The Birthday Thank You Card Tradition Continues

This is a copy (albeit purposely blurred) of the Birthday Thank You Photo Card we created and sent this year.

I’m a huge proponent of sending Thank You cards. Claire is finally able to write her own notes, and she loves doing it. If this is one tradition that is passed down to other generations, I’ll feel as though I’ve contributed something beneficial to a polite society.

One thing I’ve always done is take photos of the party and make those into a Thank You Photo Card.  Claire writes a personal note on a sticky-note that we put on the back of each photo.  (I just use photoshop to create the collage and save it as a .jpg.  I then have them printed at Tar-jay.  Cheap!  Easy!  Two of my favorite things…)

A Thank You & a Souvenir of the party all wrapped into one? Perfect!

This year, we had Claire’s party at a “paint your own pottery” place. It was a huge hit! While the party-goers painted, and I helped facilitate the details (and take photos), Daddy painted a plate to commemorate the occasion.

We had all the kids write their name on a balloon that he drew on the plate, and he painted their signatures. You can see the end result in the middle of the above Thank You Card Photo.

He did an amazing job!

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