Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Typical View

“Oh, the mountains are just gorgeous today, Claire!”
“Momma!  You say that EVERY day!”


I snapped this pic on the walk home from school today.

The Perfect Day for a Letterboxing Adventure

When we woke up, it was pouring rain, despite the forecast saying it would be sunny and near 70.  But, in true Colorado-style, everything took a turn for the better and the forecast proved to be right.

It was the perfect day to zip down after school and meet some friends at our monthly meeting spot for a Letterboxing Adventure.  (We found box number 45!  Hurray for little mini-milestones!)

I love it when a plan comes together!

Look What Claire Found in Her Closet

When Claire was a baby, one of my sisters made a party dress and bonnet for Claire to wear at her First Birthday Party.

Look at Claire! She's ONE in this photo!

Yesterday, Claire was going through her closet and came out to show me an outfit she’d put together for school, and this is what she wore today:


...and almost four and a half years later!

The Bonnet doesn’t really fit well anymore, so Baby Rose got a new dress, too!

This has happened before. (If you haven’t, you really should click over and read “Who says the size on the tag means anything anyway” for some other fun photos of how long clothing tends to last around here…)

Have you lost the art of saying no?

I have a post over at Mile High Mamas today!

Go check it out!

Wild Plum in Bloom

This afternoon, I went to open my home office window to let in the fresh air, when something caught my eye.


The wild plum is in bloom!  Claire and I went outside to investigate, and the fragrance is intoxicating.  You can hear the bees buzzing as they busily work.  We had fun taking pictures with Eva of this beautiful moment.  (This photo hasn’t been edited…just uploaded directly from Eva.)

What a fantastic surprise!

Change of Scenery

Momma, Claire and Baby Rose

This weekend, we all squished in the car and headed up the hill for a weekend of mountain fun for Daddy’s birthday! (Momma got to sit in back with Claire, Baby Rose and the skis, because our friend got to ride shotgun.)

A Claire-sized Robe

This particular mountain resort had a Claire-sized Robe. We love resorts like this!  The guys skied while Claire and I lounged around in our matching robes and played in the pool.  It was fantastic!

Night Lights

At night, it snowed, and the trees were so pretty from our room. We even watched a beaver make his way over the ski bridge! It was fascinating to watch. It was also nice to see that a place like “Beaver Creek” isn’t based on false-advertising.

Snow for the birthday boy

It was just what the birthday boy wanted…

…and it was even better when we could leave all the snow in the mountains when we left!