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What kind of wine would you pair with a hedgehog burrito?

This one is very spicy! …or spiky.


Gives a whole new meaning to “Bottoms up!”

**No hedgehog was harmed in these photo shoots. Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen was, however, slightly confused, mildly amused, but not at all shocked at our ridiculous behavior.

Paint like an Egyptian

Yes, Claire had overlapping projects at school!  (Nothing like First Grade getting her ready for College…again.)

She had fun with this project, too!  (I had fun because I may or may not have manipulated her into NOT choosing to build a pyramid out of sugar cubes. *cough* This project really was pretty hands-off for me!)

Her goal was to translate a “short phrase” into hieroglyphics and paint it onto a poster.

I found a Hieroglyphics Translator online (because of course I did).  She sat at my computer putting in the phonetic letters for her chosen phrase. (Because despite the vowels and ‘ph’ in ‘hieroglyphics,’ they supposedly used phonics, rather than lots of vowels and consonant combos. Yes, we believe everything we read online.)

We printed out the translated version and she drew each character onto a small square of paper.

She then used the magic of our deck door to trace her own work onto the paper.

Then she used a sharpie to darken the image, just like they would have done in Ancient Egypt. (Right?)

Paint was applied by the master.

Voila! (Minus the bulletin board. That was our handy-dandy work surface for this particular project.)

“This writing is art by Claire” is the phrase she translated and also the description.

That’s my girl. 😉

Science Fair Project: Paper Chromatography

Longtime readers of The Casual Perfectionist may recognize Claire’s topic!  We’ve been dabbling in Paper Chromatography for years. She thought of some ways to adapt it into an experiment for her very first Science Fair, and here is the result!

Yes, she did the work herself. Yes, I was allowed to offer “minimal parental involvement,” which I did. Gladly. I love this stuff, too!

She presented to the judges today and was so happy to bring home a ribbon and certificate.  She had SO much FUN!

We are so proud of her!

In true Claire-style, she’s already gathering ideas for next year.

Hedgehog Update In Photos

Henry was so comfy like this he fell asleep! Also? Whiskers!

Henry LOVES his cat food. He’s a loud eater! “CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH!” We’ve tried feeding him “treats,” but so far he has totally disregarded: cheese, melon, red pepper, cilantro, and lettuce. Cat food it is!

Henry was very excited to see that TIME magazine has an article about how awesome hedgehogs are! (See page 48 if you have one at home.) “Hedgehogs and happiness?” Direct correlation.

On Saturday, Henry was 10 weeks old and weighed in at 9.2 ounces! (I love his spikey shadow!!)

Look how stinkin’ CUTE he is. I mean, seriously. How can I stop taking photos of him?

Bedtime is storytime around here…for Claire AND Henry.

A Yarn Patch for Holey Jeans

Claire’s school has a pretty strict dress code. She is not allowed to wear pants that have rips or tears in them, and if she does, the office keeps a roll of duct tape to cover the situation.

Imagine her dismay when her favorite pair of jeans developed a hole in the knee!

Oh no!

So, I decided to be creative with the patch. (No, I don’t recognize myself.) I thought I’d weave some yarn over the hole. Claire picked out the yarn, which we had on hand, and I got to work.

I snipped holes around the tear…

…and using those holes, I framed it with yarn.

I added cross pieces and started weaving.

Voila! A pretty yarn patch!

I tied it off on the inside.

And just like that, her favorite jeans live to see another (school) day!

April, you’re fired.

April, you’re fired.

It’s not a party until the hedgehog has a hat.

Does a baby hedgehog like to be jostled awake just to have a party hat prototype tested on his little head?


In fact, if looks could kill, well, we’d be in pretty bad shape. The extent of his displeasure was a little huffiness and the cocking of his eyebrow. I mean, look at him! He was SO not pleased with us, but it’s hard for us to take him seriously with a face like that.

He’s happier with the final model (which is one of FOUR that Claire made), but he still thinks we’re weird.

You’re not wrong, Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen. You’re not wrong.

Weekly Weigh-in, Hedgehog Style! Henry at 9 weeks!

Henry – 9 weeks – 8.1 ounces!

Claire & Henry – Chillin’ on a Friday Night



“Mom,” Claire said. “I feel taller. Can you check?”

I’ll take you by the hand…

I’ll take you by the hand, Henry. We’ll go places, you & I.