Stamp Stanley, the Hitchhiker

I’m sure you’ve heard of Flat Stanley. He’s the little paper guy that gets himself mailed all over the world to the delight of Elementary Students everywhere. (If I had a penny for every Flat Stanley has come to Colorado via one of my friends, I’d have a lot of pennies.)

Claire and I have been wanting to create our own letterboxes ever since we got hooked on this hobby back in August. It wasn’t as high on our priority list as finding them, but we knew we’d do it someday.

Well, this day has come. After finally locating the supplies we needed this weekend, we’ve started carving. (It’s harder than you may think to find supplies in our area, which is awesome since Letterboxing is all about the hunt!)

Carving Supplies. Locals, the Michael's in Superior carries these. Don't bother looking in a smaller store. You're welcome. 😉

We opted to start with a Hitchhiker so that we could get one out there quickly. A traditional letterbox requires premeditation and then action based on those things: a superb hiding place, a tricky clue, etc. Plus, we have log-books and carving supplies, but we don’t have any of the Lock-it boxes yet. Patience is not our forte, so we’ve gone the quick route for our first letterbox.

A hitchhiker requires a carve and a tiny container. Daddy just finished all the Altoids in his “mini box,” so we took that as a sign.

We got the idea to do a Stamp Stanley because who else would love to travel?

Carving Stamp Stanley. I sat out on the deck to carve him last night. Perfect!

Wooden Block Backing: Daddy insisted on making a more professional looking back to Stamp Stanley that would help him hold-up under the pressure of all this travel. It's a nice touch!

Stamp Stanley is complete!

Claire and Stamp Stanley

All ready to go!

Goodbye Stamp Stanley! We hid him in a box in Denver that gets a lot of traffic. Enjoy your travels! We hope to hear from you soon!

Here is a link to his spot at Atlas Quest.

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