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Where “Off the Deep End” is a good thing


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Henry Henry Bo Benry…

Henry Henry Bo Benry. Banana Fanna. Fo Fenry. Me My Mo Menry. Henry! …and Claire.

Mini Me

If only we could tell who she resembles…

Claire’s Second Donation!

I am so proud of her!

Yes, this is the second time she’s donated her hair. You can read about the first time here!

Hedgehog Hide-n-Seek

Satellite User

Well, *someone* is still using our satellite dish. #nest

It’s true! Sunday marked one week without satellite service (or any “live” TV at all), and guess what? We don’t miss it one bit.

As predicted, we should have “cut the cord” a while ago. All the shows we enjoy are elsewhere at a fraction of the cost, and we’re rediscovering awesome shows from the past. (We’ve already been avid Netflix-ers for over 10 years!) Our viewing habits are such that we never watch Live TV on purpose. The end of another contract was looming, so we took the plunge.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision!

At least someone is still benefitting from our old service. 😉

Hedgehog Update

Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen has settled quite well into our summer routine! We can’t believe he’s going to be 5 months old in just a week!

The last few weekly weigh-ins have been hovering at just over 14 ounces, which is right on target for a hedgehog like him.

He’s still not a big fan of the lights in Claire’s room, so he snuggles right in for storytime.

We still think he’s just the sweetest thing! …granted, we’re a tad biased.