Project Save the Locust sounds nicer than Kill the Evil Pine Tree

Our house was built in 1977.  We’re assuming the landscaping was completed in 1978.  We moved into the house in 2001.  We’ve had a love/hate relationship with the pine tree in front ever since.

It’s not the tree’s fault.  It was planted smack dab in the middle of the 1970’s “Plant Evergreens Way Too Close To The House. What’s The Worst Than Can Happen?” phase of landscaping styles.

It’s a beautiful tree.  It’s too close to the house.  Its needles have ruined everything they touch.  They touch everything.

We have a gorgeous Locust in the front yard as well.  It’s not too close to the house.  It’s too close to the pine tree.  It doesn’t ruin anything, but is dying because of the pine tree.

We finally had enough wiggle room in the budget to face this problem head-on.  I called people and had estimates done.  Shockingly, the price wasn’t nearly as high as we’d feared.  The company we chose was awesome!  (Locals, if you want a referral, let me know!)

Looking back at the timeline for the house, we can add one more date:  June 27, 2012.  The day we had the pine tree removed and the dead parts culled from the Locust.

“Project Save The Locust!” sounds so much nicer than “Project Kill the Evil Pine Tree!”…don’t you think?

This simple fix has changed the whole look of the front yard…in a good way…not to mention the fact that we have so much more light that comes into the main living room upstairs!

Here are just some of the photos I took documenting the event:

And the removal of the pine begins!

It's hard to explain how high up this guy is, even with this picture.

I can see the (new) top of the (old) pine tree from here. Weird.


It's official. I'm a tree hugger.

Long live the Locust!

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