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A Magical Night on Twitter


Claire’s favorite author right now is Michael Buckley. We’re knee deep in his series, “The Sisters Grimm,” and are LOVING it. Imagine my surprise and her utter delight when he responded to a tweet from me!

Say what you will about Twitter, but last night it MADE OUR NIGHT.

Edited to add: Here is a photo of the "Box Set" I'm creating for Claire. Our Collection so far...

Connecting with the author of a favorite series, real time, just like that?


The First Bite

See that bite? I did that. All by myself. It’s the first true BITE of food I’ve had since June 8th!

The weaning process for my jaw appliance wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I’m not done yet. BUT, today is the day I can try eating without it in.

So far, so good.

So far, so very, very delicious.

Letterboxing Essentials

Letterboxing Essentials

For over two years now, we’ve been avid Letterboxers.

What is Letterboxing?  It’s a modern-day twist on treasure hunting.  The goal?  To solve puzzles and decipher codes in order to find hidden boxes (or pouches) containing a carved rubber stamp.  It’s a lot like geocaching, but you don’t need a GPS device to play this game, and you don’t “take something, leave something,” other than stamping the image of the carve in your journal and leaving an imprint of your stamp in the logbook.  All of this is done with the utmost in stealth and cunning.  😉

(You can read all about what these treasure hunts are by clicking here, and our adventures are tagged in the Letterboxing Category.)


It’s time to re-do a picture of what we take with us, and here it is!

All you really need to letterbox (besides a stealthy sense of adventure!) is a journal to record your finds, a pen, ink pads, and your personal stamps. I’ve found that a First Aid Kit is always handy when hiking in the wilds of the outdoors, regardless of how urban or remote, and the garden gloves in the above photo have been crucial at times!

Happy Hunting!


Starting today, I get to take my “mandibular splint” out of my mouth for an hour after I eat.

This is what they both look like together. Haven't been able to photograph them like this. I don't have to wear them together, but before the Weaning Process, one had to be in my mouth at all times.

After 3 MONTHS in this contraption, my mouth feels HUGE. Close friends would be shocked that this baffles me. 😉

Afternoon Routine

Until the snow flies and piles too deep, this is where we’ll be after school.

I love Colorado!

An Innocent Scientific Discussion

“Mom, last week in science, we learned about intercourse,” Claire said.

I keep a straight face and will my breathing to be calm.

“Oh, really? What did you learn about it?” I ask.

“It’s deep inside,” she says, and I feel faint.

“…the earth,” she continues.
“…right below the outer core & mantle.”

I gasp out loud, “The INNER CORE, sweetheart. INNER CORE.”

She smiles and nods and has no idea why I’ve become so animated about geology.