Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Ornery Hedgehog

Reflection, right before Henry tried to make a run for it. 15wks/13.2oz

Fun Photo Find

Tomorrow is Claire’s last day of school! The teacher sent a link to fun photos from the school year, and look what we found! In this photo, Henry was *almost* 8-weeks old.  This was from April 5th.

Aww…time flies when you’re a baby hedgehog.


Despite Evidence to the Contrary, They Don’t…

Claire: “What’s that beeping noise?”

Me: “That’s a special tone that lets blind people know when the lights have changed.”

Claire: “I didn’t know they let blind people drive. That explains A LOT.”

Bumper Crop

If only we were trying to grow dandelions…

…this is just from the front yard! The lawn supervisor hasn’t had a chance to mow yet.  We’ve bought him a little more time…

But it’s still light out…

“It’s still light out; it’s not time to wake up,” says Lord Henry. “It’s still light out; it’s not time to go to sleep,” says Claire. 

Luckily, I can just put him back in the cage, and Claire’s such a good girl that I didn’t get too much huffing from her either… *sigh*

Summer is almost here.
Soon the bedtimes will be more fluid.
Soon we’ll be free.