Adding Hedgehog Wrangler to my Resume

“This is the best day EVER,” said Claire.

Claire’s First Grade Class is starting a unit on baby animals. (In fact, they are in the process of incubating eggs and will be watching the chicks hatch next week!)  Also?  We just adopted a baby animal! How coincidental…

The teacher asked if we’d be willing to bring Henry in for a show-and-tell session for both First Grade Classes, and we did!  (The office staff met him, too!  It’s nearly impossible to be a baby hedgehog and not be popular.)

It went REALLY well. It went so well, in fact, that Henry wanted to explore a bit more than his wrangler would allow. I’m glad he was so calm around them!  They got to see him all balled up like a cactus, and in his inquisitive mode.  Good job, Lord Henry!

Looking back, I should have had the parents sign waivers. I heard at least one kid in each class say they wanted a hedgehog now.

…sorry ’bout that.


Edited to add: We found a fun picture from that day! Click here to see it.

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