Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Luck be a Ladybug

As I was watching Claire play on the Dragon at the local Art Center before her Spring Break Art Class, I felt something on my hand.  I looked down to see that a ladybug had landed on my hand!

Today is my lucky day!



Make a wish!

The Modern-day Equivalent of Stopping to Smell the Roses

"Mom, let's take pictures of the beautiful buds & put them online!"

New Version of an Old Addiction

For Spring Break, we have a friend visiting, and he has brought us a new twist on an old addiction: Magic: The Gathering. In college, I lived this game. No, that’s not a typo. I loved it, and I lived it. You can read all about my days as a dragon-taming wizard by clicking here…if you dare.

What a great night of reliving the past and learning the new ropes to an old game! So much has changed with the game, and yet so much is the same.

For one, it’s almost 2am and I’m not tired in the least.  (Thank goodness we’re on Spring Break so that our schedule is more forgiving!)  Too bad it’s not just dragons to contend with anymore…Kindergarteners don’t sleep in nearly as long as dragons do, and they demand to be fed a real breakfast in the morning.

…or later today, as the case may be.

Spring Break Fun

During Spring Break, Claire is taking a class at one of our favorite places in our little city and loving every minute of it. Of course, we have to play on the dragon before and after class…

Happy Spring Break!

Fun with Reflections

Portrait of Claire reflected in Sue

Pretty Day for an Adventure

Happy First Day of Spring Break!  Yes, Claire’s school is off today for Spring Break, and we don’t go back until April 2nd!

We used this as an excuse to go Letterboxing.  Some friends from school joined us in our adventures today, so that we could show them the ropes of letterboxing, and we had a great time!

Today’s adventure yielded us box #173.  Think we’ll hit 200 by the time summer is finished?

Sounds like a pretty good goal to me!

Granted, even if you don’t find the treasure you seek, the view is worth the walk.

The Blizzard of 2003

One of the news stations I follow in Twitter reminded me that it is the anniversary of the Blizzard of 2003!

How could we forget??

…and yet I had.

…forgotten that this was the anniversary. The memories of that storm still linger after all these years.

Here are a couple of “fun” pictures. (Yes, the quotation marks are necessary, because my sarcasm font is broken.)

I'll get a measurement! I'll wade out! I'm stuck! We got more than 4 FEET of snow. It went past my waist!

Has anyone seen the neighbors' car? Or our mailbox? I'm sure they're there somewhere...

…and to think I was grumbling about our 70-degree weather turning to the lower 50s/upper 40s today.

How quickly we forget…


How Not To Get Pinched

Growing up, St. Patrick’s Day was always very stressful for me.  If we didn’t wear green, we’d get pinched at school.  If we didn’t wear orange, we’d get pinched at home.  See?  Stressful…AND colorful.  (I wore a lot of rainbow shirts in March. Luckily, those were very popular in the late 1900s.)

Honestly, I think it’s a silly tradition (yes, I said it out loud!), but it is what it is.

Today, Claire wanted to wear pink and purple and didn’t want to get pinched, so I did this:

There. She’s safe.
…and her great-grandmothers would be proud.

A Glimpse of Summer

All week, the temps have been (and have been forecasted to be) in the 70s.  It’s been wonderful!  After school, we’ve spent an hour  at the park with friends.

If this is any indication, summer is going to be awesome!