the tour guides are ecstatic. They were saying that they hadn’t seen such a wonderful display in over 6 months.

It was all we could have dreamed it could be.

This photo doesn't do it justice, but it warms my heart and makes it real all over again.

I can’t really describe the feeling of that moment and how it will forever be a part of me. We witnessed pure power. We witnessed raw creation. Experiencing it first hand was overwhelming and more exciting than we could have ever imagined.

And I can’t wait to go back.

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday! Long-time friends know that my birthday falls on the only command of the year. “March fo(u)rth…and conquer!”

I’m 37 for those of you playing along at home. That means that I’m closer to 40 than 30, but I’m still closer to 35 than 40…not that any of that matters, because in my head I’m 27.  Go figure.

Plus, it’s not the years; it’s the mileage.


Anyway, I’ve had a fantastic Birthday Weekend so far!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the things we did today:

Yes, we bought a yearly membership to the Butterfly Pavilion at the end of February, and we’ve already gone a few times in the last couple of weeks. I’d have to sit down and do the math, but I’m pretty sure it’s already paid for itself…and we’ve only had it two weeks.

More about my Birthday Weekend later!  I hope you have a great weekend, too!

Orange ya glad you don’t smell like oranges?

I’m constantly writing notes and observations to myself: blog topics, funny things Claire does or says, plot twists for my book.

The easiest way for me to do this is to email myself. Then, when I have the time to focus on them, I either use them or file them away.

Today is the day that I address the one I sent to myself on August 29th. Yes, of 2010. We were in San Francisco, and I’d just given Claire a bath. Rather than lug all of our toiletries with us, we were using the shampoo provided by the hotel. This is sometimes a gamble, but it definitely paid off at this location.

This hotel was niiiiice. I may or may not have stuffed all the little unused bottles of these toiletries in my suitcase to take home. No, I’m not becoming my inlaws, so stop looking at me like that.


As I’m lathering up her hair, she starts to complain, which is odd, because she normally likes this part of the routine.

“Uggggghhhhh!” she says, sputtering.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“This shampoo does NOT smell like princesses!” she shouts, the displeasure of the whole situation crinkling her own delicate princess nose.

“What do princesses smell like?” I ask.

“Well, they DON’T smell like ORANGES.”

I guess you had to be there, but it struck me as so funny and I couldn’t stop laughing. Not sure what princesses smell like? Well, we’ve started to narrow it down… 🙂