The Root of the Problem

A week or so ago, we were working on the path on the east side of our house.  This was a path we built last summer and are just now getting the final touches put on before putting the gravel down.

My husband was leveling off an area when his shovel hit something.  Because of all the rain we’ve had, we weren’t surprised to see the tippy top of a root.  Thinking we’d just shave it off, he got to work.  Then, upon further investigation, we realized it was a bigger problem than that.  If left to regrow, we’d be right back where we started, only it would be harder to fix the path.

So, we decided to remove the root entirely.  I mean, how big could it be?  Almost two hours later…

Click photo to enlarge...if you dare.

The fact that he put on his best redneck mechanic voice and said, “Well, THAT’s yer problem!” made it all worthwhile.

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