Butterfly Valentines

I’ve been waiting until February to post this, so that people wouldn’t get too mad at me.  Yes, we started this process early this year.  I figured it would be easier to get all the steps done without having to rush through them.

This year, Claire wanted to make Butterfly Valentines.  Last year, we made Origami Butterflies, but these are a bit different.  (I adapted a pattern I found here.)  My all-time favorite Valentine was the year before that.  You can see it by clicking here.

Anyway, last year, I had trouble finding Valentines that weren’t so candy-centric, and this year was no exception.  I used the above pattern, but rather than use candy, we used a pencil.  (Claire is REALLY into pencils right now, so this was a win-win!)

I discovered that Hobby Lobby had Valentine Pencils on sale!  Sweet!  (Pun totally intended.)

Claire wrote her message on the patterns, and we copied them.  We cut them out.  She did most of the cutting, but I helped.  (There are 14 in her class and we did one for each teacher.  16 butterflies is a lot to do in an assembly line!)  Then, we traced over the writing with glue and glittered them.

Then, we waited for them to dry.

When they’d dried for a couple days, we curled the antennae, slipped the pencil into the wings, and Claire put glittery heart stickers on each one.

The end result is cute!

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