Monthly Archive for April, 2012

Baby Geese

The baby geese have hatched at the lake! We’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival! There were three of them paddling around with Mom & Dad this morning, and even more when I drove by again. (Can you see one hiding at the bottom of the first photo?)

I love this time of year.

Not Our Lilac

Our neighbors have a wonderfully huge lilac in their backyard. We have a knot-hole in our fence.

DIY French Manicure


Years ago, Grandma taught me this trick for a fabulous French Manicure on the cheap. 1) an under-nail white pencil, that you can get at any Beauty Supply Store. 2) a good clear polish.

I’ve taught Claire, and the art of passing this through the generations has begun…or continued, as the case may be.

Shadow Swinging & a Canopy of Blossoms

We had so much fun taking photos today on our Letterboxing Adventure! I love this time of year!

Pink Shoes Mountain Park

In other news, I've joined Instagram! Fun!

Even though Neurotoxins aren’t funny

This morning, I had a sneezing fit in the kitchen. “Are you trying to poison me?” I said to my husband.

Without skipping a beat he said, “Yes. Neurotoxins…” he paused to chew. “…in the coffee,” and he continued eating his cereal.

“But, I don’t drink coffee!” I said…and then sneezed again.

“That’s the beauty of my plan,” he said. “You’d never expect it.”

So…I’ve been giggling about neurotoxins all day. And, I haven’t sneezed since. 😉

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant is getting all over our deck.