This Rivals Who’s On First

We’ve been invited to a Sundae Party at the Park on Saturday. What follows is only part of the funniest conversation I’ve had with my husband in a LONG time. This went on for entirely too long, and it makes me laugh just thinking about it:

Him: Are these toppings for Sunday?

Me: No. They’re for Saturday.

Him: I thought you needed these toppings for ice cream?

Me: I do.

Him: For Sundaes? (Which he mumbled.)

Me: Right, these toppings are for the Sundaes, so we can’t eat them until tomorrow.

Him: But tomorrow is Saturday. Right? Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday.

Me: Right. It IS. These are for the Sundae Party at the Park tomorrow!

Him: I just asked if these toppings were for Sunday, and you said NO!

Me: *aaaaahhhh*

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