Glenda has officially retired! Welcome Eva!

In June of 2009, I dipped my toe into the SmartPhone pool and have never looked back. Glenda was a welcomed addition to our family. She was a BlackBerry, and I loved her.

As if naming her and personifying her isn’t the first clue.

She’s never let me down. She was a great introduction into the SmartPhone world.

But, June 2009 was a long time ago. In technology years, Glenda has reached retirement age. Because she IS such a smart phone, as soon as I started researching other options, she started twitching every now and then. When she realized her actions were backfiring and it made me research even MORE, she started acting like a perfect little angel almost all the time.

Still, I could tell it was time.

I’ve wanted an HTC EVO since the day I saw one last year. I even put my name on the wait list at the local Sprint Store and they called me! But, I wasn’t ready for the switch, so I let mine go to the next lucky person in line.

Fast forward to my birthday. Daddy and Claire had cooked up a plan, and Claire was going to give me a new phone for my birthday!

Originally, Claire was very distressed at the mere possibility of letting Glenda go. She was distraught. This way, she got used to the idea of Glenda retiring and someone else taking her spot.

I think the resemblance is uncanny.

Meet Eva.

She’s an EVO.

She also looks like EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) on WALL-E, and he pronounces her name, “Eeeee-vuh,” so that’s why we’ve spelled it with an ‘a.’

She’s not Glenda, but she’s awesome.

So, I’ve got my very first Droid for my 37th birthday. I wonder how old Luke Skywalker was when he got his? 😉

5 Responses to “Glenda has officially retired! Welcome Eva!”

  • Yes, I imagine Claire would be quite distraught, especially since Glenda has been such a big part of your lives. So did Glenda get a wonderful Florida condo disguised as your dresser drawer, or does she spend her days entertaining Claire (as some retired cell phones have transitioned for younger members of my extended family who were never quite satisfied with the “toy” versions)?

  • Melissa, Eva wanted to know if this was THE Jack that Glenda warned her about, and I couldn’t lie. She’s also on the lookout for the suave Raul (my friend Jolene’s iPhone). 😉

  • Michelle, Glenda got to go to a BlackBerry Retirement Community! Rather than pay for her care, they actually gave me a credit on my account! Right now, she’s enjoying playing shuffleboard with the other retirees, or if I know Glenda, getting her new friends into some kind of trouble. 😉

  • I think Luke Skywalker was 8ish when he got his first droid….

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