Monthly Archive for May, 2012

Kindergarten Grad!

...and just like that, we have a First Grader!

Rose Colored Glasses

Claire got new glasses!

Her eyes keep getting better, which is great news!  …almost as good as the news that we can go back to having exams only once a year now!  😉

This time, she chose glasses that just happen to match our roses…



You can never have too many. They ward off poison.

I love Aquamarines.  They are my birthstone, and they stand for faithfulness.  I have them in my Wedding Ring and my Mother’s Ring.  They are in the earrings I wear nearly every day, two on each side.

On any given day, if you took time to count, you’d see I wear seven, but now…

…I have eight.

Thank you Daddy & Claire!  I love it.

Wordless Wednesday

A donation from her head and her heart

Claire had been growing her hair for a while now. I’d trim the ends every now and then, but that’s about it. A few days ago, we were talking, and she decided she wanted to donate it.

I got out the tape measure and determined that her donation would fit within the guidelines of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths (8 inches), and that it would put her hair at the same length as the bangs she’s been tediously growing out.

“My hair grows really well, and I love long hair,” she said matter-of-factly. “It would make a really good wig for someone who can’t grow hair.”

Today, she told me she was ready.

Measured and ready to go!

(Please Note: Today was also Neon Day at School for Spirit Week…as if we need to justify such a bright outfit. Ha!)

She did it!

I almost cried; I was so proud of her.

What makes the timing funny is that tomorrow’s Spirit Day is all about “Crazy Hair.” I think her classmates will be shocked at the difference, but I don’t think it’s crazy at all… 😉

Edited to add: Check out the donation package, ready to be mailed!  Click here.

I can’t stop taking pictures of the Iris!

I can’t stop taking pictures of the Iris!  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I’ve been posting pictures of the Iris *almost* in bloom.

Well, look what happened today!

Claire and I checked to see if it had bloomed before I took her to school. It hadn’t. I checked on it again half an hour later, and it had! Amazing!!

Here is a link to the brand new Iris, just opened.

There are more buds just ready to burst.

I love May.